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  1. I have never used any sort of virus protection for ubuntu in the past and really have never had any issues, I am back hosting some minecraft servers for my friends since I have fibre and I am wondering if it is still the case that you really don't need either for Ubuntu? If you do need it what programs exsist for protection on ubuntu? Thanks!
  2. is that mic you linked an xlr mic? also I have other uses for my usb one or I could sell it to someone.
  3. See I could use a really nice xlr mic for other things, whare a usb mic I cannot
  4. hmmmm interesting, is that an xlr mic? the aston shealth. Also I have a thing for mics that's why I want to upgrade. Do I stil need this with the aston one? https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00FFIGZF6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1
  5. Ohh cool, some weird reason I didn't think there was an audio section:p
  6. Would all of these mics be an upgrade over the samsom gtrack?
  7. That's a nice mic! Although I'd prefer to stick with usb mics Although I'm sure that's easy to adapt. Not sure i need that fancy but it is pretty..... haha
  8. That's actually a really cute looking mic
  9. Gaming, streaming, meetings....ect
  10. I am curious what is a really good mic these days? I Have a Samson gtrack which is pretty good but it's a bit older. Would I get much improvement from a newer better mic or is that still a pretty decent one? I find it hard to judge the quality of my own audio. Thanks!
  11. I just went through the process that is automated, just asked me if i wanted to upgrade and such. I made sure to keep config files the same though. Database is hosted locally, standard mysql database. WordPress runs on this pc with the apache service. It is 100% hosted on that pc, i just realized maybe i need to update apache and the database program. It's been a while since I set it up, just followed a guide. I have fibre so it's a fast website.
  12. The number of replies makes me think this is a more annoying issue than I thought. I'll have to check everything over again, see if I can find anything
  13. So I had this happen before and I don't think it was a big deal but I forget how to fix it, I updated the ubuntu version on one of my servers that hosts my farm website. All went fine except now wordpress cannot connect to database so I get that error connecting to database thing. The settings are still correct, the database is still there and online so I am not sure what the update changes that causes this problem. Anyone know? thanks! if you need more info just say so and ill get what you need :)
  14. Zoom or any other thing shoves my mic down because the input is very strong. It's one of thoes Samson gtrack usb mics, like i could blow someone's ears off in discord at 80% volume. I'll look into that though, never really had any issue witu this mic in anything else before
  15. So idk why but in discord my mic is great volume and sound great. In phasmophobia my volume acts like it has a 70% volume damper on it so I have to Max it out completely. I only have one mic attached and it's reading the right mic but for some reason it lowers the audio like crazy. I checked settings..... in beta it seems I can boost it but not in normal. This is on Ubuntu btw