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    Definitely Places
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    Ryzen 5600x
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    Asus x570 TUF
  • RAM
    32GB CL16 3200
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    heckin' 1080
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    Corsair 450D
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    EVGA 750G+
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    The brown fans
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    Corsair (iCue sucks)
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    Audioengine 2+
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  1. Might as well be made of unicorn horns and leprechaun tears until they actually make something that represents a product...
  2. I would've been fine with $850 3080ti, $1200 is just shameless. Guess I'll just wait till 4000 series at this point, we're almost 1/2 through this GPU cycle anyways since 4000 series architecture is supposed to be released in 2022. This is pretty ridiculous.
  3. That sounds like a good time, I'd love to test a google watch and the pixel 6 before I buy them. Also there's absolutely 0 chance of onsite repairs unless it's screen replacement. The individual consumer doesn't want to pay what it actually costs to have trained staff repair their devices outside of a very few people.
  4. Sounds like Apple is going to lose and trying to shove whataboutism around to get it muddy enough to mislead the case.
  5. It's basically still in complete grey area because there is zero regulation on it aside from the IRS wanting a piece and tracking it as an investment for taxes but with no official label. I'd bet 99% of people have never paid taxes on any profit they've made from it, and there won't be a significant portion till next year's taxes since it's only a recent offering in mainstream trading apps that actually track your account and provide documents.
  6. I'm excited for this, my Fitbit Blaze is due for a replacement.
  7. Bier or Tenorite since they don't have the dumb fancy lower case g.
  8. I want to make it more mainstream so I can watch without people thinking I'm weird. It's like anime all over again.
  9. When the person you pay to be available on the store releases a copy of your product it's definitely grounds for a legal challenge.
  10. On the topic of efficacy, I don't see this as a viable solution for most online situations. We've moved towards intolerance of intolerance and this just makes people hide more about themselves. I'd rather people speak their mind so society can put them in their place. I can only see this being viable for things like live streaming chat content with 3rd party participants (call-in/opinion type content), and even then you'd only enable a small number of these filters unless you want the novelty of being misunderstood by everyone since I highly doubt it's going to be woke enough. In most oth
  11. I've already been memeing this hard since it's not gonna work at all.
  12. QVL is a list of verified modules, anything not on it means it may or may not work from default XMP profiles... You'll need to manually tune it if XMP doesn't work, and even then, it might not work. The RAM is rated at it, but that doesn't mean the motherboard will cooperate at those default settings. You'll likely be stuck at 3200 until you find the timings that work with your particular board or they add more updates that tweak the BIOS and support more RAM. In my BIOS updates it literally lists "Added more RAM support" as a feature.
  13. Your board supports those, just not the specific RAM modules you have. You can probably google QVL and your RAM serial and get some results.
  14. The memory comes with the settings and the BIOS picks them up as an option. I can't really think of an analogy for it. My memory is also rated for 3600 but was a few letters off the supported SKU and I can only get it to 3466 stable so far, obviously it's not ideal for Ryzen so I dropped it to 3200 and am waiting on new BIOS updates for stability.