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  1. You could probably call this a purchase It's on right shoulder, so in this photo it seems a bit distorted
  2. bought everything on the pic aside from the Kujira and Plantation today to kinda finish my booze bar for now. Of course other than the 2 japanese whiskys these are not THAT expensive bottles, but it's certainly nice to finally go for a dream of having better and interesting drinks for special occasions, instead of only buying the normal stuff when one wants to get drunk
  3. So today I got my new lego set - the LEGO Creator Expert 10281 Bonsai Tree: And I must say, that it is an absolute piece of art... It is incredibly beautiful, smartfully made too (very easy to change the green parts for the blossomed ones; the brown stand is not directly connected to the "vase" but the "vase" has a rubber bottoms, so it's actually hard to move even by hand, making it very safe). Not to mention that it is a cheap set (in my mind) at around 54 euros at nearly 900 pieces and the fact that my whole flat has japanese decorations
  4. Hello, lately I have been finding myself to be running out of storage and having to decide what to keep and what to let go quite often, so I am thinking about expanding my storage. While I loved having pure SSD based PC (1 256 gb, 1 1tb ssd), I started using my old 2tb HDD (WD Black) in external closure for storage of all my photos, movies etc. and suprisingly, unless I put a really heavy load writing to the HDD, it is quiter than when I used the disc as an internal one in my last PC, so it is actually quite bearable, not to mention, if I find myself annoyed by it at ti
  5. 8yo japanese rice whisky. Came to the conclussion that I am financially stable enough to finally start a collection of better spirits, that I always wanted to have. This being my first one, more to come, next time planning to get some decent rum.
  6. Nice! I got this exact one about 1,5 years ago and I really love it! To me it is so comfy and stable, that I fallen asleep on it many times in the lowest position haha Just be a little careful to the fake skin, after hard usage for a year, it started falling appart very slightly (tho it is really a slow process and does not spread quickly even when already there, so just an advice )
  7. Sorry to pin down myself here, but something caught my eyes... I am using 32' QLED VA 1440p 144Hz monitor so pretty similar panel and after a year or so, what you have described started happening to me too. On cold boot (especially if it is actually cold temperature too), I get those glitching lines which fade after a while and do not come back before another cold start. Could anyone reading this topic know something about this peculiar fault and what causes it or if it is possible to repair it/manage it somehow?
  8. Hello, are there programs that can automatically equilize low and high noise to more evened out but still naturally sounding effect? I think we all know of say YT music compliation vids, where one song is way louder than the one before or after it, or some movies, where even if you know there will be louder scene, it is actually too loud/switching from movie to AD, that is just way too loud on TV programe etc (stuff like this is really annoying me especially when watching movies/TV at night time - normal scenes being too quite while action scenes being too loud, movie b
  9. I am not saying it is bad, I actually heard or read somewhere recently, that 1060 6gb is one of the most used cards bulkwise (and I repeat, heard or read, I am not looking through statistics anywhere to prove it) and I personally am still very pleased with how much mileage I get out of it (main monitor being 1440p, 144hz, though I am not triple A gamer and I do not mind not hitting 144 all the time or lowering details to like medium or so, ofc depening on the game). I mean I only upgraded to 1060 6gb like not even year and half ago, while before I used 760 2 gb for close to 5 years give or tak
  10. So of course I do know about the problems with low supply of new GPUs, but the problem came so far, that in my country (czech republic) I pretty much could not get a new (not talking about second hand and resellers, simply new from shop) GPU stronger than mine is if I wanted to do it right now (and I am using a measly 1060 6gb). That is completely mindblowing to me. I mean I hardly looked through ALL the shops in my country, but I did look some of the more popular ones out there out of boredom and went to the conclussion that it is hard to get non prosumer GPU stronger than I have.
  11. I see Thanks for all the answers. My stitches are not dissolvable ones, I actually managed to ask lol Doc said those would not be strong enough to not break during the healing. This will be the first time I am actually looking towards dentist apointment, since what is the worst for me is not the pain, but not knowing how the healing is actually going 5 more days to go
  12. Just curious, but did your dentist or your experiences/info you possibly looked at afterwards, say anything about dry socket happening when stitched? I was kinda unable to ask my dentist after the extraction and my local forums pretty much said that 95% were unstitched. Personally I feel like stitched wounds after extractions should be more resistant to this problem but obviously I will ask that this thursday on my next appointment. Just curious, since I searched only my local web and not general web for this problem, considering I do not know the different