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  1. Banned for chickening out and not wanting to visit anymore.
  2. Mqb platform is kind of the same but the golf is considerably different than the polo.
  3. I invite you to the Netherlands to come and meet me.Banned for thinking too much of yourself.
  4. I would say thats more macbook pro 13.And you do know that the polo and golf are two seperate mmodels.
  5. Banned for judging me and not even knowing me.
  6. This may be a weird topic but it's frightening accurate. FX-8350 It's really inefficient, it's really fast in a straight line but that's about it... Oh yeah and it's "Murica MOAR POWER MORE CYLINDERS IS FASTER BRO!. Macbook Air. It's an overpriced (Volkswagen Polo), it's loaded with tech and it's small and lightweight.
  7. Banned for stating a weak argument.
  8. Banned for not knowing that navel cord is also correct.
  9. Banned for being a baby that can speak English.
  10. Banned for being so young I can hear that navel cord being cut.
  11. Banned for not knowing I'll be your future partner.
  12. Oh come on babe, it's just a joke aight.
  13. Banned for being so young I can hear you screaming because you're diaper is full.