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  1. That's what they want you to believe!!!!1111 The government doesn't tell you that frogs are gay!!!111 Share this before they delete it and stick to your tinfoil hat!!11!! What are you talking about? Have you ever seen the inside of an iPhone? It's fully modular. Or a Galaxy or a Pixel. It's absolutely adequately modular, it just requires some tools and skill, not unga bunga bare hands like the Fairphone. I don't see any issue with that. The problem is software component pairing, parts exclusivity/unavailability and manufacturers' desire to make the repair ar
  2. I think that you missed an extremely important aspect about the fairphone when comparing it to the Pixel 5. The Pixel 5 has bigger battery, almost the same display size and all of its features while being over 70 grams lighter, over 15mm shorter and almost 3mm thinner. This is the main reason why phones are not repairable today. Repairability increases bulk, material costs etc. and also doesn't really work with edge-to-edge displays because of battery life etc. Density, which is how modern electronics are able to be so good, is unfortunately the opposite of being modul
  3. please take some mechanical engineering classes
  4. Yes. The battery message for any but the original battery was added on the iPhone 11 lineup. Every iPhone since like the 5 or something has had a smart BMS chip that owns a serial number, they just didn't use it in any special way.
  5. Yep, probably the reason why the cut iP 13 launch pricing over the 12 quite aggressively
  6. Very few people in the EU buy phones using carrier deals compared to the US because they're mostly not deals, you pay the exact same amount just on a contract. In the US, carrier deals are especially great for business coz you can lock phones to one carrier's network.
  7. 99% of my friends who use Apple products use either a 6S or an 11. <removed by staff>
  8. You do know Lightning to USB C cable ships with every new iPhone since the 12?
  9. The only even REMOTELY valid reason for this might be that they're using some sort of brand new, proprietary battery chemistry that pushes nominal voltage to like 3.95V (the battery doesn't seem much larger than the iP 12 but has a lot higher capacity). Otherwise it's just a petty move before R2R legislation passes.
  10. You blew the chance to name the computer LI-NAS
  11. I'm definitely getting one. Here, the launch pricing is identical to the iPhone 12 128GB at the moment, about 200 euros cheaper than last year at launch. So far the specs look great, minor improvements in CPU performance could mean more innovation put into efficiency which helps battery life.
  12. Hi, I have 2 Samsung CHG70 series monitors that support 10 bit colors and have VesaHDR(fakeDR)600 certification. It's not as good as my OLED TV, but it certainly is no slouch and with proper content looks awesome. However, getting that proper content is difficult and especially troublesome with Windows' HDR shenanigans. I wasn't able to have the monitor display colors beyond regular sRGB for a while (Interactive Wide-Gamut Comparisons Examples of various wide-gamut images Wide Gamut - Test Page). After digging through display properties and Nvidia control panel, I changed two
  13. @LinusTechVideo about this and how Apple just burned years of their image as a privacy-conscious tech company