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    Ryzen 5600x
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    Asus x570 TUF
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    32GB CL16 3200
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    heckin' 1080
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  1. On the topic of efficacy, I don't see this as a viable solution for most online situations. We've moved towards intolerance of intolerance and this just makes people hide more about themselves. I'd rather people speak their mind so society can put them in their place. I can only see this being viable for things like live streaming chat content with 3rd party participants (call-in/opinion type content), and even then you'd only enable a small number of these filters unless you want the novelty of being misunderstood by everyone since I highly doubt it's going to be woke enough. In most oth
  2. I've already been memeing this hard since it's not gonna work at all.
  3. QVL is a list of verified modules, anything not on it means it may or may not work from default XMP profiles... You'll need to manually tune it if XMP doesn't work, and even then, it might not work. The RAM is rated at it, but that doesn't mean the motherboard will cooperate at those default settings. You'll likely be stuck at 3200 until you find the timings that work with your particular board or they add more updates that tweak the BIOS and support more RAM. In my BIOS updates it literally lists "Added more RAM support" as a feature.
  4. Your board supports those, just not the specific RAM modules you have. You can probably google QVL and your RAM serial and get some results.
  5. The memory comes with the settings and the BIOS picks them up as an option. I can't really think of an analogy for it. My memory is also rated for 3600 but was a few letters off the supported SKU and I can only get it to 3466 stable so far, obviously it's not ideal for Ryzen so I dropped it to 3200 and am waiting on new BIOS updates for stability.
  6. Try different BIOS versions, make sure you give it time to fully update. I circled the ones you need to use, make sure you read the readme since you sometimes need to rename it or click something and put it someplace specific. https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Motherboard/B450-AORUS-Elite-V2-rev-1x/support#support-dl
  7. Your board's QVL doesn't show support for G Skill 3600 modules, anything not on the QVL is a gamble on it working out of the box. You'll like need to manually tune it or it just won't work at all.
  8. Having been in the military and used some of the tech, I'm aware. But this is a real step forward for it, we could definitely integrate this with specialty roles like JTAC for more accurate close fire or pinpoint strike missions. The drone and satellite tech exists already with all the features I listed, you'd just need route that data into the HUD for an operator to manipulate. It's the doorway that leads to the next phase of AR interfaces.
  9. That pretty much means there's a limitless amount of information you could beam over the AR interface. I'm talking straight up video game HUD. Think about all the stuff you have access to in video games through the HUD, this is the keystone for making them a reality. We have thermal, IR, regular cameras, satellite feeds , and other information that can be beamed around. You just need to be able to interface with it.
  10. I imagine that these will be used heavily with drone warfare for realtime targeting/tracking/navigation and with the AR you could even integrate armor piercing/bunker buster rounds through cover with pinpoint accuracy through HUD aim assist. It could really change special forces operation effectiveness and highly accurate pinpoint strikes. Just imagine some of the thermal/IR imaging stuff you see in video games that appear in your HUD, this is the doorway to that.
  11. Had missed the "up to" part so thanks, but I'm still looking to make up my lesser transfer rate in real world performance as it's clearly marked out there, and it should be possible to push it closer to the 10Gbps speed, I think they're lowballing in the product page anyways. I've got a new cable on the way and will be testing some things to get it pushed higher.
  12. Me being an idiot again, I was transferring from a HDD with the 180MB/s result, NVME to NVME is peaking at 680MB/s with an irregular file load. Which is still less than the advertised 10Gbps which comes out to ~1250MB/s. So issue is still present, and curious where the bottleneck exists.
  13. Title. I purchased a WD Black 500Gb SN750 NVME to pair with a Sabrent USB 3.2 Type-C NVME enclosure to take advantage of faster transfer speeds over traditional USB drives since I've found most of them to be disappointing for large files. Initialized the drive as GPT and NTFS, connected to my rear 3.2 Gen 2 port with a 6ft cable and the speed maxed at 35MB/s, realized I was an idiot and switched to the shorter cable that was included with the drive enclosure and was able to achieve 180MB/s with a single large file which is still just 15% of what USB 3.2 Gen 2 is rated for (10 Gbps).
  14. You said you're getting frame laggs on games when playing youtube? This can happen with screens not running at the same FPS when a game is fullscreened. Only fix I've found is trying other browsers till you find one that doesn't degrade either experience. Also I haven't read everything in this thread but with a 8700k you're not CPU limited at 1440p. I would compare other game benchmarks rather than what you're trying to assume should run way better since it's unoptimized for PC since ubisoft is lazy, and idk about destiny. Doom would be a way better benchmark, or Borderlands 3 even.
  15. I was asked by a school admin/my teacher to build an ASIC/GPU miner for study/club funding purposes right during the crypto bust, I said the same thing I say now, ASICs are wasteful, they're worth nothing once difficulty shifts beyond profit, or their recoup rate requires large investment to see any amount of real gains and I don't see them as a good demonstration piece. I said the same thing about GPUs miners except that we can repurpose most of it for gaming PCs for recreation/competition machines in the future, which is why we ended up buying several RX570's I believe. I will still sta