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  1. the dark rock pro 4 should be good enough, also for overclocking. it actually competes with many AIO coolers. but if you really wanna do a gooood big overclock get a good aio MSI Gaming edge mobos have TERRIBLE vrms. get the msi mag x570 tomahawk or the gigabyte b550 aorus pro (v2) or the tomahawk b550 case, 4000d airflow is amazing, i have it rn. the 5000d airflow just released btw tho.
  2. i bought it secondhand anyways, it felt 99% no scamm and real. should i to be sure send it for RMA to corsair? so they can say "huh this aint broken" and send it back
  3. isnt it dangerous to put a broken psu in a pc tho? to test if it works
  4. but does corsair accept warranty if it aint from the one who bought it?
  5. he said he bought it in 2020, got the warranty papers still, he lives in the city that i live in (15 min away from me) he asks 75 euros for it. He bought 4 of them he said to use it for a 3d project (rendering) he sayd theyre like new. should i buy it? this is a pic of it:
  6. the aorus pro is actually a TIER S motherboard. it is very very good. they released a Aorus pro V2 (it aint a big difference but just alil newer)
  7. ye but, are they suposed to be put in together at the same time? or can i just leave 1 out and use 1 as a 4pin connector.
  8. so that means i am able to give the cpu the 4 pin power? or is the 2x4 a 8 pin and cant it be used as a single 4 pin
  9. huh, 2x4 pin? online it says i doesnt come with a 4 pin connector but it does with a 2x4? is it the same? i dont know a lot about psu connectors etc. so what ur saying is that i WILL be able to give the cpu that extra 4 pin power?
  10. so i will not be overclocking my cpu and i can get the fractal ion+ 760 platinum psu for a really nice deal here in the netherlands cheaper than the corsair rm750x. the only downside is that it dont come with or has a 4 pin power connector. people say 4 pin is for some extra power that the cpu needs IF your pc is under heavy load or overclocked extremely. i will not be overclocking my cpu. will i be fine with only the 8pin power connector plugged in? no additional 4pin for extra power if needed.
  11. shes going to buy an external ips monitor that is 27 inch so basically the acer wins hard
  12. because im trynna help her from making a dumb mistake, i cant just let her buy a way more expensive laptop that is way shittier without trying to get her to buy a better one that is also cheaper
  13. https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1594900/asus-asus-vivobook-15-s512jp-bq284t/specificaties/ https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1632252/acer-aspire-5-a515-44-r4bc/specificaties/ those 2 laptops, the acer aspire has way more cores, and a 1 terabyte ssd the vivobook has a 5400rpm 1 tb ssd and a small ssd of 250gb, is slower etc etc she wants to use to for premiere pro and other adobe programms she has no knowledge about computers and her dad keeps telling her to get a laptop that isnt good for the price. can yall please explain why the