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  1. Rate the Photo Above you

    The skin glow can depend on a few factors. Such as the cut off of the IR filter used, or the camera angle in relation to the angle of the sun, and of course the exposure triangle settings.
  2. Rate the Photo Above you

    IR photography with converted cameras are not the same as what you see using a FLIR camera. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrared_photography When taking IR portraits: depending on the material of the clothes they wear, you can sometimes get something like a see-through effect. As in you may be able to see the underwear that someone is wearing beneath their shirt/pants dyed hair can potentially show up in a IR photo as a different color. Essentially what I mean is you can tell of someone has dyed their hair or has natural hair color. human skin can have a ghostlike surreal appearance
  3. Rate the Photo Above you

    To me this looks like some random test of a new camera
  4. Rate the Photo Above you

    Overblown highlights... One of our clients, a martial arts trainer
  5. Camera with night vision?

    As long as the sensor of the camera is designed to detect IR light and "view" the image using only that light, you don't have to worry about whether the camera comes with IR lamp built in or you need to use a third party IR lamp. The main issue is whether the camera is designed to be able to "film" with only such a light source. You can do a Google search for night vision cameras/camcorders and find options in various price points. But know that not every camera available on the market offers such a mode and there may be some "privacy" concerns because in some conditions or the material of the clothes being worn by a person the camera can have a sort of "see-through" effect. Additionally, and it may be obvious but know that the performance of cheap "night-vision enabled" cameras feel gimmicky and if you're looking to buy ones that work like you see in movies they may potentially be very pricey. Another additionally, you can buy a camera like the Sony A7s II which lets you boost the ISO sensitivity of the camera to insanely high levels that you can practically take a photo or film using moon or star light.
  6. High End Audio and Video

    Let's say myself or the production houses/film crew companies I work with are hired to film and broadcast events such as live concerts, big conferences (e.g. United Nations conferences with audio being interpreted into multiple languages or stuff like TED Talks), or boxing matches where we may have remotely operated cameras mounted above the ring... what kind of gear or tech do you have or know about that can be useful for us?
  7. Camera with night vision?

    Do you want it in a DSLR/Mirrorless type of camera? There are some camcorders which come with Night mode using IR lights. Proper night vision video/photo cameras, you either buy a standard one and try to modify yourself or buy a ready made one that may be expensive.

    Why not just buy a new webcam
  9. High End Audio and Video

    As others have said, this sort of equipment may be outside the scope of what the morons at LTT does. However I am interested and wonders how I (a freelance DoP) can use it for my work. Myself and the production houses I associate with are sometimes hired to film and live broadcast events (e.g. conferences). Do you think any of the equipment that are used for your work can be useful to us in my line of work?
  10. Looking for a good audio setup

    For what you are doing I don’t think you need more than a H1 or H4n. Or a Tascam DR100, or a DR600/700 something, because I don’t remember all the model numbers. Go look on their websites. While a H5, H6, F4, F8 are in their own ways good and in some areas better, you won’t be fully using what they can do. Both Tascam and Zoom have pretty good products and I’ve used various recorders from both. If you want to avoid hissing and noise in your audio recordings, get a good headphone to monitor and adjust the audio levels and gain and make sure your peaks are no higher than around -10db. A H4n or DR100 has all this info on the recorder’s lcd screen.
  11. Looking for a shoulder rig

    I’ll explain in the other topic. Agreed, if this topic is asking about shoulder rigs, stick to shoulder rigs.
  12. Looking for a good audio setup

    It’s a good recorder
  13. Looking for a shoulder rig

    Of course, it’s a semi pro device
  14. Looking for a shoulder rig

    F4 is better than the H6 and can be powered in different ways.
  15. Looking for a good audio setup

    H4n Pro