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  1. I always joke about what shitshow google play store can be like flashlight app trying to mine bitcoin
  2. Because people are misinformed and VPN companies are preying on that and youtubers are happy to regurgitate misleading information for money.
  3. What guarantees that VPN company is not collecting logs or won't hand them to goverment if asked? Just so you know VPN is a company/organisation run by people just like your ISP, it's basically a 2nd ISP
  4. If you can draw max 10amps from your batteries that is going to be HUGE problem. Motors usually draw 200-300% more current on startup or during stall. I suggest you get another pack and wire it in parallel to be safe.
  5. If you connect via HTTPS your packets are secure, or you don't wan them to see what websites you visited?
  6. I was specifically referring to youtubers promoting *insert popular vpn company" as essential for personal use, they are just routing their traffic trough Google's/Amazon's/Microsoft's servers that are part of PRISM program anyway.
  7. Memory cards? Hard drives? Compact Disks?
  8. You can do a lot of useful stuff when you don't have Windows running
  9. In this thread im gonna try to list some things that tech youtubers popularized and presented as good/must have that are unessesary and bad in certain situations (compared to previous status quo). "Cable Management" Not to be confused with actual cable management like if you're making an arduino project and you're making sure all the ground cables are black and different color for signal, power cables, cutting them to length exactly as they are needed, etc. What im talking about is practice stuffing everything behind the motherboard tray and mangling the living hell out o
  10. A high powered premium hair dryer(with cold blow option) is best bang for your buck, its also great for reviving dead graphics cards and pre heating PCBs for soldering/desoldering.
  11. Im talking about not using a standard ATX power supply. I mean hooking up a battery directly to motherboard/components. Yea i know you would need 3 different batteries for 12V 5V and 3.3V The idea is that with something like a car battery you can get +9000W of peak power and smooth(in theory) signal without ripple and choppiness that comes with switching. Or using a linear power supply, that's basically just a gigantic 220VAC to 12/5/3VAC transformer and than some diodes and capacitor to turn it in to DC, no switching. like this
  12. Has anyone tried overclocking with a power supply that isn't switch mode, like a battery or linear power supply?
  13. Iti's unsafe and lunatic idea, but its not gonna explode, still unsafe though. I should make a video though, maybe i could make it chop carrots or smth, likea diy blender.
  14. If it was 3D printed, yeah. You would be surprised how much force and heat some plastics can take.