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  1. So I inherited an old hp prebuilt from my grandfather after he passed and it's just sitting around collecting dust because it's still running XP. I wanna put it to use as a garage pc that I can browse the web and maybe stream music while I work on my car. Problem is it's running what I'm assuming is an Allendale core 2 duo, because it's a dual core running at 2.4ghz and the time frame fits the bill, and I've only got 2gb of ram. So what I'm looking for is something light weight that's gonna actually run slightly quicker than the speed of paint drying without sinking any money into
  2. Linus freaking called it BMW is planning to start offering paid subscriptions for features in their cars. "The important takeaway here is that over-the-air updates and features will play a big role in BMW ownership, but more importantly, that users will have to pay for features already installed in their cars, such as heated seats, infotainment features, etc." Looks like cars as a subscription is way closer than anyone previously could have imagined. I bet they don't even drop prices in their cars either considering a base model 3 series starts a around $41000 US a