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  1. Doesn't have to be too small if those cost a lot, desktop or smaller would be fine.
  2. I have FTTH 1 Gig down/up connection. Currently on a consumer Asus AC88u router, have several devices set up to use the (slow) VPN through the router. I'd like some recommendation to get better Wireguard (or OpenVPN) speeds preferably as close to 1gbps as possible? , solid reliability, and some ad blocking. Newbie, but not afraid to tinker with stuff, would like some room to add features as I learn more about Pfsense. Have been looking at used Dell optiplex, HP ProDesk G4 400 and qotom boxes, but feeling overwhelmed with options. So any help appreciated.
  3. Summary Quotes My thoughts Seems like the growing number of lawsuits and anticompetitive investigations as pressured Apple into making this move. Overall a win for small developers, would be interesting to see if Google matches this. Sources https://www.macrumors.com/2020/11/18/apple-drops-app-store-fees/
  4. https://www.macrumors.com/2020/11/17/apple-silicon-mac-reviews-videos/ This post has a lot of the youtube reviewers and their reviews listed.
  5. Definitely, more reviews the better. However other reviews are starting to come out, and it's looking like this thing basically outperforms the top 16in Intel MBP on optimized apps and almost matches it in translated apps.
  6. Definitely don't switch to the Intel mac now. If you can wait till they release a 16inch Apple Silicon next year, you definitely should. Unless you don't require that extra sustained power for your workload. There's also rumored to be a design change next year with mini-led displays and a new 14inch and 16in MBP.
  7. Geekbench isn't a good benchmark. However other benchmarks are also showing great performance for the M1 Chip.
  8. It looks like Linus' early impression and skepticism to the announcement video wasn't echoed by other reviewers because they had the M1 already in hand being tested. Dave Lee sorta hinted at that in the WAN show last week too. This rift between LMG and Apple just puts LMG a bit behind on reviews for Apple products.
  9. https://www.tomsguide.com/news/apple-could-be-making-a-dollar5000-gaming-pc-heres-why-that-makes-sense https://www.techradar.com/news/is-apple-really-working-on-a-dollar5000-gaming-mac
  10. Kuo: Apple to Launch 'Completely Wireless' iPhone Without Lightning Connector and 'iPhone SE 2 Plus' With Touch ID Power Button in 2021
  11. https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/14/amazon-echo-recordings-judge-murder-case/
  12. I updated the post to include the direct explanation from Apple, along with their PDF from their website
  13. EDIT: So some people aren't sure why the article/author mention the T2. So here's the pdf straight from Apple explaining the other T2 chip features, and their quote on the "HARDWARE microphone disconnect" Apple T2 Chip Overview PDF Source Not a bad idea?