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    Trying to break the forum
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    Intel 4960x 4GHz @ 1.22v
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    ASUS X79-E WS
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 1866MHz
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  1. Not anymore. Most relevant markets are electronic now (especially for stuff retail investors would ever consider). I don't think that was a real API but instead were people determining what endpoints the app uses. @OP Interactive Brokers offers an API that you can use. But to be honest, I would recommend staying away from the stock market and figure out some other project to make.
  2. Model training specifically is such a niche market, I would be surprised if anyone outside of the data science community would even understand how to make a relatively useful benchmark for that. But anyway, who trains models locally?
  3. Thats... not how that works? That's like arguing every hard drive is in RAID 0 with itself, where each platter is it's own drive! Nonsense I don't think you can even fit a well sized number pad on the 16" MBP. Eh, a lot of the issues with Catalina was that they dropped support for 32 bit application and developers were slow to push out 64bit version.
  4. It's most likely that men over report and women under report. Otherwise, it's mathematically impossible for it to be true--this is a classical problem in university graph theory classes. Here's a very simple description for why it's nonsense https://people.csail.mit.edu/meyer/sex-degrees.pdf
  5. heh, that's the point but do some googling, there's a lot of statistics and studies that try to argue one way or another.
  6. That men, on average, have more sexual partners than women. There even were a bunch of studies that tried to prove it one way or another from some "reputable" schools and the US government publishes garbage statistics on it.
  7. Have you tried using async ... await This really depends on what performant means. Neither of them are fast languages by any means (if anything they’re both extraordinarily slow), but if all you care about is code that can run acceptably quick, then sure, they work well. For anything that needs actual performance, they’re terrible choices. Go to for performant web choices would be Java or C++.
  8. Out of interest, is the maximum power draw and heat dissipation documented anywhere by Intel?
  9. Company quarters have nothing to do with absolute dates, they’re relative to when the company was incorporated.
  10. There are warnings left right and Center in it. Ultimately, Apple’s pitches it as something that can potentially alert to the existence of a condition, but doesn’t go further than that. The Apple Watch is developed in partner with Stanford medical school. It being a good fitness tracker, actually pushed me to buy it. Sure, it’s a good looking smart watch, but that wasn’t enough to push me over the edge—being able to track all of my activity/workouts on top of being wearable to the office/out did. I wear skinny jeans, taking my phone out of my pocket isn’t that easy. Plus, if I’m sitting and my phones in my pocket then the watch is even more easier to use. Regardless, rotating my wrist toward me is easier than the alternative. The Apple Watch is a far better experience then most Bluetooth devices. Plus it can control playback of media on other Apple mobile devices (i.e. I can adjust music playing on my phone and Bluetooth speaker from the other side of the room on my watch)
  11. Sure, but we still do not necessarily call them space bound. Few algorithms have space as a realistic limit to their operation, given a modern computer.
  12. I get what you mean now. A few things though. Memory speed is not just about CAS latency, but is also affected by the processor architecture. You’ve conflated Turing machines with computers. They are not the same. Turning machines are purely theoretical machines used in computing/complexity theory. As such, the definition of a computer contains no such statement. And realistically, most algorithms are not even memory bound (i.e. have a high space complexity), instead I would argue most are time bound—high time complexity—which is reflected in the volume of material on time vs space complexities of algorithms.
  13. If you just want to learn and play around. http://os161.eecs.harvard.edu/
  14. This is entirely dependent on the workload. I’m not even quite sure you can suggest “nearly every” problem is not memory bound in some way.