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  1. Aww that's a dissapointment. Obviously what you all say is truth, there is no actual rule to what would be excluded, but it is still dissapointing to think there is not anything to help. I mean titles like "you WOULD not believe THIS works" (just an example) would be obvious clickbait worthy titles (and sure, I get creators use them mostly because of the algorithms that propagate their vids, it is just that it is very annoying for me personally and I'd rather avoid even seeing them alltogether (not to mention them taking my screen space and mind space lol) I
  2. Hello, is there some say chrome extension for clickbait removal for you favourite sites or at least youtube? I did see some on the store but IDK how effective they are or even if they are not potencially malicious. So does something like that, that's safe and at least decently functional exist?
  3. So I was not even thinking about getting a new piece but on my birthday 4 days ago I suddenly saw an AD for LEGO on FB and out of curiosity flipped through few images and then saw something I immediately knew I had to get and give myself a little birthday present. Behold! INFINITY GAUNTLET! It is really gorgeous, basically life-sized, the gold plating actually looks very good and it is very stable. All the fingers are movable so you can even set it to flip someone one off Also it was not even that expensive. As Marvel a
  4. Ahh it seems funny, that your whole system is tons for miles better than mine (i7-4770 non-K, 1060 6gb zotac, 16gb ddr3 ram, 1,25 TB ssd space and 2 TB oxternal HDD lol), but I have had those puppies for around 2 years now and I still incredibly love them, both visual and music quality is awesome.
  5. So I was just randomly thinking about how is the actual state of the OLED tech nowadays... Even midrange phones have OLED screens and usually a ton of mobile content is pretty static, but I have yet to find any burn in on my 3 yo Xiaomi 8 pro (though I broke it a bit and soon will have it changed anyways but I am curious about having basically a direct comparison of two different panels of the same type). Also I just went kinda nuts 2,5 years ago and decided to get and OLED 65" 2017 B model even though it was really expensive for me (like 2000 usd give or take I gues
  6. So while I was kinda closely watching the so far neverending shortages and outrageous scalped prices just keep going on and I just can't help to feel that I am still very happy with my current GPU (1060 6GB zotac dual fan) and keep praying that this bad boi does not die in the foreseeable future, I thought to myself, is it just me, or do others feel like that too? Like seriously, if my GPU just went poof on me RN, then either i'd have to live with 4770 i7 integrated GPU, or buy overpriced decent graphic like 3060 with my contacts for still a horribly high price... #MidR
  7. Unless you really innapropriately use the TV, you should not worry at all. I have had LG OLED65B7V for almost three years by now and I still have absolutely zero burn in even though I have it turned on for most of the night when I am sleeping watching channel with static logo (though the logo does go away in commercials and I also have it on lowest brightness for the night). The burn in is really overblown (though for such an expensive piece of tech, it is better for the issue to be overblown than to underestimate it obviously).
  8. Hi there, this is just me being curious, but do properly ventilated cases that differ in size also differ in pc temperatures? Just to make sure, I am asking more about the more "normal" sized PCs, not extremes like full tower with >9000 3k RPM fans or ultra SFF, where everything is within a half cm of each other. And also let me just repeat that I am being simply curious, I am not planning on buying a new case anytime soon (been using NZXT H710i for few years now and even though I know it is not exactly the most airflowy case out there, I like the design and my temperatures are
  9. You could probably call this a purchase It's on right shoulder, so in this photo it seems a bit distorted
  10. bought everything on the pic aside from the Kujira and Plantation today to kinda finish my booze bar for now. Of course other than the 2 japanese whiskys these are not THAT expensive bottles, but it's certainly nice to finally go for a dream of having better and interesting drinks for special occasions, instead of only buying the normal stuff when one wants to get drunk
  11. So today I got my new lego set - the LEGO Creator Expert 10281 Bonsai Tree: And I must say, that it is an absolute piece of art... It is incredibly beautiful, smartfully made too (very easy to change the green parts for the blossomed ones; the brown stand is not directly connected to the "vase" but the "vase" has a rubber bottoms, so it's actually hard to move even by hand, making it very safe). Not to mention that it is a cheap set (in my mind) at around 54 euros at nearly 900 pieces and the fact that my whole flat has japanese decorations
  12. Hello, lately I have been finding myself to be running out of storage and having to decide what to keep and what to let go quite often, so I am thinking about expanding my storage. While I loved having pure SSD based PC (1 256 gb, 1 1tb ssd), I started using my old 2tb HDD (WD Black) in external closure for storage of all my photos, movies etc. and suprisingly, unless I put a really heavy load writing to the HDD, it is quiter than when I used the disc as an internal one in my last PC, so it is actually quite bearable, not to mention, if I find myself annoyed by it at ti
  13. 8yo japanese rice whisky. Came to the conclussion that I am financially stable enough to finally start a collection of better spirits, that I always wanted to have. This being my first one, more to come, next time planning to get some decent rum.