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  1. More transistors packed per meant an increase in the order you don't have anywhere near now. It's not the only metric but meant most. https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Growth-in-processor-performance-over-40-years-HP11_fig3_340682076 Depending on how you measure performance, the growth is well under 10%, even 5%. Even if you had a boost like the i9 11900k it's not the trend and still way far from the over 50% increased you used to have in the past. Either way, and again, even if I upgrade my gaming rig, the performance in the rest of the machines aren't r
  2. This sounds simillar to the problem I have still to this day with AC Valhalla: Works great with my i7 960 and my GTX 1080Ti, but after a while playing in my i7 7700k and RTX 3090, it slows down to well bellow 30fps, no matter what settings and the only way to get back to decent FPS (for a short bit) is to reinstall the GPU drivers. Try to test that: reinstall the drivers and see if yuou recover frames, even if for a short while.
  3. This is scary. Unlike my girlfriend, I do have money spent on Origin. I buy everything on Steam when I can but for a while there you could only buy EA stuff on Origin. That is just poor user management. My Steam account is very old and in the begining I had many years where I didn't login even. Once a friend of mine sent me a screenshot saying that I hadn't been online for 666 days. Only after I came out of university and got I job I started spending money on it. That is a big contrast.
  4. I'll try to talk to them again but doubt it'll change much. They probably wiped her out of the database as a cleanup as @LogicalDrmsaid. Maybe if we're lucky they can add the On The House games again but I'd be surprised, considering there's no way to prove what games were added to the old account. I had two similar cases to your with Kinguin but with Steam codes. Steam on both times gave the exact date when they were redeemed. I avoid Kinguin these days because of that. On both times happened with reputable sellers. And between the hassle of waiting an answer from Steam and the re
  5. Thank you for unlocking the thread. That makes sense, though they deny it ofc. She did have play time on the account though. I gave her a code from Amazon Prime Gaming, but I guess it won't hurt much just to buy something from the store as well in prevention. I'll just copy here what I sent you in PM earlier for discussion sake.
  6. She hasn't played in a while, but trying to login, Origin said it couldn't find the account. She also disappeared from my friends list. She never bought a game, but she had a big library because of the On The House program. We contacted support and they said they couldn't do anything about it. She still had the welcome email but they said it didn't help.
  7. https://gist.github.com/AveYo/c74dc774a8fb81a332b5d65613187b15 If so, how did it go? Did it work?
  8. Unlikelly. My main gaming rig bought back in 2017, rocking an i7 7700k. Upgraded the graphics card to a 3090 because I found a deal last year and it would and did paid itself back in Bitcoin plus my anual car insurance. Moore's law is dead for a while now and even though I overkilled with the graphics card I doubt I'll need a CPU upgrade until then, I didn't even overclocked it yet. If I do, ok, one machine. My secondary rig is from 2008/2009. Rocking an i7 960 still, overclocked. I do all my non-gaming, non-work stuff there, no real reason to upgrade. The few games I play here are
  9. If that is so I guess I'll have 5 years to switch back to Linux.
  10. I don't mind going to €100 if worth but preferably cheaper, I'm already over budget.
  11. Need to replace a case for a much better case air-flow-wise. ATX or micro-ATX. Preferably that I can order from one of these sites: - https://amazon.es - https://www.pccomponentes.pt/ - https://www.globaldata.pt/ - https://www.pcdiga.com/ - https://www.imperiomultimedia.pt/ Thank you for any help.
  12. @President Dawson Wehage @aisle9 @Mark Kaine Looks like it was a power issue after all. I seem to have stabilized the machine by disabling CPB / Turbo Core and Power Now in the BIOS. Also upgraded my PSU to a Cooler Master MWE Bronze.