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  1. It's legal if it falls under Civil Assets Forfeiture Act. I don't know the entirety of that law, but basically the State and/or Federal government can freeze or seize one's financial properties if one's suspected of a crime.
  2. I have yet to see any cards remotely close to the MSRP...in any global market or from Computex. All AIB solutions have been at least +$50 from MSRP. We're paying at least $30 more from MSRP to get a custom cooling compared to previous generation. In terms of India, maybe the price is extremely high because of low supply rather than gouging? I don't know. I hope it's not the same for the 1070.
  3. Companies don't lie. It's a "marketing strategy". 1070 is a great card for the price. It's looking like an amazing year for mainstream GPUs. Polaris reveal tomorrow! Only sports nerds will know...
  4. Automation in manufacturing is inevitable, and has been said for at least two decades now. I still don't understand Americans who oppose FTA just because we lost manufacturing jobs. Have they not seen a documentary on LEGO factory? That's the future.
  5. The new Verizon logo's check mark is a lot less obnoxious then before. And some of those can be wiped away from rubbing alcohol. Hopefully it's not etched under the glass.
  6. I complained about 1080 FE price, but damn...I'd buy the FE if this is the new trend for AIBs.
  7. Go to Kabukicho. There are drug trades, human trafficking, weapons trades, and other wicked international crimes happening there everyday. Japan also is the home of the #2 criminal organization in the world.
  8. Very good, and comes with 5 year warranty.
  9. I was pretty set on 1070 before I read a similar thread on OCN. The disappointment seems to be pretty huge in the GPU community, given the unprecedented 25% performance cut. I might as well wait for the whole line up from AMD before pulling the trigger.
  10. That's how I've been feeling for the last 2-3 years.
  11. I expect the same performance boost for the 290(X). Considering you can mod (vBIOS) of some 290X and make it into a 390X
  12. Good riddance. It was starting to look hideous next to all the Apple products rocking Retina displays.
  13. We're already talking about One Plus 3?? They haven't even released Marshmallow (6.0) for One Plus 2!!
  14. Apple will invent human batteries. Innovation for world domination.
  15. The owner has affluenza, case closed. God save Texas.
  16. Donald Trump: "I know the best hackers. I'm very very good friends with the best hackers. In fact, I'm the best hacker."