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  1. Interesting build, can't wait to see how this turns out.
  2. looks good man, very cool
  3. if $18 USD is the difference between ensuring that the part will arrive working or with a good return system if it doesnt work then i would say spend the $18
  4. If you go to the pc part picker website select ram then price low to high filter to DDR4 and 16 gb and go for the cheapest you find. just have to cough up there is no outstanding value at current prices. I got Hyper X 8GB DDR4 2400 for around £70 the prices scale almost perfectly to double the cost of 8gb more often than not. unfortuante, but just how it is for the time being.
  5. that would likely be your problem, try a psu from a reputable brand and 650w would be more than sufficient for your current build.
  6. I think if it is a case of high temps, try knocking the OC down a bit.
  7. Have you got the rig OC'd what are your specs?
  8. As far as im aware in Scotland I was never taught Creationism outside of religous classes, Although our eductaion systems are independant from one another so maybe that's why you guys have been taught it in science classes.
  9. Don't live your life based on what job you you can do for the most money, you should really do what makes you happy. I couldn't care if I got paid 100K if I hated the job I would still be miserable.
  10. that's hilarious! it takes a certain kind of intelligence it seems.
  11. There is a certain degree of awesomeness that i can confirm, not as if I'm being biased or anything...
  12. *sighs* I feel a great deal of shame for my nation...