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  1. Im going to start by saying, dont bother telling me "its outdated" or "get new system" cause your just a jerk, This (builds.gg) is the system im having the problem with, BIOS version 1.3.0 OS windows 10 64 bit (although potentially that has no reason to cause the problem IDK) so the problem comes when doing a cold boot, (this is why i dont think the OS is the matter) it powers on normall does the first beep to indicate everythings working then freezes, i have tried unplugging drives, used on board graphics, unplugged anything that isnt needed, always freezes on the same spot a bit after the ra
  2. Hey i didnt know the best place to contact so i thought i would try here, I have an idea for a video for my own YouTube channel that I am wanting to work on, I am just wanting to know if it would be possible to use one of the LTT videos in my video as part of the demonstration of the app that I am talking about, if not then could you direct me to some footage that is free to use that has talking on screen
  3. TIL, still that wont stop me from doing bodge
  4. the one thing that put me off doing a linux based NAS thing was cause all systems on my network are windows systems and im not sure how good the cross talk it between linux and windows, plus im a bodger so
  5. Heres a fun idea, a bodge home made NAS. Using older hardware (like talking things you can only find on facebook marketplace/ebay or have laying around from years of upgrading (except for drives maybe)) and showing different ways you can turn that into a network storage system (use different tools including Windows itself)
  6. cant you even do a bodge nas style thing with windows and have it set up a lot quicker?
  7. the fact you went from 1 gen to the next gen the moment it dropped shows off a case of i need the newest thing, which that attitude comes hand in hand with the cry baby bitches who flip when they lose up to 10 fps when there in the 200, if it was almost half there frames going then they can complain but seriously, 10 frames?
  8. what really gets my goat up is when you see the enthusiasts with the highest end specs complain about getting fps drops of up to 10 which at the frame rates there at it seems as though the only way you could tell is if you had an FPS counter up
  9. no offence but i find people like you so annoying when it comes to computer parts, needing the newest things, thats actually one reason why im doing what i am doing with an old dell vostro tower. (check my profile plus ill put a builds.gg link there too later)
  10. Over the past few months I have been working on getting some old computer parts together (around $120 worth of old computer parts together) for the purpose of proving a point, and within the next month the journey is going to be coming to an end, if you wanna see what im on about then feel free to head over to my tech youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoYB_tOUBnVf4eobhPuI_BQ

  11. in my defence i was already typing before i saw your comment
  12. Lets start with CPU: Anything quad core or higher is good for gaming, personally for you I would suggest a 2400g or a 3400g from AMD (this also takes care of graphics but ill still address that later For the motherboard this is technically the hardest component to choose cause you have Intel and AMD then you have to worry about if the CPU you bought will work out the box, and thats before thinking about the technologies it has on it (pcie gen 4, m.2, overclockability) I would say (including the suggestion I gave about the CPU) go for a B450 board this is what I recently got as an upgrade,