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Blade of Grass

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    Trying to break the forum
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    New York, New York
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    Real-time distributed systems, Computer Architecture, Software Development, Design, Security, Photography, Fashion
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    Intel 4960x 4GHz @ 1.22v
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    ASUS X79-E WS
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 1866MHz
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    ASUS 770 DCUII
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    Corsair 750D
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    Samsung 850 Pro 250GB, Kingston HyperX 3k 128GB SSD, Western Digital RE4 1TB
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    XFX ProSeries 750w
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    ASUS PA248Q, Samsung 2233
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    Be Quiet Dark Rock 2
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    Razor Black Widow Ultimate 2012
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    Mionix Naos 7000
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    Shure SRH840
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Blade of Grass

    Unread Content not working properly

    This should be fixed now! Let me know if you have it happen again
  2. Blade of Grass

    What was your first language?

    No! It’s gained quite a decent following in the industry.
  3. Ye, they both can support the building of muscle, and having more muscle == burning more calories. But if you just consume them on top of a normal diet then you'll probably not get the right type of """gains"""
  4. Neither creatine nor whey help you burn fat. Creatine is a supplement which our bodies use to synthesize phosphocreatine (which is used by your muscles for energy). Whey protein is a supplement for protein (humans need to consume protein to repair/grow muscle tissue). Neither or them are really required either, real food provides better sources of what these products supplement. On a personal note though, I do actually use protein supplements post workout as I've found it to aid in my recovery time, but that's also because I normally wouldn't be eating for over an hour+ post workout and generally don't eat a ton. Also interesting enough, Creatine actually will cause you to "gain" weight when you start taking it because it increases the amount of water in your body. OP: If you want to lose weight there is no magic drink or pill. Diet & exercise are the only way to go. And by diet, I don't mean anything crazy crazy (no need to go vegan gluten free low carb etc ), just start by cutting out the really bad stuff like soda, juice, and other sweet things and go from there. Consciously try to make healthier choices, and just remember that the best diets are the ones that you'll stick to. EDIT: also, final remark, our bodies obey the laws of thermodynamics. If you eat more calories then your body utilizes in a day, you will gain weight. Therefore, the only way to lose weight is to consume less calories, utilize more calories, or both.
  5. Blade of Grass

    Apple Nearly Worth 1 Trillion Dollars

    Why? Because Apple has a legal obligation to act in the best (financial) interest of their shareholders, which means that they should work to reduce their tax burden through legal means (loopholes are legal means). Whether or not it's morally justifiable is a different question, but from the perspective of why are they expected to? Because the people who give them money and own them expect them too (like any corporation)
  6. Blade of Grass

    Investement 2018?

    Wat. You are creating a bank account. Specifically, an investment banking account. The collection & verification of identity information is REQUIRED by federal and international law (specifically Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering laws, in the US they both generally fall under the PATRIOT Act). Robinhood is regulated like any other financial institution and needs to collect this information for a variety of information, like reporting your income to the IRS. Even the logging into your bank accounts to transfer money, that’s a requirement of the Automated Clearing House to do online money transfers for security purposes. Also, dude you fucked up super hard core. You are LITERALLY comitting a federal crime and just openly admitted to it on a public forum. To anyone reading this, DO NOT willingly enter false information on financial documents, you will literally be comitting identity fraud and put yourself at risk of getting ALL of your assets frozen under the PATRIOT Act & possibly be arrested for fraud and tax evasion.
  7. Blade of Grass

    Investement 2018?

    You cant just redefine terms as you want, you’re just going to confuse people when they try to educate themselves on investment. 60/40 isn’t really an aggressive portfolio, it’s still in the “balanced” ranges. Something like 80/20 or 90/10 is aggressive though. I think youre also misunderstanding how to build a diverse portfolio. You’re not really speculating if you invest in the entire market. Historically it will. If you wait long enough you will get returns. You can easily find that time in the market is also better than timing the market. People panicking and selling is the issue, they need to learn to cope with downturn because it’s a part of investing. Bond portfolios also have downturns, historically a 100% bond portfolio had a -8% worst year performance vs. 60/40 having a -22% worst year. At its worst year 60/40 was about 2.75x worse then the bonds. But historically a 100% bond portfolio returns an average 5.4% vs. 8.8% for a 60/40. So if you invested $1000 in each today and the portfolios continued to have this same average return for the next 40 years, you would end up with $8,196 and $29,183 respectively. So yes, the 60/40 has had years where it’s 2.75x worse, but in general it performs about 3.6x better. This disparity gets even higher when you get to slightly higher stock allocations, with an 80/20 portfolio growing to about $39,000 over that time period. Note: prior performance does not indicate future performance, yada yada yada. Lol. ETFs are not “old people investments”. What a ridiculous assertion
  8. Blade of Grass

    Investement 2018?

    Although I understand the point you're trying to make, your argument that stocks are not investments are.... categorically incorrect. An investment is purely just the purchase of some asset with the intent that it generates income or increases in value in the future. Stocks, bonds, real estate, university, and heck, lottery tickets, are all forms of investment. Some of them are income investments (what you categorize as "investing") and others are growth investments (what you call "speculating"), but they're both investments. Also, if you're young you should atleast have a balanced (60% growth 40% income) portfolio, anything less and you're just leaving money on the table for no reason (investment horizon should be sufficiently large that any sort of market recession is less significant then the return generated over the time period).
  9. Blade of Grass

    Intel stock price takes a $20Bil Bath

    IDK sounds like speculation to me. Netflix still added over 600k users in the US this quarter, and considering that the rest of the market also had slow growth, it doesn't seem surprisingly that a paid service wouldn't fare amazingly. Slow Q2 growth in particular is nothing new to Netflix, look at 2016 where they had slow Q2 growth and then a strong Q3. Anyway, this is super off topic to the thread and veering towards politics, let's keep it on track
  10. Blade of Grass

    Investement 2018?

    16? Put money in a savings account
  11. Blade of Grass

    LTT Videos Being Reposted Elsewhere

    Thank you for letting us know, I passed it along.
  12. Blade of Grass

    Intel stock price takes a $20Bil Bath

    Slow growth (5.15M vs 6.2M). The drop was a little surprising because they topped earnings ($0.85/share vs. $0.79/share), but right now the whole market seems to be very afraid of the growth slowdown last quarter
  13. Blade of Grass

    Which language is faster for file manipulation?

    The differences in speed between languages will be less than the differences in speed between algorithms. Pick a good algorithm, and then go from there.
  14. Blade of Grass

    Intel stock price takes a $20Bil Bath

    9% is not even a big mover in tech this week; Twitter, Facebook and Netflix all fell ~20% this week.
  15. Blade of Grass

    Whoosh - The Airplane and Airline Thread

    Air Canada’s new livery is the best, convince me otherwise