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  1. Is a gtx 550 ti worth it for $25? i know it’s an old card but I just need something that can replace a igpu until gpu price come down. I’m going to do cad and light gaming with it like Minecraft and csgois it worth it for $25?
  2. Could I put a ryzen 5 3600x in a am3 + socket?
  3. Could a fix-6300 and a ryzen 5 5600x work on the same mono? what would happen if I were to put a ryzen 5 5600x in a zen 3+ socket? Would it work correctly?
  4. I’m planning on playing Minecraft csgo and do a lot of cad
  5. Is a gtx 760 good? And is it worth $95?
  6. Is a Msi R6950 TWINFROZR III PE a good gpu? is it worth a $100? im planing on playing Minecraft csgo and do some cad
  7. So the quadro m4000 is more with it for my use?
  8. Gtx 970 $225 quadro m4000 $225 quadro p1000 $300 wich one is the best for lite gaming like Minecraft and csgo but is going to be mainly used for cad?
  9. Like there a legit website selling actual work parts
  10. So do I need to plug in th psuinto a sata port?
  11. I have no other storage, but it does say this in pc part picker. What does that mean? is it causing the problem?
  12. In my bios I can’t download windows because I don’t have any storage.