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  1. Gmoneyinthebank

    About James...

    I'm just wondering when he's going to make a video about hacking The Gibson
  2. LOL... He took you all the way to the Ed Koch to avoid the Whitestone bridge toll.
  3. Gmoneyinthebank

    Experiences with non-techies

    At my office, we had a server that kept getting over filled and needing more space. Management complained all the time about how we were using so much data and just kept expanding the system storage. None of our folders were ever that big and everyone was pointing fingers about who was the data hog. Turns out "Someone" (Read an unnamed manager) tried to have their PC save a back file, but did it wrong and it made the PC back itself up to the server HDs every single day without ever over writing. EVERY SINGLE DAY. There were way more back-up files than there were actual files before anyone figured it out.
  4. Gmoneyinthebank

    is Linus a technician?

    Oh no... I spoke too soon... He's live trying to reassemble the camera he ruined.
  5. Gmoneyinthebank

    is Linus a technician?

    He makes videos about consumer electronics and gaming PCs. He worked in consumer electronics sales/marketing and has built gaming PCs. Seems like a good matching of skills and position.
  6. Gmoneyinthebank

    The under 100 line challenge!

    Did you watch the video?
  7. Gmoneyinthebank

    Apple and Nvidia, a sad story for Apple users

    But did you try taking it to the Genius Bar to fix this?
  8. Gmoneyinthebank

    The under 100 line challenge!

    Chris Domas won this game a couple years ago. Every program you've ever used could be simplified to under 20 lines of code and a data table.
  9. Gmoneyinthebank

    What does your company offer as a work computer?

    Where do you work that your IT is competent enough to check BIOS password check sums to make sure no one accessed the BIOS? It's like being worried about being fired for ripping the "Do not remove this tag" tag from a mattress. Also, cracking your BIOS protection is a 15 minute job.
  10. Gmoneyinthebank

    What does your company offer as a work computer?

    Just boot to Tails on a USB drive. If you do it right, you can run and login to your normal OS in a sandbox from in Tails. I used to use a boot drive so I didn't have to take two laptops when traveling with my work laptop (Precision M6800).
  11. Gmoneyinthebank

    Help me count theorical ram bandwidth

    Pretty sure that's not a super accurate way of benchmarking RAM performance. It was a while ago, but I'm pretty sure I was getting like 10 times faster than that when I ran the CUDA Toolkit benchmark. I'm on my laptop which doesn't have the CUDA Toolkit to verify.
  12. Gmoneyinthebank

    Help me count theorical ram bandwidth

    CUDA 10 toolkit has an app to benchmark the RAM bandwidth for CPU and GPU RAM
  13. Gmoneyinthebank

    Trying to use 2nd gpu on obs

    Did you select browse and select the OBS executable from your file system?
  14. Gmoneyinthebank

    Trying to use 2nd gpu on obs

    Pretty sure the options you're looking for are in the... Right click the background and left click the "display options" Select OBS and it should give you the option of running it on the GPU.... I used this method when Doom tried to play on the Intel embedded graphics instead of the GPU.
  15. Gmoneyinthebank

    Control compressed air nozzle with RASPI

    Edit... That's from Grainger
  16. Gmoneyinthebank

    What is this? It’s at my fitness center

    A giant spider evolved to look like a old wifi router?
  17. The website for the libraries explain how all the commands work. https://www.numpy.org/ https://scikit-learn.org/stable/ https://keras.io/
  18. You could do it in Python with Keras, sklearn, numpy, and pandas (all free/open-source). Probably HTML.Parser for the website information.
  19. Gmoneyinthebank

    Why AMD can't keep up with Nvidia?

    Nvidia is becoming an AI research company that also makes graphics cards for gaming. As long as they can sell DGX-02's for $400,000 they'll keep trickling the developments down to gamers.
  20. Gmoneyinthebank

    A Libre Office review?

    IDK, I've never had a problem using Libre Office. Sounds like a case of "User Error".
  21. Gmoneyinthebank

    3d Printers for Wargaming

    I've had good results with a Lulzbot Taz 6. Expect to spend a bit more or you'll probably grow out of it pretty quick. Buy once, cry once.
  22. Gmoneyinthebank

    Explaining Tech to People

    If you're in the UK you could take them to see the Megaprocessor.
  23. Gmoneyinthebank

    Explaining Tech to People

    1.Logical Gates 2.Instruction sets linking code to Gates 3.Programs using instruction set to get action 4.Parts of computer (b/c now you don't need an allegory for it to make sense)
  24. Gmoneyinthebank

    Experiences with non-techies

    Everything I've seen is pretty believable. I've been keeping the best stories because the explanation is so specific that I'm worried the people who did it will find out I'm LOL'ing at them. People doing the equivalent of deleting "system 32" on computers controlling complicated machines. I saw someone who should know better, look me right in the eyes, look at a machine, stick a metal tool across hot leads and short out a control board.
  25. Gmoneyinthebank

    Rasp. Pi3 as 3D print hardware

    Use Octoprint https://octoprint.org/