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  1. Yeah...but WHY? If the cost was around 10 $ it might have been an option but at that price, it's not even worth the time to make it work.
  2. How is it at work? I m thinking of getting a second ducky for the office(developer here) but don't really know how they would feel about the noise. It's gonna be either brown or clear switches.
  3. Hope you all saw that 16 core beast reveal. Don't need to make a new post about it.!!!
  4. Yeah exactly the same. Along with 2x HD 6950. Now a gtx 1070.
  5. hahaha i feel you man. I currently have a phenom ii x4 965 with a 650 watt psu from 2009. It's a hungry beast.
  6. Did you get the psu yet? If not, better go for a be quiet straight power 550 although it's a bit more expensive.
  7. Yup it is Go for the Tomahawk. Saw it before a few days on skroutz for around 100 €.
  8. I really can't understand some people. They wanted a 15 Watts AMD 9900K for 100 $ but guess what.
  9. Then go buy the 2600. 15% improvement from previous gen might be worth it for some people and it's not only that but the whole chipset improvements. I really don't know what you were expecting. In the end why don't you go and buy the athlon 200GE which costs 50 bucks? It's a heck of a value for the price.
  10. It's called IPC improvement. More boost clock is just an added bonus for us.
  11. it has nothing to do with cultures my friend. Nor nations nor ideals. It's just about money and power. It would be the same with any other country from anywhere in the world if they were in the position of China.
  12. What they did is that they are making a lot of money and US is falling back behind China in terms of economy and that by a very large margin. It has nothing to do with spying. Everybody's spying.
  13. Exactly my thought. They actually made us hate EA less. How the heck was that possible?
  14. If i had to pick one that would be the Bioshock series.
  15. As i mentioned above it's a totally different thing. Different brands, different audience/market, different everything.
  16. Exactly that, and also Blackberry never produced low-budget or mainstream(high or low budget) devices. Their devices where more "elitist" / "business-oriented" . Btw their security was the best.
  17. Am i the only one happy here, about Huawei providing us with a new OS? Hope more major brands are going to follow after Huawei and give us plurality in choosing an OS.
  18. In my opinion it's all about RAM. I loved windows 7(my favorite OS) but if RAM>=2 GB then use Windows 10. If RAM<2 GB then use Windows XP 32 bit or a Linus distro. In any case you have a strong machine that can support easily windows 10 so i don't think there should be a question in the first place.
  19. Well i would go with the second one with the r5 if i had to choose one. In my country it costs 750 € (8 gb ram, 256 gb ssd, rx 560, FHD). If i could buy something else i would go with a DELL just because of the warranty.
  20. I thought that was a DDR2 thing. Didn't know it exists on newer ram too.
  21. I currently have a working Phenom 965(old but gold) paired with the old corsair vengeance blue dimms(1333 or 1600). So i can confirm they will work for you. In any case there isn't any intel or amd compatibility with rams. It's more of a socket compatibility.
  22. Well Noctua are probably the best quiet fans out there. Be quiet is the second best choice in my opinion, and first choice considering aesthetics. That doesn't mean corsair has not great choices. Corsair ML series are great too but not that quiet when they speed up. In any case you can't go wrong with either LL or ML fans.
  23. As mentioned above try and find what you want to buy in amazon.de(preferably) or amazon.co.uk(while they are still in Europe hehe), if you live in Europe so that you won't have to pay import taxes. *Import fees are custom fees.