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  1. Fuck yes http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2018/02/25/chihayafuru-tv-anime-returns-for-a-3rd-season-of-competitive-karuta Chihayafuru Season 3 All i need now is a new, last season, for Spice and Wolf
  2. Yes!! Kekkai Sensen, that was it! Gonna finally watch the last episode.
  3. Can't get around watching Ajin, ppl say its good but it looks like a low budget 3d game. Finished both Boku no hero academia and Kiznaiver, i liked boku no hero quite a bit, kiznaiver was alrighte, kind of like kokoro connect but not nearly as good. As for now, ima watch the 2nd season of owari no seraph and noragami. Gotta watch from where i stopped ^^ Also @BashZeStampeedo u recommended me an anime about a guy that had some powerful eyes, he uses goggles all the time, also the powers of ppl surrounding him were very exaggerated i remember saying that, an
  4. Watchin Nanatsu no Taizai, quite amusing, i'm half way through and i like it! Also watched 1 ep of DBSuper, apparently the new arc is going to be good so better keep up. Ppl still talk about anime here right?...
  5. I come with a special request, to people that watch naruto that might know this. So i decided to watch naruto again, but i dont' remember the last episode i watched(number), i remember the last thiing happening when i stopped watching was that Gaara, the tsuchikage and mizukage fighting the old kages, so gaara vs his father that uses some kind of sand with gold i believe? I dont remember much sorry. I believe around here we see some background story about gaara, how he became the way he is, about his mother too. I also remember Madara gathering 7/9 tailed beasts and go
  6. I doubt there's going to be a bottleneck. If you find out your cpu is giving it all, but your gpu has more to give, just upscale the res untill you fully use your GPU if you want.
  7. I believe it's the 1st season of an anime with more seasons, maybe that explains some shit? Ima finish watching Boku Dake ga inai machi. I watched the 1st episode and i liked it, but life happened and never continued.
  8. I actually think that "slice of nothing" is perfect to describe it.
  9. I agree, i remember k-on as an anime easy to watch, nothing to get hooked on, just (to me) a solid anime to watch when one feels like watching something but don't know what. That! And i liked almost every bit of it
  10. Kamisama Hajimemashita was a good anime. I second the romcom's recommendations as they are the only ones that i know. Nozaki-kun, was a lot more comedy than romance (but sitll romcom) And very funny. Jitsu wa watashi wa has very nice comedy (to me at least) but as far as i remember, it was another school harem. It isn't, i liked it quite a bit, watched every season and i think 1 movie (when they go to london) Nana was the last anime that blew my mind. Such masterpiece to me. Also check out Chihayafuru. I actually
  11. I think that's because the grand majority of anime we watch, and dare to finish, are going to be good enough to be a 7/10. That's what i think about why ppl always use 7-9 and sometimes 10, and never below. And i don't rate anime i drop, so usually everything i watch is as good as a 6 or 7 lol. Still, this kind of rating uses a scale that's different for every person.
  12. Holy shit, what's up with those characters, i thought this was going to be a Bokura ga ita Movie to give it an ending to the anime because those 2 characters look VERY SIMILAR to the ones in the anime i mention. And it isn't. Bokura ga ita: Couldn't find better pic, but they are very similar. If this anime was made today, it would look exactly like that movie.
  13. I had no idea, i'm glad they managed to do that though, the anime would've been completely different if it only had 13 episodes. Just started(1 ep so far) Boku Dake ga Inai Machi cuz a friend recommended it to me, and i saw @azurezeed say it was good ^^ Man the art style and quality is very good! I like that. And that's one hell of a 1st episode!!
  14. Nice!! Kokoro Connect is on my top anime of all time, i liked it A LOT. You watched the 4 ovas that give the anime an ending right? I also postponed it a lot, and when i wrote a mini-review about it after finishing it, i remember i regretted that decision, but i also liked a lot that the synopsis didn't spoil much about it. Best thing about it to me, is how "unique" the plot was. The ovas are basically episodes that grant the anime a good ending.
  15. Man One Punch Man was so awesome. I pre-judged it badly, i enjoyed it very very much. Can't wait for another season. I was adding it to my anime list and i saw there are 6 specials and an OVA? I seem to only find 2/6 specials, the other 4 ones are not out yet?