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    Long Beach, L.A. County
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    Surfing, gaming, chemistry, and a bunch of girl stuff haha
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    Cashier At Forever 21


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    FX 8320
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    Gigabyte 970a Ud3
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    8gb Corsair Vengeance 1866
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    R9 290
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    Corsair 500D Arctic
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    120gb SSD Evo, 1TB WD Black
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    Vizio 1080p
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    Hyper 212 Evo, 3 x 120mm, 1 x 240mm
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    K70 Raptor
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    Deathadder 2013

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  1. Yes we do, just go to the website. And we're all Battlefield veterans. The way we play, dominate air, land, and ground and communicate simultaneously. You can add a few of us. Just fill out and application and trial, you'll meet alot more of us that way.
  2. Randomly jump between forums, browse youtube. I hate being bored on my PC. What's interesting, gaming isn't always the cure all for that boredom.
  3. They're all going to perform about the same, absent one's with factory overclocks, so don't get too hung up. EDIT- Forgot to say you should consider getting an r9 290 in non reference design. As for the cpu, in a general sense a 4670k. Then again, AMD does have mantle and 8 core cpu's may be more viable for future gaming. Honestly, you can't go wrong either way.
  4. If AMD starts making APU's that are crossfire compatible or can supplement high end gpu's then that would be pure badassery. Atleast for the short term.
  5. No that's not the address. ts3.dfagaming.org:9987 this is the address. You may not have privileges so someone will have to pull you into the lobby.
  6. My cat chewed through my Turtle Beach X12's. I should be replacing them soon, I kind of have to since I administrate for a clan. You can join the teamspeak channel though a few of my friends should be in there. I'ts DFAgaming.org. Link is there. Not sure who's on though. Going to do alot of operation locker right now, want to give dmr's a shot. A noob tip, level up your assault class first and when you get the m416 start using it and swap your small medkits for the big bag as soon as you can.
  7. Sure, add me. CanWeTalkGaySex. I change my name pretty frequently, thinking about iGayAndrLikeGaySex. And yes, it does wonders for the in game chat.
  8. Haha get out of here. This better be the mmo I've been waiting for. As in, its quality and gameplay better be on par with mainstream action rgp's. It better take me a year to explore the entirety of its offerings. Me thinks not. Bet this game dies in less than 6 months. MMO's are just generally too static, to mechanical, and to ugly for me to be interested. And admittedly, I was kind of looking forward to this game.
  9. The fluctuations are normal but 75c idle IS NOT normal. I have a reference design as well and mine drops to 40 or lower.
  10. Do it and waste no time. Like I said, the effect of 75hz produces the same perception I have when using my 120hz bigscreen. A noticeable improvement, I'm happy
  11. I haven't bench marked specifically, and can't be troubled to do so simply because a million other people are going to do the work for me, but I no longer drop below 60 frames with the ultra preset ( max everything ). I range from 80 to 110, tested on golmud and locker. So yea, probably within that margin of 10% or above. Pretty great honestly.
  12. Battlefield 3 with thousands of hours played.