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  1. It would be nice if we could, but the development time required to make the forum compatible with a unsupported 3rd-party payment system, available only in one country, makes it unlikely to happen—especially with more pressing things on the list of TODOs.
  2. I don't remember if the count excludes banned members, but even if it did it doesn't really matter much. Spambots and their posts get queued for deletion, but we will not make the usernames of banned members available to be reused (it would be very confusing to everyone if shortly after a member was banned, someone else came back using the same username).
  3. Good point, I didn't think about the holding issue. Tangent to OP: The brake mode on most speed controllers should be sufficient to hold it in place, no? In my short career in FIRST robotics I never tried testing to see how much resistance was required to overcome it. As a programmer, I don't know if I would call a PID control system complicated Also, some of the speed controllers that we used had PID systems built into them (Talon SRXs for example).
  4. That's pretty expensive, I think something like a CIM or a power window motor could do the same job (at around $20-something dollars cheaper).
  5. The benefits of using a WAF and CDN like CF far exceed the risk of an event like this. The risk of a MITM attack now is lower than ever before, due to the wide adoption of technology like HTTPS and HSTS. Plus, for the majority of websites, handing off to another company which has specialization in security is a much better option than them rolling their own.
  6. Cool idea, but would be extremely hard to implement given the way that IPS handles these kind of things.
  7. No! There isn't! For example, there is no known equation to find the roots of a 5th degree polynomial.
  8. It really depends on what you posted, but normally if we've removed a post for breaking the rules you will be contacted about it directly (unless we removed a ton of stuff from a thread, in which case we might just make a post in the thread addressing the reason why posts were removed). If we hide a thread which you didn't start, but posted in, then it's very unlikely that we would contact you to tell you they were removed—that simply would be too onerous. We try our best to contact every when we individually remove posts, but we're people too—and just volunteers at that—and it's very well possible that someone just forgot to contact you.
  9. All aspects of moderation are confidential between the user and the members of the moderation and administration team, even the number of reports made, so this will not be implemented.
  10. It is civil law that requires you to be 18 and above to enter a contract (in most countries). Here's a good explanation for criminal vs. civil law: Essentially, criminal law relates to committing a crime. Normally in criminal law police are involved, the government is charging you with a crime, etc. Civil law covers basically everything else. Normally one person has wronged another in some way, so they go to court to settle the dispute. Lets say you pay someone $500 to paint your fence and they only do half of it the job, you would take them to civil court to force them to either pay you back or finish the job. Most ToS are written so that they can sue you if they want to, but I doubt many companies would actively pursue a minor (unless they did something really bad).
  11. When you sign up to use a service like PayPal you have to agree to their site's Terms of Service (and probably some other buyer-seller terms, haven't looked into their stuff specifically), but if you're a minor you cannot legally enter into a binding agreement, so PayPal would have no way to legally hold you to those terms (and in some countries like Canada, minors actually have quite a bit of power when it comes to contracts which they've entered into, like the ability to leave at anytime regardless of the terms). There also might be some banking specific regulations that require them to make sure you're the age of majority. Buying and selling goods does actually constitute a contract. There's 4 elements to a binding contract (you can read about it here if you're interested), and the buying and/or selling of goods meets all 4 elements. I wouldn't suggest breaking a website's Terms and Conditions (for various reasons), but you wouldn't be doing something illegal (criminal law) if you did. It would just constitute a violation of the contract (civil law), and they can pursue whatever remedies that the contract says they can pursue (and potentially others). It would be interesting though to see how a court case would work if you were sued for entering into a contract when you were not able to enter into the contract... There might be interesting case law on that Note: I am not a lawyer, this does not constitute legal advice, seek a real lawyer if you want real advice, yada yada yada
  12. You could, and you would get a warning for doing so. We don't allow members to manually sign off their posts (that's what the signature is for). There's many reasons to disallow images; they increase load times (and local CPU load if animated), they're distracting, they ruin the forum's aesthetic, it's difficult to control what people put in images, and the list goes on. If anything, I think we should remove the options for people to use coloured text and custom fonts.
  13. We used to show them in recent topics, but the issue is that we ended up having very few tech related topics in the sidebar (because of the volume of OT topics made)... and we're a tech forum...
  14. *squints* Looks like politics to me.