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  1. I have experience with Canon and Nikon PnS only, not much with Sony or Panasonic.
  2. It does indeed take a while to learn, but you can find resources and tutorials online. Like the site I am linking below. http://www.videocopilot.net/ No, in my opinion AE is not enough. If you want to edit videos, Premiere is better than AE. AE is for creating 3D graphics and compositions, special effects (to a certain degree), animations. Premiere is the video editor. This is why Adobe has improved the capability of what they call Dynamic Link that lets creative people work on projects where tools such as Premiere, AE and Audition can be used together in a single project. I also started out in IT, I have degrees in Software Engineering and Business Applications. But after about 10 years sitting in front of a computer from 8-5, staring at the screen I got fed up. But I'm more of a cinematographer, DOP, then a 3D special effects editor. I prefer operating the camera and making creative decisions in the field than behind a desk.
  3. Check online reviews. My personal opinion is that most cameras are only as good as the person using them.
  4. Well even if they don't have a team subscription with Adobe, if they have multiple individual subscriptions (i.e. 2 computers can be activated with each individual subscription), ask them if they have a spare activation left that you can use. One of the production houses I sometimes work with, instead of having a team subscription (against my better advice because you have better collaborative features with team subscriptions) they decided to opt for 5 individual subscriptions instead. But the software is installed on only 7 computers, meaning they have 3 activations to spare.
  5. As I already stated, the G series from Canon are good PnS cameras.
  6. I unfortunately don't have the links, search for Adobe Creative Suite 2 free download. However I am 100% certain you will not be able to open the project files with that old version.
  7. @IAmAndre there is however a semi-legal way, which really borders on the grey area, of getting access to AE without having to pay. Do you have any friends who are paying the monthly subscription but only have the applications installed on one computer? When you subscribe to Adobe applications, you are allowed to install and activate the software on TWO computers. Perhaps your friend might be willing to share his/her subscription with you. Well technically you can install the software on any number of computers, but only TWO computers can have the software activated at any one time. Sometimes in an emergency I need to modify a project and I am at home away from my studio and my MBP is not available, I simply go to Adobe website and deactivate one of the computers and activate the software on my home gaming machine. There is no limit to the number of deactivations and activations you can perform, so far as I am aware. Another option: ask the company if they have a team subscription to the software and will be willing to add you as a team member. Which means they will have to cover the cost of adding an additional "employee/team".
  8. Using legal methods, the answer is NO. And while Adobe has released some older versions of their software for free (much older versions), you will likely not be able to open the project files with those older versions of AE.
  9. It's unfortunate and I hate to say it but it does appear you may need to get a different camera if you plan to do timelapses, or find an app for your iPod touch. However as I stated earlier, while the iPod touch can be powered by a USB power source the issue is storage space because Apple doesn't let you add micro SD cards to the device (though there are third party external storage solutions for IOS devices, I'm not sure if the device can actively write data to the storage or you will have to manually transfer files).
  10. Fireworks and low light photos, a PnS won't be that significantly better. Something like the RX100 mk IV might be able to do a good job, but if you really want to take photos of fireworks or photos in low light/evening hours, a DSLR with good lenses will be the best choice... but they tend to be out of your budget.
  11. If all you are getting is the AE project files, with everything already being sequenced in the timeline as the company wants, you won't be able to import those project files into Premiere or Resolve to remove/mute individual audio tracks. If you want to work in Premiere or Resolve, you would have to recreate the edited sequences and timelines. Importing an AE project into Premiere, each composition in AE appears as a clip in Premiere. You will still need to open AE in order to modify the individual layers in the composition.
  12. If you have a phone with a good camera, you might not need a PnS. A point and shoot camera has some advantages over a phone camera, but only if it's a good PnS camera. Cheap PnS cameras and good phone cameras can have the same quality. A good PnS camera like the Sony RX100 or Canon G series: will likely have sensors that are larger (not too large like DSLR sensors) than ones inside a phone optical zoom lenses they are designed to be dedicated cameras some good models will offer various levels of control over every aspect of the camera, up to full manual of Shutter, Aperture, ISO
  13. Do you really need 4K?
  14. I only say that there may be a risk, the camera could use whatever last bit of battery power it has left to save the last frame but I won't guarantee 100% success. Does the camera have a built in timelapse feature that will capture frames every X interval but will automatically combine them into a video or a feature that will record video at a very slow frame rate such as 1fps? Without such a feature you cannot record straight to video anything that looks like a timelapse, and you will have to combine the frames in post to create the timelapse video. As for the intervalometer, does it support the camera or does the camera have a port to connect one? There's a firmware hack for Canon PnS cameras, check out this website (http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK) if your camera model is supported. If it is, you won't need an intervalometer.
  15. The Canon G series cameras are pretty good, also check out Sony RX100 mark something. You might also find a decent Panasonic. I would advise staying away from Nikon point-n-shoots, while I am a Nikonian DSLR shooter I feel their PnS's are not as good as Canon.