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    EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra
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  1. Might be worth waiting. Everything is more expensive then they should be. I dont think itll change any time soon though.
  2. Not sure how your going to get a 3060 right now. Getting a gpu will be hard!
  3. Eh Ill stil with my S21 Ultra over anything asus when it comes to phones.
  4. Understandable. For me it was 10 bucks a month for the service. In the end my bill is around 80 a month for 4gb of premium data then it’s 3g unlimited. I usually only use a few gigs of data a month so it’s not a big deal for me.
  5. Got a iPhone 12 Pro as my daily driver. Project fi had a deal and with trade in I’m getting 750 in credit so I won’t have to pay off the phone till the next 8 months. Using the s21 ultra as a small tablet to watch movies and shows on at my desk. Got the Apple Watch 6 with service for when I go hiking/working out when the weather gets warmer out. Also good if I’m out and my phone battery dies I can still text/call people. So far I like both phone OS and eco systems as well as my pc and my MacBook. If it’s possible to have both, both platforms have lots of positives over the other.
  6. Same thing I saw online. Guess my job is just doing some illegal stuff then. District manager just said we have layers we are allowed to do this we have a lot of lawyers we are doing what the guidelines say to do.
  7. Whoops forgot to say. I got the one with the M1 chip in it
  8. Just bought a macbook air base model for school. So far the battery life is amazing and typing on it is actually really good for a laptop! So far I didnt know how much id like it but so far im loving it! (M1 chip)
  9. Oh, I think I missed that. Looked like it was ebay. My bad.
  10. Didnt say they didnt technically scalp it. Iam saying they made absolutely nothing and sold it likely above cost, which to me looks more like someone had buyer remorse or decided they didnt want it then just sold it as close to what it costed them + paypal fees. Doesnt make any sense if you ask me to buy it scalp it and not make anything on it. Weird.
  11. 1979+ 6% is 1979+118= 2097. Scalped it for around 300ish though after eBay fees they are making absolutely nothing if anything they are losing money. Don't really see that as scalping as much as just selling without losing anything.
  12. I sold a gpu for 2k they took 300 from me from the rip. Either way don't see the profit in them selling it for 2400. After eBay fees they are only getting like 2100 if they are lucky. Card with tax if I'm not mistaken is around 1900.
  13. If you factor in shipping and tax that they paid they arent acting too much for it Then factor in tax and shipping then the cost of shipping to you and the ebay selling fees and they are probably close to if not taking a hit on it.
  14. One more content count to reach 1000

  15. I'm playing it maxed out with dlss on quality mode at around 60fps at 3440x1440p. Same fps at 4k minus ray tracing. Better performance then the witcher 3 at release with the 780ti I had. Think people forgot how hard witcher 3 was to run at release. Took the 980ti to run it at 1440p maxed out 60 fps locked. Figure it needs more polish. It's more then playable on my pc but not everyone has a 3090. Wish they supported sli for it. Cheaper to buy two 2080ti then it is to buy a 3090 right now