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  1. I would assume for £4 the sensor you are going to be getting in that mouse will be the cheapest of the cheap. It looks like its LED and perhaps it is very limited as to what it will work on.
  2. I believe so :(... You can probably find a workaround to get it working but to be honest with you. If that server is important, do you really want a potentially unstable system? As for upgrading to 2016 etc, you will need to make sure all your programs in use have support for the new version of Windows Server, its a bit of a minefield im afraid.
  3. I know Windows 8/8.1 has issues with Ryzen and Kabylake. WS 2012 is based on 8.1 so I would assume it may inherit the same issues.
  4. Acutally I have just found the offical sizing guide for NAV. Use that as your baseline. Link appears to be dead, but it will be out there
  5. Through a bit of searching I have found this forum thread: " Microsoft has run benchmarks (NAV 2013 R2) with 500 users on a 4 core server with less memory. They are recommending around 125 users per core. I tend to be a bit more conservative and spec around 50 - 75 users per core. "
  6. Microsoft NAV will have some formal recommendation documentation regarding "X users then you need Y hardware at minimum". Have a search for it.
  7. Nerd

    1. techstorm970


      Nerd is the word. B|

      (Nerds are cool is what I'm trying to say.)

  8. The simplest way to fix this issue is to do a reinstall of Windows. The answer above is incorrect, Hardware Reserved should be around 100MB not GB's.
  9. Yes, backup all your stuff.
  10. Yes you can mesh the AP's together. Ubiquiti use a software controller (program that you install) to manage your AP's.
  11. That volume ID is useless. I will say it again, you cannot recover your data without the pre-shared key (password). Its like if I converted "hello" to "3455hb453" there is no way you will ever guess the original if I did not tell you the rules on how to get it back. That is encrption for you. Thats why we use it.
  12. Without the password or recovery key the data is gone, reformat the disk to reuse it.
  13. Right click your D: partition and select Extend. You should be able to use the remaining unallocated space.
  14. Single card > SLi
  15. It has no offical support but people have been running the Batman SLI "bits" and getting good results