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Min Htet Paing

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  • Birthday Jul 27, 1995

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    core i5-6600
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    Asus z170 pro gaming
  • RAM
    kingston hyperX 8gb x2
  • GPU
    sapphire nitro oc rx480 4gb
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    TT 700W
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    Corsair K70
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    steelseries sensei raw frost blue
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    windows 8.1 pro 64bit

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  1. it sounds silly right :3 monitor - asus mg248q gpu - sapphire rx480 4gb First attempt to power on the pc, displayport detected as usual showing boot up, after that displayport is not detected, screen goes black. I do nothing but press the restart button, then everything is fine. But I have to do this everytime I open my pc. I know this is not normal at all cuz I hav to restart everytime for displayport detecting. Sry if my english is weak, help me out..idk the solution
  2. forgot to mention..for gaming bro budget is around 300-500$
  3. forgot to mention..for gaming bro
  4. i want 24inch 144hz 1080p monitors. What will be the best choice? asus mg248q? benq xl2430t or xl2411z?? or anything else? help me out guys.. thz alot
  5. As the title, lets discuss.Let me know your opinion which do you prefer and why
  6. Can someone explain me? if i buy 1 of nvidia gsync monitor even my gpu is amd rx480..whats the disadvantages..must i go for amd free sync monitor..for future proof..i dun know..i might buy nvidia gpu..i dun clearly know what these gsync freesync adaptive sync,etc.. Pls help me guys! x3
  7. Im really confusing which one to buy.I am using rx480 4gb.Should I go for 1080p or 1440p monitor?My budget is around 300-500$.As u guys know, so many brands..I dont know which one to pick..benq,acer,lg,dell,asus,bla bla bla..