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    My life is dedicated to building up pc's and coding as well as watching ANIME and read MANGAS:
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  1. No you cannot use your phones wireless, you need to use a wireless adapter and here is a guide on how to hack wifi using your phone-pretty interesting https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/forum/hack-wi-fi-using-android-phone-tablet-and-external-wifi-adapter-0166932/
  2. Never mind I will figure it out . Thanks anyway for the overall help, I am glad that this forum always have the answers , i need haha
  3. The point is that I dont know , but what I beleive it would not matter since learning obj-c will be learnign C with just some changes in the commands and the strucure of the compiler
  4. Thanks for the information on that. So , now that I put more thinking in my thought . I would say that during the holidays is better to learn C rather than python since most of my uni courses are based on C programming. On my resume would it make any difference if instead of learning C , I learn Obj-C since I want to become an apple developer ?
  5. I totally agree with you ... At school I have taken computer science and we are beginning with VB - which I totally disagree with my school learning VB , I prefer learning Python instead . There in the Holidays I will put some effort in learning some python and VB . Especially in summer I will emphasise on learning python and C or Obj to be able to write even a small programme and publish it - to show to the uni that I indeed have some experience. I have seen in my university page the cources and indeed C++ is the one they are focus on. There as you have said learning more programming la
  6. Thanks for making it clear to me So basicly what I should learn is Python and Matlab to be able also to write it on my cv.
  7. Thanks for anwering What about python , I investigated a little but I wasnt able to conclude somewhere.... There matlab is must for engineering like fortran used to be and still is. Mathematica is just a quick tool lets say ... Correct me If I am wrong. So I am able to learn both matlab and mathematica but I need to have a level of enginnerring background to be able to do any programming right ? Its not just like other programming languages right ?
  8. Hello guys, Well my question is the difference between Wolfram Language - or Mathematica and Matlab. Does anyone has experience with both ? And which is better and in what prospective you have decided it. I search the internet before coming here but I wasnt able to retrieve much and I got a little bit comfused. Another question ... I am interesting in Electrical Engineering therefore if anyone is an electrical engineering was it difficult to learn matlab ? And also since I have 1 year until the time comes to go to the university I want to get the most of that year therefore is it p
  9. There is a problem with your source hardisk asumming your SSD is new , so the only choice is to click 'ignore all sector erros' in order to clone the hardisk
  10. There are no bad pipe errors if there are can you put a screenshot , there are only 'unable to read sector ' , atleast with acronis that i use everyday
  11. Now I have completly understand so there isnt any other way but to do hands on , and practical things on a idea you want to develop, thanks
  12. But to build something you need to have a basic overall image of electronics which i dont I am a complete newbie at most
  13. Hello guys , I would like to start with electronics learn the basics and some day be able to make my own circuit boards and electronic devices. So basicly I have bought an Arduino and done almost all the exercises includes inside the box and thaths all , i dont know where to go now , what to by what to learn. So if you are kind enough you can explain me how you guys got started with electronics and your learning curve if possible Thanks
  14. We are not here to suggest anyone what to put on their systems , thats why is a forum where people make theads and other people reply what they beleive . I am not saying Ubuntu is great , or suse is great. Every OS has its own problems like Ubuntu , like Win , like macOS . For me to get started with linux i used Ubuntu to get familiar with the overall image of Linux and what linux is .... I changed within a month to suse , fedora , PClinux , mint ,puppy , xubuntu and others
  15. Try ubuntu , ubuntu is a very good start because it doesent remove you from the GUI you used to have in windows and its easy to manipulated around. Ubuntu also has an ubuntu store where you can download apps and packages without the need to get into terminal staff. By saying you want to learn linux you basicly want to learn command line which is a bit difficult due to the too many commands needed to remember and the difficulty of doing with scripts and text editors for the servers which was UNIX in the beginning was made off. There are a variety of versions ( named distributions or