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  1. I skimmed through this thread, but I'm not entirely sure what you're looking for? You say that you want to make some real applications, that's great! But you need to figure out the scope of the application that you're making. Do you want to make a website, web app, mobile app, or desktop app? All them require the use of different tools, and all of them have optimal tools to be used for them (for example, you could make a desktop app in C/C++, but chances are it would be easier to just make it in C# or Java). The best way to get a glimpse of what goes into "building a real app" is to go to a hackathon or do a side project. If you need some ideas, here's some lists:
  2. The issue is in the way that you calculate M (you also never change the value of found, but that's irrelevant to your current error). Simple change it to (L + R) / 2 and the infinite loop no longer persists.
  3. Can you give the output of Just the colo, spdy, http and loc is fine
  4. Canada's a very broad place with many different telecom operators, so to give you an assertive statement on whether or not a technology is (still) being used would be difficult. Here's a map of Roger's network coverage by type
  5. What? Consumers have less demand for high performance than enterprise does. An SSD like this would help to mitigate the effect of IO-bound operations, such as the ones experienced in virtualization, complex model simulations (fluid dynamics), DNA sequencing, or even something as simple as serving content on the web (which, for well designed systems, is largely IO-bound). I believe you're likely being sarcastic, but the lack of a /s and the fact that I could reasonably see some people believe this makes me suspicious
  6. Bellroy Card Sleeve, I love it
  7. Are your numbers sorted?
  8. Both r/personalfinance and r/investing have vast amounts of detailed information available to help you get started investing. Personally, I would look at PF first (to decide if investing really fits into your current financial plan), then go to investing--if you decide it does--and learn from there.
  9. Please consider the age of a thread before you post in it.
  10. Due to people's inability to have constructive discussions and tendency to attack dissenters, political discussions are no longer allowed on the forum. Locked.
  11. My guess, is that because forum login redirects you to whatever page requested your authentication, you somehow opened a link to the notification API without being authenticated, so after sign on you were redirected back to that location. It shouldn't be a persistent error (judging by it not happening again).
  12. You just somehow opened a link to the notification feed. Has this only happened once or does it happen every time?
  13. It would be nice if we could, but the development time required to make the forum compatible with a unsupported 3rd-party payment system, available only in one country, makes it unlikely to happen—especially with more pressing things on the list of TODOs.
  14. I don't remember if the count excludes banned members, but even if it did it doesn't really matter much. Spambots and their posts get queued for deletion, but we will not make the usernames of banned members available to be reused (it would be very confusing to everyone if shortly after a member was banned, someone else came back using the same username).
  15. Good point, I didn't think about the holding issue. Tangent to OP: The brake mode on most speed controllers should be sufficient to hold it in place, no? In my short career in FIRST robotics I never tried testing to see how much resistance was required to overcome it. As a programmer, I don't know if I would call a PID control system complicated Also, some of the speed controllers that we used had PID systems built into them (Talon SRXs for example).