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  1. As the title states, will it be possible to use a 1 Samsung 970 Evo Plus and 1 970 Evo in a RAID array? I am aware it will run at the slowest drive, but is it possible?
  2. Hi, my SilverStone CS381 case arrived today, states it supports a Mini ITX motherboards, even has the support pins on the case for the underside of the mobo. However, the power and reset switch are to short to reach the front panel header on the mobo, yet the hdd led and power led are longer. What the hell are SilverStone thinking. What are my options here? Thanks.
  3. How do you look at a piece of computer hardware and think, oh yeah, that doesn't need any bubblerap, Utter idiots.
  4. I should have took a pic , it was bent enough for it to not go in the slot anyhow. I have no ECC errors either. Yes it is in warranty with Amazon, only purchased yesterday, they will just send the same no protection package so not sure there is much point sending it back.
  5. As the title states, i purchased two stick of DDR4 ECC RAM from Amazon, one of the sticks went in the motherboard fine, but the second stick was bent and would not go in the mem slot, so i bent it back ever so slightly and it seems to work fine. Will there be any long term damage here, should i return it? Would you? I don't think they have ever heard of bubblerap over at Amazon HQ, what a joke. Obviously the delivery firm have placed something on top of the parcel :/
  6. I might try removing the heatsink to see what happens.
  7. Yes, i most certainly took the plastic off, i'm not that big of an idiot lol. The case has 3 front intake 140's, 3 140's top exhaust, both with radiators on them, and i have a back 140 exhaust. Top and front fans are running at 700-800RPM and the back is running at 600RPM. My motherboard temp is 36 and my water coolant temp is 35, so it cant be hot enough in there for the NVME's to be running as hot as they are
  8. I have 2 NVME Samsung 970 Evo M.2 drives in a RAID 0 config. Is it normal for them to be hitting 72-79 when running a CrystalDiskMark test, idle temps of 65-66. These temps are with EK heat spreaders on both units. Case is a Be Quiet Dark Base 900. Just wondering if i should RMA the units. I have had them for a good 2-3 years now
  9. I won't have any commonly used files, so that might be pointless in my scenario. Whats RAID 5-6 in ZFS?
  10. My main goal is speed, but i would like a little redundancy. Obviously, a RAID 0 array would be the best as Mahyar said. But 8 drives in RAID 0 seems a little crazy to me.
  11. Other than RAID 0 (Stripe), what would be the next best method?
  12. When looking at the shape of the socket, although the correct amount of pins, it doesn't seem like a PCIe connector would fit :/. I can't find any information regarding the connector on SIlverStone's product page.
  13. Hi, I have 8x14TB drives, they get about 210MB/s R/W. What setup should I be going with if I am looking for maximum speed? I will be running TrueNas, thanks in advance.