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  1. I have never done this. I am kinda a noob at this. I want to get some help on getting started.
  2. What program can I use to modify GPU bios with?
  3. I want to write a custom bios for a XFX Radeon hd 5770 card for my Mac pro 1,1. I wanted to make one that would work on that as well a PC.
  4. There is also these if the other don't work: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/186880/186880
  5. Just extract that and flash it the way you did before, just use that bios file.
  6. I found the bios. Here: https://overclocking.guide/download/powercolor-rx460-red-dragon-4gb-unlocked-bios/
  7. That should work. Just find the original bios (if your lucky enough).
  8. Your best hopes are to use a Freedos USB and find the bios for it with ATIFLASH. If you can't do this, you maybe toast.
  9. I wanted to write my own GPU bios for some AMD Cards. I am wondering how it can be done. Anybody know how?
  10. Get 500w power supply. That should do the trick. Something like that ain't really gonna run well with something like that. My R9 270 works perfect with the 475 watt power supply that my PC came with.