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  1. Good instruction page for using samba and for using the mdadm setup?
  2. I wish it was called simba not samba, would sound cooler.
  3. Yea that's what I meant, the hunting feature is a fail.
  4. Ohh yea that stuff usually works ok, the windows just finding computers on the network is what nev3r works.
  5. The backups would be put in this network folder is the idea, another use for it. I wouldn't have a clue how to mount it on windows, windows network stuff always seems to hate me
  6. Tell me more, I have wanted to do this for years and always failed. I have many different config files on different machines that a drive failure would and has made for a bad day/dayz
  7. Right now its the most recent version of ubuntu desktop with minecraft servers and a website on it.
  8. I think they are samsung 860 evos... or it's 870 evos? The most recent 500gb samsung sata ssds. Got 3 for Christmas, yea like if I could have a folder on my desktop to throw stuff in and it sync to the network drive that would be mint. Even a place to send the occasional backup.
  9. Trying to think of the best use for my drives, messing with the os and the website is really not necessary but the mc servers fill it, thoes i can move with amps built in functionality. I wish I could create a redundant network drive so i could use the storage space on my other conputers but they are all windows. I have so much storage! Lol
  10. Ok mr Linux, how can i move my WordPress site to the array and not brik my site forever?
  11. I mean tbh the only other thing i want to be on the raid array that's hard to move is my site.... the os is whatever
  12. I can see that you must, also yea that's a bummer not sure if my skills are adequate for this advanced stuff. Atleast If I can create a raid drive I can move the mc stuff there and store backups there if ubuntu has a good backup system utility. I have 3 brand new 500gb samsung ssds waiting to go to work.
  13. Currently using ubuntu 20. Whatever and oh ok cool.
  14. Cpu resources are not excessive so idk how a vm would effect that.