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  1. I just like the G and B...can I buy it without the R? Because R seems to always indicates a problem for me...
  2. Razor Blade

    How can i fix a game boy cartridge

    There are many...many...many videos on YouTube about repairing game boy cartridges. Here are just a couple for convenience. Pick up a can of deoxIT (just the red and black can will work) using the spray and a toothbrush, it should help clean that corrosion off.
  3. Farm animals can carry disease (such as E. coli). If you're around them a lot you likely would fare way better then someone who lives a sterilized indoor HEPA filtered life. But all you can do now is to monitor for symptoms.
  4. Razor Blade

    Server Backups

    IMO the tech that researches and asks how to do something he doesn't know how to do is way better than a tech who's pride greatly exceeds his competence.
  5. Razor Blade

    Does anyone remember the Pentium 4

    I have an old P4 laptop with XP on it somewhere...
  6. Razor Blade

    Rant about my router

    Same... when I ran my R7000 as a primary router, I used a laptop cooler as well (though plugged into the wall). I now use mine as an AP for my PFsense router and there is almost no detectable heat.
  7. Razor Blade

    Can This USB Stick Resurrect Your Old PC?

    I have not personally seen the ads for the featured product. However from description in the video, it is just a predatory product designed to take advantage of the tech illiterate. Because for the cost of a USB stick, you too can have an "Xtra-PC" My question is though... what if Grandma isn't able to boot from USB without a boot priority change? Maybe she could just google it and a Microsoft certified tech could remote into her PC to remove the hackers causing the problem for a lifetime subscription fee of $599? I am incredibly curious exactly how that little USB stick is configured... Does it have a Cron job to auto update? Does Grandma have root privileges? Can the Grandson/Granddaughter configure the USB stick so as not to grant Grandma ultimate power to destroy her computer again? Properly locked down, Linux is GREAT for Grandma. Even if it were Debin based... I would much rather get the call of "I can't install this because it keeps asking for a password" than the call "I already paid the man from Microsoft but now my computer is asking for a password when I turn it on"
  8. Razor Blade

    Is it worth upgrading my router?

    Seems like many companies are ditching the USB flash drive "network storage" due to security concerns. IMO good riddance to it. An off the shelf consumer router USB port isn't going to come close to the performance of even the cheapest NAS out there. Unless you're experiencing performance issues on your internet connection, I would say put your money toward a NAS instead. It will be more secure and way more versatile.
  9. Well this is a first...old Asus laptop that doesn't post unless laying in pieces on my bench. "Customer" also says this 8 year old Asus laptop is 3 years old. Either they got screwed or their memory is going. Glad I don't do this crap professionally.

  10. Razor Blade

    Is Android pay secure?

    I believe Android pay is the old app...way back when those features split from the Google Wallet app. It is now Google Pay. EDIT: Here is an article about it. https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/02/20/google-pay-branding-starting-replace-android-pay-app-web/
  11. Razor Blade

    Is Android pay secure?

    If you have an unauthorized charge with Google pay you need to contact Google...not your credit card company. https://support.google.com/pay/?p=contact-us_mktg If you use Google Pay, the app doesn't share your credit card with the merchant.
  12. Razor Blade

    FREE Game March 22nd

    Sure, signing up for a service is easy. Companies make sure it is as easy as possible. I mean finding content (music, games, movies, etc) now a days that isn't locked in via client or app is the challenge. Not just streaming content, I mean buying something legit. Maybe it is just that I grew up in a different era where buying something means you owned it and could pretty much do anything you wanted with it. DRM was pretty much always a thing but it was not nearly as invasive as it is today.
  13. Razor Blade

    FREE Game March 22nd

    what? It was just a joke calm down. I didn't spend exactly $50 every time I download a GOG game okay? Holy hell. I tolerate Steam enough only because I have bought games from them in the past. The last thing I want to do is to figure out a way to install and isolate yet another game client on my PC. No matter what the hear say is, never trust anyone that requires you to run a client on your PC for the sake of DRM. I have in the past completely agreed with your stance about DRM. However as time goes on, I've been much less into account based (permissive) content. It is a challenge for sure. Most people today don't care one bit about owning a piece of media. It just works on whatever platform they've invested in. It doesn't really click until they try to switch that they realize just how integrated they are into the chosen ecosystem.
  14. Razor Blade

    FreeNas Permissions

    Will your staff have physical access or be able to VPN into to your network? You can customize FreeNAS quite a bit. You could have users for everyone if you wanted to. As far as storing everything on one server you could do so with shares where they can dump off their content right on to the server.