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  1. Very good point, didn’t know Kogan took over dick Smith. Anyway, here is the link and it’s still $142. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/heybattery-logitech-g-pro-wireless-gaming-mouse-lt-g-pro/
  2. Hello, For the past few weeks, I’ve been browsing around for the Logitech G Pro Wireless. Initially all the listings I’ve found were around $190 AUD but soon after there was one listing on eBay for $133 AUD (brand new), upon verifying the listing and taking safety measures, I purchased one. It remained the cheapest listing for the next week. Fast forward one more week, my order was canceled due to them “being out of stock” but multiple listings around $110-$120 AUD for a brand new mouse appeared on eBay and reputable stores such as Kogan and Dick Smith dropped their prices to $140
  3. Uninstalling intel display audio fixed it. Windows went and installed "high definition audio device" instead.
  4. Hello, Recently the right side of my earphones on my dell laptop stopped outputting sound, this applies when I change out my earphones with another pair although they work on a different pc and Iphone. The earphones I'm testing is 3.5mm input and not USB. The only way to get them to work is by maxing out the volume on the right side, in which it would suddenly start playing sound and then I would lower it back. However, this issue recurs daily rather than after every restart. I've tried reinstalling the drivers (realtek) but to no success. Anyone have any clue what's causing this? As it w
  5. Just checked my network utilization and you were correct. The streaming box was utilizing a lot of upload bandwidth. I've set up QOS for the streaming box and my pc but there seems to be high latency and bufferbloat on speedtest.net and dslreport correspondingly. Is this because I've set it up incorrectly? I want to limit the streaming box to a set download and upload bandwidth but doesn't seem to be working.
  6. Went through Tp-Link support today to find out whether there is a CPU monitor for my router and although the consultant seemed to have no clue what he/she was doing and went in a huge tangent rather than answering my question, we stumbled onto the firmware version not being the latest (which surprised me as apparently the auto update function and button does not work. Upon updating, I now have access to a QOS option along with a firmware that may have patched out some issues, so I will need to verify whether this latency issue still occurs. Sounds like i'm writing a diary but oh well.
  7. I have a NBN FTTC connection. Used to have Telstra cable, which had speeds around 110/5 without latency issues but was forced to NBN.
  8. Fair, I thought that my router was low endish due to the upper limit of 100mbps. I’ll check on the live upload usage tomorrow, when everyone is on the network. It is plausible that the android streaming box is doing something like torrenting in the background to save the manufactorers server costs, but who knows what happens in the background.
  9. I wanted to attempt the QOS option but for some stupid reason, tp-link decided to ship the Australian routers with the Eu firmware, which they removed QOS. Do you have another other possible solutions? The only thing I can think of is some program like netlimiter for PC’s to limit bandwidth but i’m out of ideas for limiting bandwidth on say something like a console/Android streaming device.
  10. Yes, like all providers they advertise up to. When I run a speed test (on the 5g network right now as my PC is shut off), I get around 93/17.
  11. Hello, I have a VR600v, which supports up to 100 mbps. I currently have a 100/20 mbps connection with Matesnbn but am getting latency issues during peak hours. I understand that during this time, there are a lot more people utilising the network but is it possible to verify whether there is a bottleneck caused by the amount of people in my household on latency. They tend to be streaming movies, watching YouTube and playing mobile games. One method i’ve attempted is by changing the router to wired only to see if the latency reduces but it appears to not (not sure if it requires a restart/a bit
  12. I’m having the same issue, cannot figure out how to use the speakers. Did you happen to figure it out?
  13. I currently have a router modem combo from Telstra (C6300BD), is it possible for me to use it as only a modem?
  14. Upon doing some research, it appears that I must use a modem provided by Telstra. As for the needs for the router, it would only be for basic home use.
  15. Hello, I’m looking to purchase a new modem and router (either separately or as a combo) for a 100/20 cable connection. However, I’m unsure which modem/routers are good. Requirements: Minimum 16x4 channel bonding Does not exceed $200