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  1. If you do not actually immediately need an upgrade (say a dead system), then terrible time to update is month or two before actual release of new stuff. Else it is just a want instead of a need. I "needed" (so, read "wanted) upgrade like 5 times at least past last year and half. But guess what, my PC is perfectly capable of doing what I want it to do with i7-4770, non XMP DDR3 16gb RAM and two years ago upgraded 1060 6gb from 760 2gb. Would I love new system? Yes. Do I NEED it? No. The longer I am satisfied with current system, the more I gain out of upgradi
  2. I am definitely not getting physical media, I do not even have CD/DVD drive and I do not plan on getting one either, not to mention while having physical media is satisfying, I never end up keeping it and TBH I just do not want any more physical stuff in my life than I need I will go through the websites you all recommended and see what I can get, just one more question, are there any audio advantages to also using these files not just on PC/Hi-Fi/Soundbar but also for phones? Are there even decent lossless format playing apps for phones that actually do sound better even with TW
  3. Hello, I'd like to get a lot of my favourite songs from multiple artists at highest possible quality, but I am not really sure if it is all the same quality or not. I am no audiophile but if I am going to pay few dollars/euros per song, I'd like to have the truest, cleanest quality I can get. Could anyone give me any pointers? Thanks.
  4. With 2600k (which even nowadays still somewhat holds decently, that CPU is a beast for how old it is) you have these options: 1) Save up money and do a full new build 2) get a new GPU, which then depending on what you play splices to these two options: 2a) play more GPU demanding games 2b) up your current games to ultra graphics settings Both of the 2) options have the nice thing about them that you still do not get bottlenecked by PCIe 3 16x so when you do upgrade everything else, you will still have very capable GPU to match the new system.
  5. I did not bother looking closely, but I checked that there are pci to pcie convertor cards. That would solve the problem right?
  6. 1060 variants are kind of a scam, even if we do not talk about how 3gb vram is seriously not enough for 2020 unless you only play old games, those two are not the same cards, I cannot be bothere to look it up but either the chip itself is different or it is weaker variant of the full fledget 1060. So it is not just about the VRAM, the chip itself is weaker.
  7. B7 so that would be 2017? Tho I got it in 2018. Apps are completely fine, it's my personal library that has problems, probably due to different codec or different type of subtitles.
  8. As Tigerleon said, for running 240hz, you need to create custom resolution and then choose that Mimochodem ahoj, čech čechovi
  9. Hello, I want to get a small HTPC or something along those lines for my 4k TV. Unfortunately even though I have 4k 65" OLED LG, a lot of stuff I want to view cannot be properly viewed with the TV alone, either the video won't start at all or it won't have sound or it won't enable subtitles. Right now I am using HDMI through my like 7 years old Toshiba ultrabook for playing such files, but I would enjoy something to be "parked" below the TV and to free up my laptop, so I am looking for best perf/cost thing to do just that. I was suggested from my
  10. Sorry to hijack this thread a bit, but the question got me curious... Could it actually be in a way better to run the loop 24/7 since any possible residue would have no time of idle loop to settle down and build up, not to mention possibly being a little bit harsher for anything to possibly grow in the loop since it is turbulent all the time? Obviously the parts will get more used faster, but still these things are meant to last some time right?
  11. Not in my country, Burn in gets counted as user error and thus not covered by it.
  12. Thanks for the post, but when it comes to OLED... Idk, I am just way too scared of burn in and I am the kind of person, that can play one game for thousands of hours, so static HUDs become a problem. I actually do have OLED 65" TV and it is a masterpiece but I am very careful about using anything with static elements for longer periods of time because of the fear of burn in.
  13. But is there like any technical reason why not to? It just does not make sense to me since there are plenty of both 27" and 55-65" of such panels and 1440p 32" as well. I don't get why there is so many 32" 1440p panels but close to non 32" 4k panels, obviously making 32" panel is not a problem and a lot of people are complaining, that 4k is actually too high of a resolution for 27" so there should definitely be a market for that.
  14. Hello, is there any particular reason for why there basically aren't any 4k 120-165hz 32" IPS monitors around? There is decent amount of 4k 144 hz ips 27", but that is too small for me (and the other extreme like 40-65" is too big), is there a good reason for that? Because I can't see it... There are tons of 32" of different combinations of 1440p, 144hz, ips/qled etc.