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  1. From Switzerland, for a price reference use Digitec.ch, screen size either 13 or 15 inches and for the battery life, the longer the better obviously but something that at least last 5-6 hours on normal use
  2. Hey guys, so I’m currently using an old MacBook Pro which is really old, heavy and slow. I’m thinking about an upgrade (a Windows laptop obviously). This laptop needs to serve me for at least the 5 next following years, I’ll do programmation and photo editing on it. I already have a big tower at home so no need to have the most incredible specs, just something that will last long. (min 512GB of storage) For the budget I don’t really have any, if somethings worth investing I’ll invest. I’m looking between 1000-2000 but lower is always nice. I found the Lenovo IdeaPad C340 pretty attrac
  3. Hey guys so I’m currently running a Dell Ultrasharp U2717D because I do some video and photo editing. But recently I’ve been playing quite a lot and since I wanted a second monitor, I might get an ultrawide high refresh rate one. So after some research I found these 2 monitors, the Alienware AW3418DW and the AOC AGON AG352UCG6, and I don’t know which one is better. In my country they are at the same price. The main difference it that the AOC has a AVM panel with 200Hz and the Alienware has a IPS panel with 120Hz. I mainly play league of legends but casually some Overwatch and Apex
  4. Am I the only one finding the 3a XL more appealing ? Yes it has a worse processor and camera but the battery life’s way better, way cheaper, still a very good camera and I just find the design more appealing. btw I’m thinking of getting the 3a XL (around 470$ where I live) Is it a bad choice right now ?
  5. Yeah i was maybe considering the One Plus 7 or 7T depends on the prices
  6. A lot of people are recommending the galaxy S10 but I don’t really like Samsung’s phones in general, I found them slow and buggy and the cameras are meh I already used a Samsung phone and it wasn’t incredible for me I still think it’s an awesome phone but I don’t like the software that much on galaxy phones
  7. Actually to answer to all of you I’ve just watched the reviews on YouTube. Linus, MKBHD, Dave2D and others have pointed out that the pixel phones get slow over time, I’m just listening and trusting what they say.
  8. Hey guys, I’ll be soon switching from my totally broke iPhone X, front and rear glass unfortunately broken, and I dont want to spend 300-400 bucks on a reparation. What I want the most in a smartphone is that it doesn’t get too slow after 1 year and the camera must be good, not focusing too much on that since i have a DSLR but it’s still important for me. So the Pixel 3a came in my mind and i was wondering if it was still a viable option right now, I’ll probably wait for the Pixel 4 launch before getting the pixel 3a if i decide to, but I’m scared that the pixel 3a will get laggy out of the
  9. I don’t feel like it’s really worth the upgrade especially at a thousand buck I have a camera but when I don’t I shoot and edit on my phone and its perfectly fine when you Master the tools
  10. Hello ! So it’s been almost 2 years since I got my iPhone X and I love it, I could keep it but the front and rear glass are totally shattered and it’s a real bummer. I would like to keep this phone but it’s like a ~300$ repair. I need your advice, do you think it’s better to keep this phone shattered for one more year and wait for the next iPhone 2020, repair this iPhone and keep it longer or switch to Android ? I’m a photographer and I really value image quality and screen accuracy. I’d also like my phone to be decently fast even 3 years later. First I tough the Pixel 3 was a rig
  11. I think I’ll keep the Phanteks P350x but instead I’ll pick the Dark rock 4. Or is the Pro model really that good ? im planning on overclocking my Ryzen 2700x
  12. Hi guys, I'm looking into buying and new PC and I was wondering if the Dark Rock Pro 4 would fit in the Phanteks P350x. If no can you suggest me some good budget cases ? Thanks
  13. Are you sure the aircooler will fit and won’t limited me in overclocking? many isn’t the power supply expensive ? (It costs 100 CHF)
  14. I couldn’t had a 2To hard drive on my phone but there it is https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mCq7dX