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  1. Oh God... that means they've changed something... img source: http://donthatethegeek.com/another-glitch-in-the-matrix/
  2. Perjury is when you purposefully lie under oath.
  3. What I find hilarious is the area I live in, Police that run "sobriety checkpoints" actually warn the public when they run them and where they'll be. They still get drunk morons rolling through
  4. Razor Blade

    General X58 Xeon/i7 discussion

    What about getting a 6 core CPU? According to this (https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c01767191) the ML330 G6 supports the Xeon X5650 which should be something like $10-$15 shipped on Ebay.
  5. Is it silly to use a retired dual CPU server as a compute unit just to run Plex? Yeah probably...unless you're wanting to transcode like 20 simultaneous streams (exaggerating)...but you already have it so what to do with it... As for what to do about the...form factor issue. You could get an external SAS enclosure or disk shelf as Electronics Wizardy said, but the additional price of such devices and the rather high amount of power the whole setup would draw, IMO it would be better to just look into another server that supports the drives you're wanting to use. Whether that is another rack mount unit, tower, or even something you put together yourself.
  6. If I had to venture a guess... possibly older drives shoved in a external drive cage? I do know that there have been reported cases of needing a mod to make an external drive work with regular PSU. Though seems random. EDIT: wow... I was late in my post...
  7. Razor Blade

    What's your avatar all about?

    I guess I like going fast off road too?
  8. Razor Blade

    How Many Computers Do You Have?

    Seriously? It depends who is asking...
  9. When people ask if PC is still relevant for gaming...




  10. Razor Blade

    how do you define such malicious behaviour on forums?

    Just an internet troll. Probably not even a very good one at that. Such behavior is discouraged at every forum I belong to and in several forums will get you a nice long time out or even a permanent ban. Like said above, the best thing to do is to not engage with the troll. Just report it and let the forum staff handle it.
  11. Razor Blade

    Will you buy your future children a console or straight to PC?

    Kid needs to learn to build something. So unless it is a retropie project, I guess PC it is.
  12. Razor Blade

    Is my psu reliable?

    This might be a clue here... I don't tend to fanboy over power supplies but I do tend to buy a power supply that is from a company that has some sort of reputation... or at least has some sort of information online... It isn't necessarily an indicator of a bad PSU but without information, some very expensive test equipment, and/or tearing it apart, finding out if that PSU is any good might be a challenge.
  13. Razor Blade

    Raid 5 card?

    How come? Are you planning on putting a large number of drives in your array? Or were you planning on using SAS drives or something? Hardware RAID controllers are just software on chip devices that hard drives interface with. Software RAID like ZFS or Microsoft storage pools cost literally nothing if you have the cables to hook the drives up to your motherboard. Personally I use software RAID. It is more flexible, cheaper, and way more features/options (for example some of those flexible arrays like Unraid, Synology, or Microsoft storage spaces has). If you're insistent on a controller, you will need to figure out how many drives you need it to support. If it is 8 or less, you could go with something like an LSI 9260-8i and SFF-8087 to SATA breakout cables. If you're going to be using the RAID function with write-back cache enabled I highly suggest a battery for that controller as well. All said and done for controller, battery, and 2 cables should be around USD $300 from Amazon.
  14. Razor Blade

    Seagate Hdd 1tb SMART test fail

    I see...the video you posted showed an ASUS laptop so I misunderstood. Another utility you can use since it is a Seagate drive, the company offers SeaTools https://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/seatools/ which For interpreting S.M.A.R.T drive info, here is an article on Seagate's website... http://knowledge.seagate.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/203971en
  15. Razor Blade

    Tricking school network

    I would imagine it would depend on the device. I only have experience with NetGear routers in which bridge mode just means you turn a wireless network into a wired network. Not to be confused with access point mode, bridge mode acts like a switch that is using the wireless function to connect to the network. All wifi, DHCP, firewall, and routing functions are disabled. Like I said bridge mode functionality might vary with other devices so if you have one already, check into the user manual of your router to see if it has that option and if it does what it will do for you.