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  1. there aren't any 3000mhz+ in the netherlands. i have looked on all sites.
  2. i am planning on buying a new ryzen pc and i know ryzen likes its fast memory speeds. but i have found a site in EU where they sell brand new crucial ram sticks for 45 euro and u get 2x8. originally i wanted 32 gigs of ram but i was going to upgrade to that later on. but now here we are, this is a good price. but its 2400mhz. will that be a big deal? should i buy it?
  3. So i have bought 2x8 3200mhz ram sticks twice (corsair lpx) (aka i got 4x8 in total) but i didnt buy it new from a site i bought them second hand and they both were or faulty or starting to go faulty. corsair has lifetime warranty and idk if they'll accept my ram that i havent bought straight from a store. but how do i even ask a rma??
  4. ight bet, thanks guys. finna get me a rx 6800xt and a ryzen 7 5800x next year hehe
  5. vermintide 2, rainbow six siege, cod coldwar, league of legends, the crew 2
  6. so i will be building a way and way better pc at the start of next year but i'm planning to already get my new monitor. a 1440p monitor. my rx 580 does the job very well at 1080p but i was wondering if i could handle 1440p with it (at medium settings or something idc about ultra settings)
  7. so i can buy the Samsung C32HG70 second hand from someone in the same city as me (so i can check out fully if it works or nah) but my original plan was to buy a 360 euro Dell S3220DGF... is it worth it if i buy the samsung for like 250-280 euros over the new dell?
  8. look up rocketjumpninja on youtube. he got a site with the rankings of the best mice for your hand size and grips
  9. wait for the rtx 3070. it has better performance than a rtx 2080 ti
  10. reviews say temps in this pc are fine.
  11. the video has in the background (and it is also see able on the thumbnail) and this is a cool case that i want to buy! what case is it?
  12. so itll be the same as a normal hdd? i wont have anything weird or smt going on?
  13. so i know a place where i can get a new SEAGATE 8TB IronWolf NAS HDD 7200RPM for about a 120 euro, normally it is 230 euros or something. but its a NAS hdd and idk what that means. i am willing to buy it but im not sure if a "nas" hdd is for what im looking to build. i will be building a new gaming/ photo editting / music making pc soon.. will the nas drive suit my pc? is a nas even for a normal desktop pc?
  14. So i am planning to build a pc in january or february. altho im hearing the stocks of the new ryzen gpus arent that great aswell. do you guys think i can buy me a rx 6800 xt for 650-700 euros by then? instead of the overly high prices they are rn online and will they have enough stock by then?