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    Alberta Canada
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    PC's , Hunting , Fishing , Anything with a Motor
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    Computer Tech for the last 10+years


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    Intel I7 3770K @ 4.8GHz
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    Asrock Z77 OC Formula
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    Patriot BlackMamba 2133 @ 2666MHz-11-13-11-30-1T
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    2x Xfire -XFX R9-290 Unlocked to 290X @ 1150/1500
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    512G Adata 920 SSD / WD Black 500GB
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    EVGA 1300G2 1300W Gold PSU
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    3x Eyefinity BenQ XL2420TX
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    WaterLoop - XSPC-RX120,RX240,AX240+AX360/Wbase, DualBay Res/wD5 , Rasa CPU Block / 2x EKWB 290 Full Cover
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    Logitech G710+ Mechanical
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    Mionix NAOS 7000
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    Asus Xonar Essence STX Paired with Sennheiser HD600 HeadPhones
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    Win 7 Pro

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  1. solarflare

    144hz 1440p minimum spec

    Its funny because i've owned 4 VA panels and never seen any ghosting even when gaming. I've seen it on older TN's and IPS panels , I only have 1 newer TN now and no newer IPS (under 6y). The IPS definitely had good fidelity but it wasn't great gaming from everything i have read recently they have definitely improved for gaming anyways. And the VA image quality was worlds better than my TN screens. Still using both types in a triple screen setup and the VA is much cleaner than the TN's its just the TN has higher hz and lower response lag on paper so i kept it as a center screen.
  2. solarflare

    Versatile display - please input

    BenQ EX3203R This monitor seems about right i guess. I wouldn't mind something bigger so i can set it back further and split the screen when i need to multitask but i dont think ultrawide displays are going to be any easier on the eyes the 35" version benq offers similar to this is just wider however its shorter so usable screen is potentially less when gaming esp when switched to a console that does not support ultra wide rez. What do you guys think? have you stumped on anything like this but in a 34" possibly?
  3. solarflare

    Versatile display - please input

    Well im saying currently - my Displays that can do 120hz on dp or dual link dvi can not do 120hz even 1080 on hdmi.. I want to avoid gotcha type problems mostly i dont want to buy a display that i cant use for what i'm trying to do is the general idea here.
  4. solarflare

    Versatile display - please input

    So I PC game and i also game on my xbox one S the Xbox one S can do 120hz and 1440p but only on HDMI 2.0 - I want it to be able to do this Currently i have a triple screen setup on my Gaming PC i have 120hz screens in 24" non have hdmi 2.0 so even if i wanted to use one screen for xbox one S it would be only a 60hz 1080p display. Im looking for a 32+ up to 40 Inch(would be nice) display that can do at least 120hz on 1440p (skipping 4k for now due to its limitations). with HDMI 2.0 minimum. my GPU's can input DVI/DP/etc (290x's) so im not so worried about the pc. Mostly i want the best display i can get with these compatibility issues. so at least 1x hdmi 2.0 1440p 120hz (min). And id like it to be large inch display. Id opt for a wide display but its not supported at all on xbox one S or X. Id accept borders on screen if it was better than alternatives. Anyone have any real solutions to this?
  5. solarflare

    Now illegal to click links?

    Sounds like a government trying to cover up the reality of the world we are forced to live in. lets all just be good sheep and pretend all is alright out there.
  6. solarflare

    799.99 $CA for a external ssd on microsoft store

    so not having to choose is worth a 400$ usd inflation?
  7. solarflare

    The Speed of Obseletion

    SATA has been the standard since 2003 era I will admit it wasn't being completely utilized at first but by 2004-2005 all new systems were using sata 1 or 2
  8. solarflare

    What Amount of Money ACTUALLY creates a fun gaming experience

    Heh heh buy a Xbox one X & a Xim Apex all the kbd/mouse gaming of a PC with the cheaper performance and support of a console
  9. solarflare

    Good Sub $300 1080p Gaming pc?

    used is your only way that i can see. But even then 300$ is going to be tough to do realistically. You maybe able to find something in the X58 era for this much good luck. Edit/PS- Oh i see your in US not CAN , your chances are much better.
  10. solarflare

    Why tech is dead

    What hes talking about is series. You dont compare a 8800GTX with a 280GTX they are both flagships and they both sold for relatively similar prices. Same as a 2700k vs 3770k they are both flagship K series of their generation they should be similarly priced. A TITAN was a top tier card , the 980TI was also a top tier card respectively they should be similarly priced. If technology didn't innovate or get faster with each generation then why would anyone ever pay for new hardware? I'm also of the same mindset that we have all been getting price gouged for no other reason than consumers keep buying.. that is until no one is willing anymore and then the market turns sour similar to how it has been. when the investment cost vs the innovation/performance differences are not even people start just holding on to older tech until they cant possibly do so anymore. Too many markets are been pushed into a mostly monopolized status and thus your seeing the effects of this in general. Even when say AMD has something solid on the horizon you still hear talk of them "PRICE MATCHING" with intel/nvidia instead of actually competing with them. The memory manufactures have already been sued a few times for doing similar things. thats my last 2 cents on this topic.
  11. solarflare

    Why tech is dead

    I will say I agree and disagree to some points. At the moment i could never do complete work off my phone. I've tried , it can do a lot but it cant do everything i need "yet". I wish it could at-least for work and a Bluetooth monitor/kbd/mouse would go along way to making it work ready. For the most part the apps have caught up so i can do quite a bit on the phone already but its not quite there yet for me and what i do. I also kind of agree on console gaming vs Pc gaming at the moment. 1.The amount of BETTER GAMES that have come out vs the price and effect of new PC hardware is absurd to keep investing in a gaming pc atm. At the same time i can use my pc fine to play all titles and its getting fairly long in the tooth so hes quite right about the inflation in pricing vs the performance and quality differences you actually get from those price increases. 2. almost all my gaming friends and even the ones that didn't game at all now own and play console. there is only maybe a couple left that still pc game and most of us dont play the same games anymore. 3. Consoles are definitely a buy every 6 ish years and get what you need kind of thing that appeal to the average people is quite strong. It would be nice if pc gaming become somewhat affordable again, I have also ran into that feeling lately that its super super hard to justify myself investing in any new PC hardware.
  12. solarflare

    Why tech is dead

    Very true. And thats IF those people still can even find a comparable job or have any $$ left at all since the crashes that started in late 2008
  13. as i said before if you dont have enough rad for application then when you oc the heat will just climb. on a stock cpu the liquid cooling has some advantages , temp swings are not as common and the fans can often run in quiet mode. When you OC though you need enough rad to keep your water temps down. 90*C is to high This looks like a single 120mm rad , imho your expecting too much from that rad. Higher pressure fans might help a bit but a dual rad would be ideal for you.
  14. Also make sure your pump motor is running on pump plugin on mobo or on fixed power or if you can only run it off a mobo header set that header to 100% so the pump always runs on high. You should also put into context that waterloops heat up over time as the system runs "TO A POINT" then you reach operating temps. if your rad on this single loop can not keep up with heat increasing then it wont keep up and that temp will keep rising until failing.
  15. May sound a bit of a silly question but i haven't seen a confirmed statement on this. So i have a DDC pump im not sure if its one from swiftech or lilang etc. Im looking at some Reservoirs maybe something like the Heatkiller DDC tube or the EK tube for DDC pump's. Are all DDC pumps the same after the tops removed? will any DDC Pump work with these reservoirs regardless of branding?