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    Linux, programming, drones, IoT


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    i5 2520M
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    2 x 4 GB
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    HD 3000
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    250 GB SSD
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    65 W
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    AUO 1600x900
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    Thinkpad legendary 7 raw
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    A4Tech Bloody
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    Arch Linux + i3wm

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  1. I do not use browser sync and some people laugh at me. I just backup browser profile with other stuff.
  2. mate_mate91

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    I do not even remember my passwords. I just remember algorithm i used to generate password in my head. This way when i want to log in on some website i regenerate password with that algorithm in my head and type it in.
  3. mate_mate91

    Why people use MacOS?

    How can i not tell you that linux users are more advanced when you say things like this. Linux is not reliable, said no one ever! That is why people use it on servers, mission critical devices, supercomputers, smart cars and places like that. Linux is much more reliable then mac os or windows!
  4. mate_mate91

    Why people use MacOS?

    Well looks like mac OS is for you. This is why i posted earlier that linux users are much more advanced then mac os users. Even windows users (More then mac os users quantity combined) are more advanced then mac os users. This is why you like mac os because adding kernel parameter is great wall of china for you. You stop and return where you came from.... First of you should choose distro wisely. I would suggest manjaro to you. I had never problems with it. Like i said before linux is all about giving choice to the user. You could easily blacklist radeon and os would use that "amdgpu thing" but you must research. Many people have written many topics about how to do some things in linux, that includes me. I have written dozens of topics. You just have to read
  5. mate_mate91

    Why people use MacOS?

    Because nvidia does not open drivers and their drivers are crap on linux. Usually cause black screens and system boot problems. You clearly do not know what you are talking about! Saying it's linux fault that nvidia does not work well on it is like saying it's my fault that we have not landed on mars anyone yet. It's the nvidia who won't open their drivers and won't tell the comunity how their cards work. I do not know if you are a programmer and have worked with IOT, but without datasheets those controllers are gurbage. You won't be able to use them. Just like linux comunity is not able to create drivers for nvidia cards. It's nvidias fault! If they opened THEIR drivers comunity would fix all that bugs and improve them. Amd is good example here, they have opensourced drivers. Linux being stable does not need argument. Most supercomputers, smart cars, smartphones, smart everything, servers, routers and other devices run LINUX! Not windows, not mac os but linux! Linux is all about being open and give choice to user apple does not give you choice. It decides itself what you need, want, require and you can only agree to that and that's it. They do not give you a choice to use nvidia cards in their latest OS so you won't be able to. But in linux many people use nvidia gpus for things other then gaming. For machine learning, calculations, mining, rendering and so on. You said these sentences in THE SAME POST.
  6. mate_mate91

    Why people use MacOS?

    Now make that windows taskbar disapear and never apear again on mouse movement to that place Windows 10 is slightly better then mac os when it comes to customizability. You are also not allowed to do many things in windows. On the other hand i can build my linux installation from scratch, i mean literally from scratch. Starting with kernel I can make my taskbar or dock apear in the middle of the screen if i want to. User is god in linux. He/She can change ANYTHING in it. Linux is WAYYYYYYY ahead of windows and macOS in this and in other things too be it security, privacy, speed, supporting slow hardware because of low requirements and so on and on. This goes like this Linux > windows > Any other OS > maybe you forgot some OS > mac os
  7. mate_mate91

    Why people use MacOS?

    If you were good at linux you would know nvidia does not work well with linux. Hell it does not even work at all in latest mac OS Because nvidia is crap company! That is why linux creater said "Nvidia fuck you". Just disable nvidia gpu or tinker with it to get it working but do not use that as argument. This is not linux fault. Nvidia won't open drivers and they also won't create good drivers for linux!
  8. mate_mate91

    Why people use MacOS?

    I used windows for many years. Started using linux in dual boot in 2009. I have also used mac os for about 8-9 months and then became full time linux user. mac os is slow! Animations make them even slower. Not responsive at all! Even latest macbook with latest and greatest NVMe ssd and latest mac os is slower then my t440s with SATA III ssd and arch + i3 wm configuration. My OS is VERY fast in terms of responsiveness. Blazing fast. I even have changed kernel for responsiveness. It uses only 170 MB RAM on fresh start. Very lightweight. And it does whatever i tell it to. Nothing more! Mac os is too locked down to the point that i think it's created for dumb users who can't use linux or unix but do not want windows. Mac os usualy drops support for some hardware (Why would you drop support for hardware that is ralatively new and works great). Mac os is shit when it comes to 3D performance and games. It does not come to close to windows when it comes to software support. Windows (I hate it) does all the things. It has shitload of support from developers. Games, 3D performance, production specific science equipment and medical equipment everything work in windows. It's more open then os that's based on unix. It's funny but this is truth. Yeah it slows down and you need reinstall, but that's not an argument to use mac os. There is linux for that. You can turn on your linux installation and never turn it off. It will work until your hardware dies I worked in earth sciences we had earthquick sensors network all over my countries teritories. Of course we ran linux. Linux is used in scientific researches. I worked there for 3 years and when i came main server had 1448 days uptime. I left that job and the server was not turned off during those 3 years. Imagine if it was windows server mac os server? That's funny LOL. mac os is not needed in any way. Windows can do anything! But if you want stable os that you install only once and it just works you can use linux. Privacy is much better then anywhere else, linux is highly customizable, you can have mac os looks on it, windows looks, you can do anything on it. Thing is mac os is used by people that do not know anything in computers. They are all noobs. They only know how to open browser and create new folder. That is why you must not argue with people that say mac os is better then some other os. They are not tech people. They just do not know. If they new they would not use mac os, PERIOD!
  9. mate_mate91

    Apple Kills Facebook’s Internal Apps on iOS

    LOL you just can't stop trying to make android users believe that iphone is better then android. Android is linux. Linux > any other OS EVER CREATED. Go pay premium for flexgate macbooks, shitty keyboards and designed to break hardware. If you break rear glass on newer iphones it costs 499$ to change it. LOL JUST A GLASS! I FUCKING LOVE apple because it ripps off their users like you, who do not understand anything in tech.
  10. LOL i have 256 GB SSD in my lapto. filled 50% of it. Never over it. I have SO MANY things on it. My nexus 5 & 4 are both 16 GBs. I always have 10 GB Free on them. Only once i could only leave 4 GB free but i was testing different OSs on them. I had 4 OS installed simultaniously. Quad boot. Android, ubuntu touch, sailfish, firefox OS.
  11. mate_mate91

    NZ fibre puts many countries to shame

    And here i am paying 18$ for 50 Mbit/s up and down in Georgia.
  12. mate_mate91

    2016-18 MacBook Pros are suffering from "Flexgate"

    Stop bragging about 3D Touch on the iPhone because Android O is bringing that feature to the Android world I have that feature on my nexus 4 & 5
  13. mate_mate91

    2016-18 MacBook Pros are suffering from "Flexgate"

    1 NVMe does not matter. Other phone manufacturers have faster memory now. 2 3D touch from apple is stupid! Android added that feautre without adding new hardware to the phone and works flawlessly. 3 First device with fingerprint sensor was motorola atrix and first device with underscren fingerprint sensor Vivos phone. 4 Other companies have made much bigger steps in the technology. Example AMD. Made X64, first 1 GHZ CPU, first Dual core CPUs, Freesync, Vulkan. But no one talks about them.
  14. mate_mate91

    2016-18 MacBook Pros are suffering from "Flexgate"

    You forgot one very stupid fail from apple. These new macbooks dies when their batteries die I'll explain. If battery dies you can't turn it on even if you connect charger to it.
  15. mate_mate91

    2016-18 MacBook Pros are suffering from "Flexgate"

    They are richest company not because they have geniuse engineers, but because they have genius marketologists and shameless engineers.