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  1. I should have bought a mask when it was still possible. fucking hell
  2. well I just can't, they are too short, i didn't find a better way
  3. because of how i did cable management I have some cables touching the plate, will something bad happen?
  4. So I don't need to change anything once i click Domain join stead, create the account and log in? this "for an organization" thing sounds weird, im just hoping people cant enter my computer if by mistake i change some settings that makes them "from my organization" or something, but you said it means nothing by default Also if I want to play Forza Horizon 4 which is on the XBOX store thing, will i have any problems with this setting?
  5. Afaik Pro does not allow to disable some telemetry stuff that is why I went Enterprise specifically LTSC to not have to deal with bullshit updates and cortana
  6. What does "Domain Join Instead" even mean? why not call it "Offline account" or something?
  7. What about this comment on that video, does this work? Use a bogus MS account and password, it will error then allow you to create a offline account.
  8. So this is not relevanta nymore? Also, there they say you can disable telemetry fully, but only in Enterprise and Education versions: https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/repo-windows-10-telemetry-repository.63874/
  9. Is there an established "this is safe to disable" configuration? I dont wanna gamble and break it right after installing the whole thing
  10. I know, but I mean, minimize all the bloat telemetry clusterfuck at least. I have to use Windows 10, there is no software that I need on Linux.
  11. I mean the plate behind the CPU where it sits the black one the cables on the R6 are wrapped and protected but im just asking if some cable hits this is it dangerous? does it get too hot?
  12. Im coming from Windows 7 and im finally pushed to get Win 10. I got Enterprise LTSC because its the less bloated one as far as I can see. What tips do you have in terms of unbloating, removing NSAware telemetry and other? Also, should I be logged with an Admin account or should I use a non admin account during regular use? I will install it with the internet cable unplugged so M$ doesn't force me to enter an online account for login.
  13. I removed the plate and screwed on both sides and I put the plate back together.
  14. am i really going to take out all this bullshit out again? i already hate those fans