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  1. Before a global currency can be implemented, you'd need a global government. One planet, one government. Otherwise a global currency will never work.
  2. The people below gave good responses. Making money as a photographer isn't easy. It will require a lot of effort. You'll need good gear, along with necessary accessories. But this is the least of it. You can mimic other photographers and charge a lower rate but will need lots of regular clients or clients seeking you out regularly to support yourself. This will also likely alienate you from other photographers because you're undercutting them. If you want to charge high rates, you need to be exceptionally talented and skilled. The ability to produce a unique style. You need good work ethics as a photographer. You need to be a very very good photographer and know many of the tips and tricks and how to use almost any gear. On a part time basis, you can do several of the following. I can't guarantee any of them will bring you success. See if there are photography assignments or jobs you can take on part time. Perhaps an established pro might need an assistant or 2nd, 3rd camera man. As it's already been mentioned, stock photography. Read/watch the news, try to learn where something important/significant is happening, go there, take photos and see after if there are any news outlets or media agencies who might be willing to pay for your photos. Enter competitions. If you want to make money fast: SELL YOUR GEAR. Competition in the world of professional photography is very intense. Either you're already established or a very talented photographer that's getting noticed, or you're just an amateur doing photography for the fun of it. And from the side of people who hire/use photographers, they are increasingly undervaluing photography and photographers each year. Cameras have become better, they have become more affordable and the general public doesn't know or care about the effort and skill that goes into making a good photo. They just care about the photo, and a good photo taken with a mobile phone or one taken with a $10000 camera is all the same for them.
  3. Do a Google search for HTML text wrap around an image, or use the Float style.
  4. Could be several reasons: incorrect white balance in the camera the LED lights are not true white different nano coatings on this new lens vs your other lens
  5. Exactly! Most cages are designed specifically for a particular camera model. One designed for camera A might not fit properly for camera B unless they share similar size and layout of buttons and dials (mainly top of the camera buttons and dials). As for a rig, there are several you can pick. Figure out how you want to rig up the camera for your use.
  6. It's a good photo, very nice. Of course there will always be ways to improve it and the key one is the reflection/glare in the car window. A polarizer filter should help.
  7. As long as you don't hear noise artifacts or distortions in your recording, it's a fine setup and you don't need to change anything. No need to go changing something that is working. But if you do hear unwanted noises or your audio sounds distorted, then you need to investigate what needs fixing or replacing.
  8. My top fav is Are We The Baddies but all their videos are halirious.
  9. Mitchell and Webb
  10. Just out of curiosity, when you guys say you can see the moon landing sites and equipment left up there with a "consumer telescope" which telescopes are you guys talking about? Are you guys talking about telescopes like these in the image below? You might be able to observe the lunar landing sites with these but NONE of them will be able to show you the equipment or traces of the landing left up there. The American flag, the lunar rover, etc. are too small and the distance from the surface of the Earth to the Lunar surface roughly 380,000 kilometers. These consumer telescopes do not have the necessary resolving power.
  11. Premiere is a video editor, After Effects is a motion graphics and compositing software. AE doesn't allow you to do many of the things Premiere does, and vice versa. And AE can be a bit slower and more resource hog than Premiere.
  12. Tai Pan is my second favorite book out of Clavell's Asian Saga.
  13. That's fairly enough space for Resolve to work, not sure why you are having crash issues. The only video editors that will fully utilize every GPU in your system are, as far as I know: Autodesk Flame and associated products Nuke and associated products Premiere, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, etc. will utilize it depending on the effects you've applied to your videos. But they will all use the GPU when previewing the video in the timeline.
  14. Your audio sounds clean, I don't think you need to invest in an interface. It doesn't look like there's anything wrong with your setup that can be improved. If you want to make your voice sound "better" learn to enhance it in software like Audition.
  15. OK then your storage setup shouldn't offer that much issue, how much free space in each?