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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG Strix
  • RAM
    16 gb ddr4 3200
  • GPU
    GTX 2070 Super OC'D
  • Case
    Phanteks Eclipse series p400S (white silent)
  • Storage
    500 GB NVME SDD (Operating system and RDR2) 1 TB wd Blue (regular files) 1 TB old Toshiba (Emulation) 4 TB Wd Blue (Gaming)
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    seasonic 650 watt bronze
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    27 inch 1080p 144hz monitor
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    NH-D15 Black edition
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    Destiny 2 RAZER Keyboard
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    Destiny 2 RAZER Mouse
  • Sound
    Razer kraken 4.1 pro
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    windows 10

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  1. it may be unrelated but with cold war and battlefield V (especially battlefield V) I experienced a small but noticeable bump in performance it just ran smoother when it came to stutter.
  2. So my friend has the non-bluetooth version of this keyboard linked below and MAN DOES IT FEEL AMAAZIINGGG. I may ask for this for my birthday also (if you've seen my previous post) if there is another mechanical keyboard with these switches that would be a better bang for your buck then please let me know I would love bluetooth and 60% just to get rid of wires and more desk space. https://www.amazon.com/Epomaker-Bluetooth-Swappable-Mechanical-Waterproof/dp/B088DPV8RK/ref=pd_sbs_6?pd_rd_w=lUEc8&pf_rd_p=c52600a3-624a-4791-b4c4-3b112e19fbbc&pf_rd_r=GEJE7RRNAJM93KY9KM
  3. Hey! its been a while and I have a question :) I am currently looking to put some items on my birthday list since my family is begging me for one. I have the ASUS ROG STRIX B-450F GAMING mother board with one NVME ssd already in (the slot I believe is either right next to the top PCI-e slot or its near the bottom? its been a while) but its only enough for windows and a small sized game. I have plenty of games where I see my hard drives are not handling the loading times/performance as well as it wants too. I have 1 7200 drive thats pretty big and abunch o
  4. So I was having a convo with my buddies and it came up that one of them needed a new cpu badly for the new games coming out that he wants to play and I started to think I may be starting to get outdated to where Im getting lower fps I have a ryzen 5 2600 combo'd with a rtx 2070 super Im mostly going to play watchdogs, cyberpunk and call of duty in the very near future not sure about later on I feel like I am fine but not sure with the next gen of games coming out soon! If I am not what would be a good upgrade my Motherboard is a ASUS ROG STRIX
  5. So my little brother is an INSANELY huge fan of Xbox exclusives and hearing the news that 343 and Microsoft are looking into canceling the Xbox one version of halo infinite it got me worried. I have a spare PC in my closet that works pretty decent (will definitely struggle with next-gen games) when/if they announce that the halo infinite port for Xbox one is going to be canceled. I want to transition him over to PC. Me and my middle brother have played on PC for a decent amount of time now but my little one has NO experience and he is pretty far behind academically so it will be tough for him
  6. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J41Y4YY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_G6gqFbKGAZ2R8 Would this work?
  7. No it doesn't seem to have RF it only has 4 different types of component
  8. Damn, it was gonna be free and he was gonna drop it off at my door step. How "not cheap" is it? He said he can give me a " coax transformer"
  9. So I have been looking for a small tv for my retro games to put on my bookshelf http://imgur.com/a/SMIgs2j The person who is basically giving this and another away is saying that there is no way to hook up any retro console to the tv is this true?
  10. Woah, I don't even remember making this thread!! Well thank you guys so much! For the replies
  11. I would love a good wireless gaming headset with minimal latency and best audio quality and good battery life I do not need a mic at all as I have a standalone microphone I would love to get the best bang for your buck. I found a steel series one https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X64MTGL/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_rRx1EbTAKHS8Q I have heard good things about steel series. If you need a good comparison of what I have currently I have a razer kraken pro v2 (USB) I don't really mind range too much? Just enough to get across a bedroom without disconnection. I d
  12. I just randomly started up my PC after not using it all day and trying to launch call of duty and it shuts down and all the fans on the GPU goes at 100% and then booting up the system again windows starts and it starts immediately now im able to track whats going on. and this is whats happening? EDIT: Its been the same settings I've had forever and its randomly starting doing this
  13. Yea, I havent seen that but thats probably the reason. I was looking at the ender 3 since thats practically the only printer I see on r/3dprinting