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  1. I've changed presets and resolution, they have now effect, I basically lowered everything I could and no difference. In the instance of the screenshot I had everything maxed out. I don't think you can allocate VRAM manually in the game, can you? The lower right bar is just showing, based on your configuration, what it is using. 6876MB seems to be what it needs to run the game maxed out at 4K.
  2. Happened again, this time, I caught it on "tape":
  3. It went back to the same behavior today, dropping to ~20 fps. I reinstalled the drivers and went back to 60. I mean...
  4. You were right, just installed driver 461.40 that came out today and that made a huge impact :
  5. Frame cap off. VSync tried both on and off. I created a thread in Ubisoft Forums, got no official response so far and it seems to be burried deep now. The crazy thing was, I installed it on my old rig, that's inferior in power in every way to my main rig and I have much better performance: Makes no sense :S
  6. Updated BIOS and reset, no improvement.
  7. There is an update to the BIOS, I have 1203, the latest is 1301. I just started playing AC now, no other game seem to do this. I don't have any custom OC set.
  8. A while ago, when I installed the the optane module. Let me check if there is an update.
  9. CPU: idle: ~28ºC, in game, max: 50ºC GPU: idle: ~35ºC, in game, max: 64ºC Temps seem fine, why would it underclock?
  10. Idle: ~6%, in game: ~18%: A the same time, in the game's benchmark, it gives me other readings: These images were taken roughly at the same time. Could it be that there is something limiting CPU resources to the game?
  11. The driver is 461.09, that seems to be the most recent. Maybe I need to wait for a driver update
  12. My PSU is an EVGA 1000 GQ (1000W) The game doesn't seem have RTX support. I've tried 1080p, 1440p and 4k and doesn't seem to have any visible performance impact. I was testing with HDR on, but tested now with HDR off and seems to have no visible impact as well. Nothing else opened at time of playing. No issues with other games.
  13. I'm starting to get desperate here. I've lowered graphical settings and resolution and no matter what I do, I'm not able to go over 20 fps average and 30 FPS max. I've disabled 'control flow guard' for the game, that had a little positive impact but that's it. My PC specs: - CPU: i7 7700k; - GPU: RTX 3090 - RAM: 32GB DDR4 @ 3000MHz (dual channel) - Storage: m.2 SSD (not NVMe) with an 16GB optane cache module Is there anything else I can do?