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  1. I understand that but then consider they say they can achieve 80% more performance than the “2.6” Skylake Cores (2.6 x 1.8 = 4.68). Are they really saying that 4 efficiency cores is equal to more than 4 Skylake cores? It doesn’t sound right to me…
  2. I'm really confused by the efficiency cores because they are claiming up to 80% more performance at 4c/4t vs Skylake 2c/4t. Isn't there current generation core only like 20% faster than Skylake? So a 4c/4t efficiency core would be 50%~ more performance than their current cores at 2c/4t? Which would mean the efficiency core on a 1:1 basis is basically comparable to the current cores? Doesn't add up to me...
  3. ITER should be the first real implementation of an energy net-positive fusion reactor but I'm not sure how far off that is. It has been in planning for over a decade IIRC and they are still early in the building phase right now.
  4. Graphics performance should be pretty close, the 5700G has a much higher power budget which is reflected in the difference in GPU clocks (1-1.6 vs 2ghz).
  5. Oldddddd news, plus they would’ve missed out on billions of dollars.
  6. Agree. Especially considering it was stolen from banks not from the everyday person. The banks won’t be suffering any financial hardship from those losses.
  7. They do exist in many games and that was what was used in this instance.
  8. I had a read of the Intel specifications, the laptop representing Intel did have a higher TGP so have updated the topic.
  9. Summary Intel just wrapped up their COMPUTEX opening keynote, in which they showed a single benchmark which was Crysis Remastered comparing the new 10nm Intel Core i9-11980HK versus the AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX. In this benchmark Intel are claiming a win of 117.62 FPS versus 95.86 FPS for AMD which represents a 22% higher average FPS. The laptop specifications are located at https://intel.com/computex21 (link only works on mobile for me) Intel used the MSI GP76 Leopard which is a 17.3" 2.9kg laptop with a 4.5 hour battery life to represent the 11980HK and a Asus ROG Strix G533QS whi
  10. This has always been a thing with Intel motherboards. Some of them run at the Intel specified power limits, some of them do not.
  11. Hello Schwellmo92,

     Am currently building a Chia mining Computer and would like some guidance from you if you don't mind .


    I have a 3950x coming in and debating on a mother board want to put the 124 ram. Am actually alittle lost currently mining Ethereum for months but have no idea how to start with Hardware mining.


    I saw that you posted your build. Would you tell me or send me a link or a video to help me get the right equipment.


    Thank you




    The rig I am building for plotting is:

    • Ryzen 9 3900XT
    • G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Series 128GB (4 x 32GB) DDR4 3600 F4-3600C18Q-128GTRS
    • Micron 9200 MAX 6.4TB U.2 NVMe drive
    • Sabrent Rocket 2TB M.2 NVMe drive
  12. My router is nearby but I don't have 2.4GHz enabled so can't comment on that.
  13. I have the same headset, I get the pop and crackle if I'm far away or if the microwave is on. Are there any other 2.4GHz devices that could be causing interference?
  14. You don’t need much SSD storage relative to mechanical HDD. In saying that, the world was already expecting a NAND flash shortage this year so I doubt it’s going to get much cheaper, mid to late year memory and nand flash should be getting more expensive.
  15. Can confirm this is correct, I'm setting up a Chia mining rig at the moment. Chia mining is a two step process, first "plotting" which is where you create the data. A finished plot is 106GB in space, the process of creating that plot uses about 1.6TB of write operations on your drive, 3.4GB~ RAM, 1-2 CPU threads and 250GB~ of space. You want to plot on an SSD as HDD are too slow, on a fast system a plotting operation takes about 6~ hours to produce a plot. Running more plots in parallel blows that time out slightly depending on your hardware (for example creating two plots in paral