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    Computer Tech for the last 10+years


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    Intel I7 3770K @ 4.8GHz
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    Asrock Z77 OC Formula
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    Patriot BlackMamba 2133 @ 2666MHz-11-13-11-30-1T
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    2x Xfire -XFX R9-290 Unlocked to 290X @ 1150/1500
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    512G Adata 920 SSD / WD Black 500GB
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    EVGA 1300G2 1300W Gold PSU
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    3x Eyefinity BenQ XL2420TX
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    WaterLoop - XSPC-RX120,RX240,AX240+AX360/Wbase, DualBay Res/wD5 , Rasa CPU Block / 2x EKWB 290 Full Cover
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    Logitech G710+ Mechanical
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    Mionix NAOS 7000
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    Asus Xonar Essence STX Paired with Sennheiser HD600 HeadPhones
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    Win 7 Pro

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  1. this is good advice. if air cooling works you know the pump or loop is not working properly. if it doesn't then maybe a gap between heat spreader and dye is occurring.
  2. No you wont get 340fps on 1080p ultra im not sure where you read this. Your cpu is a 9400f with 9 mb cache max 4.1 boost (likely 1 core) its not bad but most benchmarks are going to be done on a 8700k or 9700/9900k since the 2070 release date likely at 4.8-5.0ghz with 16mb of cache. There is a high likelihood they will also be using 3400-3600mhz memory on test rig for reviews. All those things add up a bit the fact your getting 150-200FPS is fairly good i think. Those reviews are getting 235 AVERAGE fps with same card but better cpu and memory, your getting about 175-180 probably average with speeds you said. on top of these things your comparing a mini to likely founders edition or something reviews Founders edition 2070 - ( 1410mhz - 1710mhz boost - 1770mhz mem) vs zotac 2070 mini - (1620mhz boost clock - 14000 MHz Memory). These differences add up and apples to apples becomes apples to oranges. however your getting above 144fps steady if i was you id just cap it there and play.
  3. pump stuck? something seems wrong . a waterblock will do that if flow stops
  4. A windowed case without lighting comes off lackluster imho . I ran my X9 TT case without any lighting for a week or 2 but it was disappointing I never thought i would care but it did start to disapoint for some reason its like if its there make it look good type thing. So i bought a RGB strip and that was ok but i was needing more fans for my radiators already why not get RGB fans then.. RGB doesn't mean you have to do rainbow either . ive changed mine lots and settled on a dark blue scheme i got sick of the rainbow seizure inducing mode after a few hours. But now i can do whatever theme i like so i dont think RGB is a waste at all so dont feel cliche lol its ok to want more.
  5. Exactly , the only reason to care about power usage is because in the summer it makes your room hot. I mean as far as savings goes that is. For people like me who come home and run their pc for say 5 hours and go to bed it makes very little difference if any,
  6. amazon may charge that but they would never pay you that to do it for them. keep that in mind
  7. i agree Like i said i used logitech for years and never seen such weird issues when they made the logitech Gaming software when they basically made their G series software. Everything worked even old 105's G15's g400's etc it all just worked old and new. I was kind of surprised when i plugged in the MX518 legend and it was not supported. I had been messing with a Corsair Scimitar and a Mionix NAOS 7000 for the last couple years because my last G400S started to double click. then i saw these and was like.. perfect since i still used 1x G400 on my work pc and a MX510 on my laptop. And then of course i found the above. Here is the thing. the MX518 legend you can program it and forget it similar to the NAOS 7000 in that respect its great but the issue i have is the incompatibility in the software. If i want to use the older logitech software to control my G710+ then it turns my G hub into a useless software that can't see the MX518 legend so if i want to change anything on it i have to uninstall everything and start from scratch its ridiculous considering logitech is a giant in the industry. .
  8. I'll repost there never been a big fan of reddit tbh.
  9. I have been a Logitech user for years and i've also used razer - corsair - mionix - etc etc also over the years. But i've always held logitech to a certain standard as one of the original high end peripheral companies. I have a slew of Logitech keyboards (most in a box and some on 2ndary machines) currently running a 710+ which is like new and works perfectly as a piece of hardware. And when the MX518 Legend came out i bought 2, 1 for now one for later incase they end of life it like they did the g400. I have owned and still own quite a few logitech mice as well. Usually no issues all the way back to the mx510. But on this situation i've ran into a paradox in logitech's inability to unify their software. You see The MX518 does not seem to be able to be recognized in their traditional Logitech Gaming Software , i searched a bit and recommendation is use the new logitech G HUB software. And Yes the MX518 does show up in this you can make changes etc. But the G710+ doesnt work with G hub and the G hub surprisingly isn't compatible with Logitech Gaming Software it asks you to remove it on install so you cant run both. And if you install Logitech Gaming Software after the G hub software It (G HUB) stops seeing your mx518 mouse.. funny right? What's the deal is this just what we get when a company feels the need to reinvent itself every single year because of competition ? they forget to support even their higher end product's does a company this big just loose track of their product lineup? The entire reason we buy mechanical keyboards is so they last that's at least a major point anyways. and any of these keyboards that require software to setup even back to my old G15 keyboard that's sitting in the closet should have legacy support regardless going forward. I'll admit the G710+ released in 2013 but other than needing RGB what reason would there be to just replace a working mechanical keyboard? like i said above the whole point is for them to last longer than membrane keyboards. And even in 2013 these keyboards were not exactly cheap things. I hope this can be fixed sooner or later i just thought id rant a bit on here , hopefully someone influential can pass along the message since the logitech forums look like a ghost town.
  10. Also . often with just some voltage increase and proper timings setup you can run DDR3 or DDR @ well above stock clocks. Only issue is you dont always get the auto profiles of higher clocks so you need to research a bit.
  11. Thing about RGB is .. you can run any light scheme you want. You do not need to leave the thing on a RGB strobe light epileptic fit inducing setting. I wanted to run a red lit theme in my window sided case.. so i did. lets say i change it out to some different hardware and the mobo is now green or yellow or what ever i can just hit a button and switch it. before people would run 1 color fans and then change them when they changed hardware 2 years later. Often i run just white or something i have a water cooled setup and it shows it. I dont like strobe or even when it light changes as its distracting so i basically settle on a color and leave it.
  12. server related IT will land you more stable income typically. like people said before cybersecurity and programing in this field.
  13. Ubisoft - love hate there - i refused to buy their FPS games for ever because every time i did even if it was super popular , lack of support and lack of anti-cheat support would kill the game off quickly. (GRAW - Graw 2 for example). but then look at siege. For me EA is more disappointing than hate. I hate activision for what they turned blizzard into. I sort of hate THQ for buying IP's like Novalogic and not doing anything with their lineup that's bitter for me its not just them though EA and Activision have also both done these things. . Hardware.. hmm not really you get duds and winners.
  14. I was going to say steelseries kinzu mice but they are discontinued. might still be able to find them however.
  15. Driving may be a good thing for you though. You can get stuck in doors at a microcenter etc at less than 15$ a hr or take contract work for 80-125$ per hr and have to drive ..