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  1. Come on bruh, the case is exactly M1 Mac Mini sized and that is a lot more powerful system than that i7
  2. If games get updated to support the architecture and Metal, M1 could put gaming on other mobile APUs (Xe graphics, AMD Vega) to shame
  3. Your title and summary are extremely misleading, very good job on LTT level of clickbait
  4. It is possible to boot from an external Thunderbolt SSD, so once you notice you have like 1% Spare left, you can install macOS on the external SSD and use that.
  5. It highly depends on the codec. H264/H265 runs great. BRAW not so much
  6. Theoretically not, needs more research, but it will make life a lot less convenient. Depends on the use. Mine would take about 10 years at the current rate to reach the SSD's warranty life, which is about 10% of it's total lifespan.
  7. Lenovo Slim 7 Pro with AMD or ThinkBook 14p (both coming June). Also dont buy M1 MBP. It's not good value. The Air is better.
  8. My understanding of the keynote was that it can do some creative work pretty well. But isn't meant to be used as a primary machine that will be hammered with photos and videos. Also using the 8GB/256GB config for this is not very smart. It still performs well, because of the high swap. So that part of Apple's advertising stands true. It just does so at the expense of SSD lifespan, which Apple doesn't advertise. So yes, use a low end machine for heavy lifting, have it perform well but reduce its lifespan. So Apple is either extremely confident of the quality of their new SSDs or the
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/ku5nml/latest_csgo_update_adds_the_chinese_governments/
  10. The comments about the good customer service especially in germany were one of the reasons I bought a mac.
  11. I mean this is clearly your own fault, you're doing heavy creative work on a "instagram girl" spec of a machine designed to be used almost like a chromebook
  12. Based on my use of Chrome and Safari, it seems almost as if macOS writes directly to the SSD, not RAM. So yeah, probably a problem with Big Sur.
  13. Its a bruh moment for intel lmao