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    Definitely Places
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    Asus Z board
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    16Gb Dominator Plat
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    heckin' 1080
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    Corsair 450D
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    EVGA 750G+
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    The brown fans
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    Corsair (iCue sucks)
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    Audioengine 2+
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  1. I bought a beta when they released the hangar, that was like 5 years ago or something. It would be neat but I'm not holding my breath
  2. The EVGA 1080 ACX is still my favorite looking gpu ever, but I am a bit biased.
  3. I pirate shows and movies because there's a real lack of centralized access and accessibility, I also own quite a few of the things I pirate. Digital versions are far superior to a stream or physical in some cases. Also I really don't want to own a lot of the stuff I watch, I just want to binge it over a few days, and they're not priced for that kind of usage. Also I already subscribe to several services already, I have little desire to add more of them.
  4. Not sure why you have that issue, just commenting that 8k streaming on a laptop screen seems incredibly pointless.
  5. They love to put out double vram versions for whatever reason, no reason for most consumers at this time, but previously when 3GB was a thing it was actually a good thing to consider, but at around 6-8 you really don't need to look for much more, 8 will be relevant for a good while, and 10 as well.
  6. Remove 1 stick, make sure 2 are still inserted in dual channel config. This might explain the motherboard not applying a proper memory clock to them. if they are all the same type I'd go ahead and get a 4th that also matches, or just stick with 2. But it's more important to confirm that they're running at a proper speed first.
  7. Edited my post since I misworded, 3 sticks can make it run all single channel instead of double, which is why they're usually sold as matched sets.
  8. You have 3 slots of RAM, which likely means all 3 are running single channel, I'd unslot the single channel ram and make sure you're dual channeling the other 2 and see if that affects the speed.
  9. Haha nice! Guess it's time to construct an air conditioned box for it then!
  10. Check task manager and tell me what the RAM displays as, I've provided my own as an example.
  11. Good catch, I just naturally dismissed it when it said serial and missed the PCI part. That might actually be the solution.
  12. Gratz, no hate, wish I had the income to snag a higher tier card but the 3080 meets all my needs. Go grab some top benchmark scores while the bar is still relatively low!
  13. It's been said way too many times already, but, gamers don't need more VRAM than the current cards offer. There are a very few edge cases that will want it, but short of blowing extra money, it will do absolutely nothing for 99% of people.
  14. Could be a faulty header, or faulty RGB. But as long as the fan curve works and it spins I'd just be happy with it. It's unfortunate but the only thing you can really do is keep trying or give up.