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  1. Autosprink is probably using GPU calculations for the matrix calculations related to fluid flow. Which is why they have such high graphics card requirements. $60 per hour per engineer with burden and overhead $1 per minute per engineer 45 minutes of lost productivity per day 250 business days a year $45*250= $11,250 dollars lost per engineer per year $33,750 lost productivity over 3 years using the computer. Tell him that he can pay $30,000 to watch you to sit on your butt drinking coffee or pony up the dough to meet the minimum specifications
  2. It really depends on what you're trying to do. The price range could be anywhere from $100 at Harbor Freight to $20,000 or more for tooling.
  3. 3D printing stuff takes a long time. Unless he's setting up a printer farm, it would take months (Maybe years) to do this. And he'd need a competent design team to make the 3D models in the first place.
  4. Spending $15,000 to get a license for CAD software to design a replacement for a $200 computer case. I recommend SDRC
  5. Linus wouldn't even know what to do with that workstation. It's like asking him to do a review on a DGX-2.
  6. Ten years ago it was cutting edge. Dual quad core CPUs 64GB ECC RAM - 12 DIMM slots (192 GB max) Workstation Quadro 6000 GPU with 6GB of VRAM When it came out your editing rig would have 2 cores, 8GB of non-ECC RAM, and a 580 GPU with 1.5GB of VRAM
  7. MIT has a lot of their course infomation for free online and lot's of online lectures. https://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm Yale Opencourses https://oyc.yale.edu/
  8. It's a workstation PC. When they were new, I used one to design some pretty complicated stuff. FYI, these are still great for people getting started using Engineering software on a budget.
  9. Go check out the GrabCAD website. Lot's of PC components are already modeled and free for non-commercial use.
  10. Why? It's simple... -Bad Teachers -Bad Parents -Bad Government The world has changed and made the old systems irrelevant. It's as foolish as teaching children how to use printing presses instead of printers.
  11. It's economics. 10 years ago they could have spent all their money working to make the stuff we have today. But it would cost 10 times as much so no one could afford it. No one would know how to write programs that could make use of ray-tracing, tensor cores, cuda cores, 28 thread CPUs, quad channel memory. So the power would go unused. They would go out of business.
  12. I use a Quadro P4000 for mixed use (90%+ work / 10% Gaming) and have had no problems gaming with the standard Nvidia drivers installed. Solid 60 FPS in GTAV and Doom(2016) with all the settings turned up.
  13. V100 Doesn't have display outputs. Even if it did, all the drivers are set-up for workstation programs and not games.
  14. I play RCT3 on my P4000 / I7-7800X system.
  15. Why even need a laser? http://people.csail.mit.edu/mrub/vidmag/ Eulerian motion amplification is so 2012