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    South Australia
  • Biography
    Started getting into PC's at age 13
    486 DX4-100 @ 120mhz

    I'm now in my 30's, that's a lot of technical knowledge taken in...
  • Occupation
    InHouse Custom PC-Builder, stores cost money


  • CPU
    i7 4790K @ 4.7Ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97s SLI Krait
  • RAM
    24GB DDR3 2400Mhz Ripjawz @ 2600Mhz
  • GPU
    Galax GTX 1070 EXOC
  • Case
    CoolerMaster N600 /w Side Window
  • Storage
    1x 256GB 840 SSD, Raid0 2x 256GB 840Pro SSD, 7200Rpm 1TB Seagate for Recording,..2x2TB Green 5400Rpm HDD's
  • PSU
    EVGA B2 750w
  • Display(s)
    35" 1080 Phillips, OC'd to 70hz, 29" Ultrawide 2560x1080
  • Cooling
    Intel 120mm Liquid Cooling Unit
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K50 Raptor
  • Mouse
    BMW Level10m BLK
  • Sound
    Altec Lansing 2.1 + Tt Shock Spin Headset
  • Operating System
    Win8.1 x64 / W10Pro x64

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  1. SkilledRebuilds

    High FPS But Feels Low??

    Find an easy to run bench/game... Use onboard graphics and see if it also is there? , Get a low detail scene the onboard can stretch its legs on 90fps+ and see if it still happens.?
  2. SkilledRebuilds

    How do you justify large purchases to yourself?

    I was about to drop $900 AUD on a Budget for a Ryzen8core CPU/MOBO/RAM/COOLER combo and recoup the rest from my 4790k ie PSU/SSD. HDD, GTX1070 and all that. Then sell the old platform basics.. But I hobbyist encode, game less than I used to, and found my 4c8t 4.7Ghz sweetspot Paired with 2600MhZ OC Cl13, temps are great, Performance is spot on as expected. I didn't NEED it, just Wanted it due to 4K 60fps Youtube encodes for 6-11m videos. Ended up not doing the upgrade as yet, It's not yet feasible for my typical usage which is much less than it used to be because life is random and random things change off and on, time for Gaming always being up and down. As per the usual shtik.. It it works for your usages and its only a minor gripe VS a new platform amount of cash. Vote with your priorities.
  3. Thanks for providing a detailed explanation. Much appreciated clean response.
  4. I have no idea what any of you are on about. Verge, I get that. Just the claim "Whatever you want?" Hence the 2080ti joke... What happened? I don't follow this phone series at all... Help a clueless. What's so funny besides me asking so serious. +Rep if you make it a cool story.
  5. SkilledRebuilds

    Long bootup, blinking dash

    Any USB devices being found upon boot could extend the boot. Just a try... Remove all USB (even keyb/mouse/drives) and see if it is shortened. Maybe narrow it down if it's instant without USB devices. The idea came to me today when I plugged my USB drive in the other week (USB3. 2tb in an external exclosure) and my boot was extended greatly, and even cold booting may halt for some time before finally ticking over to boot. If it does shorten boot with less USB devices, check for USB settings in Bios and maybe provide a pic.. Just spitballin again but hopefully.. I'm narrowing down as much as I can as this issue isn't exactly an easy fix as you've tried many a thing already.
  6. SkilledRebuilds

    AMD FX Overclocking Help Needed.

    Don't know without looking properly. I've not used the MSI cooler, and have only used a H60 on a GPU, but have a 120mm AIO myself and I have no negatives on them really.. Just set a custom fan curve to your liking and spike it for Loads if need be to cover temps. Open 2+ Browser tabs, Google/YouTube search reviews for each, see if the data provided gives you any ideas or answers.
  7. RTX2080 /GTX1080Ti GPU Equivalency.

    1. i_build_nanosuits


      good ol' core i7 still riping it 😛

      FX crap bottleneck the shnit out of it though. (well they both do 😛 but FX is way worse)

  8. SkilledRebuilds

    Zen 7 2700x + 1060 3gb Less than 60fps ?

    We need way more information, Full System Specs please....? Remember ALL software is different in how they utilize cores/threads and system usages. Black Desert Performance will not be the same as other software in any way.... Do other games run fine (leave Firestrike comparisons out of it, even though it DOES show system usages and if something isn't right)? It shows graphs of temps, usages somewhere I'm sure of it. It could be just your settings in game.. It could just be that game,.. Have you checked Black Desert Forums (Tech support/Other Forums to do with BDO) to see if others see the same problems iE: Not getting full performance from the hardware available. It's likely expectations VS delivery,.. on the games part.
  9. SkilledRebuilds

    TDP for 1070Ti

    The answer to your original question is yes.. the GPU will throttle clocks under extreme heat.. Past 83*c. You can set this yourself via MSI AB. Stay under 83*c when gaming and it'll perform exactly as it should. Most GPUs in well ventilated cases and decent weather's outside... Should be around 65-75*c under load (dependant of World location/climate) It won't just keep getting warm until 83*c and throttle. It'll balance out before then, and will hold a good boost clock and decent temps. IMO.
  10. SkilledRebuilds

    How to check used gpu before buying?

    If a used PC.. Download GPUz quickly and run it in background while seller tests 3D games or a benchmark.. Suss GPUz or alternative monitoring software afterwards. If they are unwilling,.. I wouldn't buy it. Because it's such a simple process I don't know any seller who wouldn't be open to it once explained to them how and what metrics you use to purchase a GPU.
  11. SkilledRebuilds

    TDP for 1070Ti

    He stated its max capable temp. Not what he gets.
  12. SkilledRebuilds

    TDP for 1070Ti

    The cooler is made to cover the heat output. The 1070 is around 150-200w stock to Overclocked. I'd say the 1070ti is less than the 200w-250w GTX1080 TDP. The GPU Nvidia Turbo will kick in an algorithm every 5*c after 60*c, sampling data and if getting warmer and warmer, takes a little corespeed off the top every 5*c increase. Not something to ever worry about if your case has adequate airflow. YT search what is Nvidia GPU boost. The fans will last a long time. Less if your using 100% fans everytime but you won't be... Because they on default, have a fan curve already to cover it, like 50% Fanspeed (variable up n down) towards 65-70*c and may speed up when hotter, you can also set your own curve with GPU monitoring programs like MSI Afterburner. Nvidia have a temp limit, the algorithm ties to it. 83*c default. When you get close or at this temp, the GPU will slow down clockspeeds to mitigate extra heat. It won't crash under normal default usages,.. Unless you have changed clock values or have other issues in the system.
  13. SkilledRebuilds

    A message to the past

    Finances - Invest into AMD at their all-time LOW. Also... Start Mining Crypto 10 years ago... Or prior, before it was cool. Hardware - Skip my AMD FX build. Tech Life Regrets - More photos of loved ones. Very selfish but meh.. Its 630am, running on fumes. Peace be with you all and your choices.
  14. SkilledRebuilds

    Long bootup, blinking dash

    I'm also buggering off for a few hours but surely ppl can help when gone. It's 630am atm for me.. If it seems newcomers help is all the same.. Tell them to read entire thread. Some read 1st post and reply with already tried solutions. Msg me if need be, I'll get to it when I wake.
  15. SkilledRebuilds

    Long bootup, blinking dash

    Might also sound silly but try reseating your ram again.. (remove n reinsert) After you nail out the GTX1070, or before. Not together, because if one works you still are not sure which change it was.. Just another random thought that can fix potential random issues booting....