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  1. Isle of Man I assume? Likewise most country roads roads in the mainland use the ‘national speed limit’ which is 60mph for most vehicles. Which is impossible for reach (unless you want to crash).
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47715415 Some highlights: The system can be overridden by pushing hard on the accelerator There's likely to be an on/off switch which defaults to on every time you turn the car on. This hasn't been formally approved (yet)
  3. The mirror doesn't move when capturing footage, it stays in the up position. With images, I believe the limit is usually the processor and buffer, DSLRs can go up to around 14fps burst but i'm pretty sure the mirror actually stays in the up position when doing burst photography at those kinds of speeds anyway.
  4. Edit: Dammit didn't see your hidden comment...
  5. I'm not denying that health care tourism happens but it being "By far the biggest drain" doesn't seem plausible, what seems far more likely of a drain is A&E being full of drunk people on a Saturday night.
  6. Have you got a source for this other than tabloid newspapers?
  7. You shouldn't do, but I wouldn't expect decent playback at this stage. I've had issues with VLC updating before though, so it might be worth uninstalling and getting a new version off their website.
  8. It's had 'experimental' support since 3.0
  9. Camoxide

    [event over] Apple September 2018 Keynote livethread?

    Why would anyone buy the 8 Plus when the XR is only $50 more???
  10. Camoxide

    AMD 7nm gpus confirmed for 2018

    Incoming Navi!
  11. Runescape is available on mobile and they’re bringing the old school version to mobile https://oldschool.runescape.com/mobile
  12. Virgin Media is the only choose for decent broadband:
  13. Camoxide

    Scrapyard Wars 7 Pt 1 - NO INTERNET

    Heeeyy good to see there's an intro now which was lacking in the FP version.
  14. Camoxide

    Tech YouTuber GamersNexus' House/Studio almost burned down

    We're still running an old wire fuse unit in my house, looks something like this:
  15. It probably won't get replaced until the next generation of MacBook Pros, which will probably be in 2020 sometime.
  16. Speaking of Noctua fans... They should do another run of the LTT edition fans.
  17. Camoxide

    gtx 1180 leaks and infofmation from wccftech

    "GT104" Wouldn't it be GV104? So they're either rebranding the Volta architecture or this is a separate architecture. They've previously used "GT" for chips that were based on the Tesla architecture.
  18. No more OS updates after 2 years?? How is that acceptable, Apple is still releasing updates for the iPhone 5S which released back in 2013! Google should be setting the standard at a high level for other manufactures to follow.
  19. Camoxide

    Ryzen 2 IPC improvements measured

    I'm surprised there was any gains to be honest considering this is still based on 'Zen 1', the really improvements should be next year with Ryzen 3/Zen 2
  20. Camoxide

    AV1 video codec finalised

    https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/av1-video-codec-specification-presented-will-save-bandwidth.html https://aomedia.org/the-alliance-for-open-media-kickstarts-video-innovation-era-with-av1-release/ AV1 is a royalty free video codec competing with the non-free HEVC/H.265 , despite being free it should offer a 30% improvement over HEVC. Should be great for all of you on data caps!
  21. Camoxide

    AV1 video codec finalised

    Three of the creators of this standard are Google, Netflix and Amazon so that should cover 99% of the streaming market. It has the backing of Intel, Nvidia and ARM so that covers the hardware side.
  22. I don't understand why Samsung won't make OLED TVs when their smartphones are OLED...
  23. Camoxide

    $30 MOTHERBOARD?! – Can it game?

    Should make a part 2 but with CPUs people will actually buy. So the cheapest RYZEN board an cheapest Kaby Lake board. Then part 3 can be the cheapest RYZEN and Kaby Lake board with overclocking support and compare the overclocking potential with high end boards.
  24. Camoxide

    Scrapyard Wars Season 5 *Updated w/ Ep4 FINALE*

    Working as intended.