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  1. Are you being serious? As far as user privacy is concerned, Apple is doing pretty great among the tech companies. It's one of the reasons Siri is so bad.
  2. This is probably going to be an expensive potato.
  3. You're right, hadn't even though of that I guess then the earlier mentioned divide is what I envision if both systems were maxing out. Good to hear passthrough has been getting better, how large would you say the fps hit in percentages is right now in gpu-dependent game? My workflow primarily uses Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. From what I've seen TR is about even compared to the next up Intel offering so I imagine the same counts for TR2, if they haven't closed the gap even further. Thanks, yeah that's what I figured. I was just worried about an overhead hit on the GPU passthrough
  4. Hey all, So for the longest time I've wanted to make Linux my daily driver but as video editing and gaming are part of my daily activities I've been forced to stick with Windows(Also I really prefer Office 365 over the open source alternatives). Virtualization with direct-io has been something on my radar but because the 4770K had vt-d disabled it was something I couldn't do. Thanks to a new job however I will be able to get a massive systems upgrade in a few months and looking for some advice. While this would perhaps better fit in the CPU section, I feel this is enough of a niche that the people here can probably give more advice based on experience. For my new system I'm looking at getting either a HEDT AMD or Intel setup. Money isn't a real concern but I do prefer spending as little as possible so I've found the sweetspots to be either the Threadripper 2970 WX (24c/48t) and the Intel i9-7980XE(18c/36t) where I prefer the AMD. I'd likely dedicate 8 cores and 16 threads to Linux Mint with the remaining 16 cores and 32 threads committed to a Windows vm for gaming, Adobe and Office in case of the AMD. 4c8t for Linux and 14c28t for Windows in case of intel. For the GPU part I'm getting whatever is the highest end GPU Nvidia is supposed to release in a few weeks. AMD obviously is my preferrence, I like the higher core count at a lower price and in general want to go with them, there is one thing holding me back though and that is where my question comes in. Back when the original Ryzen was released hardware passthrough seemed to not really work well, especially compared to vt-d. Has this since been fixed? If I'd have a real performance hit on the GPU when going AMD I sadly will have to settle for Intel so I hope you guys know more. Thanks for any help.
  5. There is a difference between going "SJW" and putting your partners on a higher standard. So no, I'm not going to boycott it.
  6. This is wrong on so many levels I'm not even going to bother with a full explanation but no. Your brain doesn't work like that.
  7. It seems you are the one who doesn't understand what this can do to the tech industry as a whole. The same thing happened with Internet Explorer and Windows a few years back. The only thing they needed to do to comply was offer the option to pick IE or a different browser after installing the OS. Google can simply do the same, offer the ability to use the default apps or pick your own during initial set up.
  8. You can't lock up a thing that doesn't actually exist. You can only fine it to hurt it.
  9. Yeah, I wasn't going to break a strike just to save 30 euros on an ssd so none of those sales were mine.
  10. I've been watching his videos for half a decade now and never got that impression, in fact the times we do see an internet browser it is exclusively Chrome nearly always. Opera is the superior browser though.
  11. The 100k subscriber requirement is kind of insane though, usually individual viewer donations is how smaller channels manage to make a profit (Patreon) whereas the larger channels benefit from ad revenue a lot more.
  12. Just wait until it controls the nukes and that accuracy jumps to 100%
  13. Fines issued by Dutch authorities tend to be redirected into something related to the crime they were issued for. So in this case it'll likely go into treatments for addiction and education.
  14. Why would they? There is no competing product so they'd literally be throwing away money when just riding it out until stocks dry up is likely to have little to no cost.