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  1. Your current PSU is the Elite V3(Tier E), people used worse PSU's than that without issues. It's a good midrange unit if we consider the noname units lowend. But honestly I wouldnt bother to replace it with another crappy unit from GOD-SeaSonic-GOD like the M12II, S12II or S12III
  2. This model says that it has 4 rails. How are you supposed to use two gpu rails with one 8-pin without a custom cable? Let's say my other components(cpu, mobo, ram, ssd , fan) draw 150W and gpu rail 3 can output 264W. This would downgrade the 650W psu to a 490W(150+264+75), because the Rail 4 would just sit there unused. Now if I could combine them with a cable, I could throw another 150W through the 8-pin. TLDR: One gpu rail=339W, two gpu rails=603W before we hope that OCP doesnt trigger on the rails or OPP kicks in.
  3. With multi rail PSU's like the Straight Power 11, would it be possible to combine 12V gpu rails with 2x8pin to 8-pin cable without issues? So that you could push cards with single 8-pin without triggering OCP.
  4. Would love to buy one of those but they are way out of my budget. The cheapest 55 LG OLed costs $1300, Samsung 50Q80 is $1000, 55Q80 $1200 and 55Q90 $1700. Thanks. I'm looking at those because those are within my budget, the TU7102 is $510 and T8502 is $615
  5. 2 years ago I replaced my Samsung 37" TV from 2012(it still works) with an 27" IPS 1080p monitor. But 2 years later I still can't get used to the size of the monitor, so i'm looking at 55" Samsung 4K TV's like UE55TU7xxx and UE55TU8xxx. How are TV for playing games now? On my old TV it doesnt feel so smooth as on the monitor. I plan to game in Windowed or Borderless Windowed in 2K(1080p/1440p)
  6. Are only those baby coolers available? I would rather buy one that's actually huge(150 x 146.5 x 159) like the Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT
  7. Isn't 4c8t at it limits in games already? I mean even 10years ago people upgraded from 4c4t for better performance, but now we hope that it still has some headroom left. While 6c6t isnt great either, I would rather buy that.
  8. The RM650 should have two cables with 3 Sata on each cable, so 6 in total.
  9. Is that psu 100% efficient? If not, then it could draw like 2200W from the wall, does the 15A outlet have 20% overhead? Anyway, you need two PSU's since you are running 120V. Those would need two 10A outlets connected to either a 20A breaker or two separate 10A breakers.
  10. That shit is 0.90 W/mK while TG Kryonaut is 12,5 W/mk(higher number is better)
  11. With prebuild custom motherboards it either works or it doesn't(mostly does not work). I think back in the day when GTX 10-series came out, multiple people had issues with it and you couldnt tell them that it wont work because 5 people came and said that it's bs.
  12. A cheap cooler like the Hyper 212 will do wonders, People get 60C max even with Prime95
  13. My crappy Evga G3 makes audio noises like that. But never had fps problems. Isn't that Giga psu on tier E https://www.techpowerup.com/review/gigabyte-gp-p750gm-750-w/10.html
  14. The GPU itself will become an obstacle before VRAM capacity.