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  1. hi im getting the lg27gp850 with a nano ips display. So i was thinking would calibrating the monitor make a big difference and is it worth it as i am only playing games and watching youtube videos on it
  2. Ambient occlusion Anistopic filtering Image sharpening
  3. Hi, I want to get the lg27gp850 and an rtx 3080. The issue is do u recommend I leave the nvidia control panel settings on default or tweak them as I don't want to potentially mess up the display or performance. I'm just not sure
  4. Lets say i get one router from talktalk and a couple of people use that. Then a get a gaming nighthawk router and a couple people use that. Would that be a problem?
  5. Is it possible to have two different routers from different providers in a household? And what would be the disadvantage of it
  6. Razer nari ultimate headset And razer nommo chroma speakers
  7. Im new when it comes to sound cards. Im getting a £200 headset and £150 speakers should i get a powerful sound card for example a card from asus or stick with a built in card on the motherboard?
  8. Ping is 11ms Download is 30 mb/s Upload is 27 mb/s
  9. This is the wifi usb adapter im using below. The wifi 6 card i want to get is below. And my current router is a sky q hub router.
  10. Should i consider getting a new router if i get a wifi 6 card?
  11. Could u fit a pcie sound card and a wireless network card on the motherboard listed below ?
  12. A displayport 1.4 cable im looking on amazon for one but cant find them
  13. Im looking for displayport 1.4 that supports 4k 144hz but i can't find one.