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    I have a basic-medium knowledge of AUTOIT, Python 3, Html, Java script,C++. I make youtube videos every now and then (Spoiled_kitten). Huge tech geek. Also looking for someone to game with me, i have a minecraft bedrock server.


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    Use windows 10,7 mac os and linux.

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  1. Hi all, I was working on a site for a friend and I have an issue with the site where when I scroll fully up to the top it formats and resizes everything to leave a giant white area in the side, The site is life (please no griefing). I have attached a video showing the error, I have looked through the code and had some mates do so but we haven't been able to fix it. Url: https://www.viewtech3d.com.au/ Thanks, Blake 500626174_Home-viewtech3D-GoogleChrome2021-01-0612-12-18.mp4
  2. Hi all, Just wanted to show all my site I have made for school, can anyone give me some feedback on how I could improve it? I wish to increase my skills and feedback is one of my favourite methods. I used visual studio code in order to make the site so all HTML,CSS and Javascript! I have included a zip file with all the files if u wish to install that instead of the site. Thanks, Blake! Link to the site is: https://github.com/Blake-McCullough/Dr-Montogerys-Zoo
  3. Yeah i think i will end up doing that, but was just seeing if there was another way
  4. It's a m.2 drive. ill look into it. I also need to have the programs, so network folders wouldn't work It is a drive PC not network as i haven't got that setup. I'll have a look into it, however i don't think it will do for all programs and stuff. Yeah i'm aware that copying programs isn't a good idea and that is why I don't want to do that, I'm not sure how to do the image install with the files on Windows, would it be similar to linux? It has usb-c type 2 i believe but usb transfer isn't my favourite option as the other laptop would need
  5. I can copy via usb but want to be able to copy the software as well as some of it isn't available anymore.
  6. Hi all, I'm not sure which topic it fits so I put it in this one. I am upgrading my laptop(an xps 13 2 in 1 2016) to the 2020 model, I wish to be able to easily move all my files and software to my new PC, is there an easy way that i can do this, Say with IPhone where u can setup from another device which is already setup and nearby. Thanks, Blake
  7. Just ran it, Looks awesome! Congradulations on making it!
  8. ah ok, that makes sense, i was using an online emulator.
  9. Doesn't work when trying t run, looks good though.
  10. cause it changes quotations and stuff, ill try though.
  11. yeah lol, thats basically it. except i have it so itdoes, hacking. then hacking.. then hacking... then restarts and those lines are deleted after running
  12. Hi all! Wish to share the python 3 code i made that makes it appear as if u are hacking in case anyone needs it! I have two made, One with 100% chance of success and one with a 95% chance of success 100% chance of success code: https://github.com/Blake-McCullough/FakeHackingPython3 95% chance of success code: https://github.com/Blake-McCullough/FakeHackingWithChanceOfFailPython3 I also have attached the code if u wish to download it. Thanks, Blake Fake hacking with chance of fail.py Fake Hacking.py
  13. Hi all! I wish to share the discovery i made for deleting the last line in the console on python 3, I hope this can help someone, any questions please redirect to me, Thanks, Blake code: import os import sys import time #last line deletion def delete_last_line(): "Use this function to delete the last line in the STDOUT" #cursor up one line sys.stdout.write('\x1b[1A') #delete last line sys.stdout.write('\x1b[2K') ###DEMO### print("this line will delete in 5 seconds") time.sleep(5) del