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    i9 9900k
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    My own electric station
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  1. HAHA I use arch linux and i have optimized for speed and responsiveness. I compared it to freeBSD and openBSD and my system is much more responsive!
  2. HAHA linux is not stable. I hear this many times on this forum. Seems like you guys who say this can't configure/use it. But the truth is it's the most stable OS in the world! That's why it's used in many places! Repositories ARE app stores! You just type pacman -S vim and vim installs. If you want GUI there are graphical interface programs where you find software (say vim) click install and it just installs. What is it if it's not an app store? Resource usage matters! That is why linux can run on very slow hardware. If something is too old to run windows even xp which is outdated
  3. If you are good at something, never do it for free! Cool, but if he was black-hat hacker i guess he would have earned much more depending what kind of vulnerabilities he found.
  4. Cool, now apple fans would not have any argument to recomend macs. They already are overpriced as hell and give nothing to the user that others do not have for way less money but now HUH macbooks will suck! I guess they won't lower prices, because you know it's apple. I already use linux on arm and they run prety fast. You can make linux use so little RAM and resources. You will never be able to modify macos that way. Linux is coolest OS. You can run it on potatoe and in some programs it can be faster then mac on i7 My laptop with arch linux uses 145 MB RAM on fresh boo
  5. You do not know what is going on here. There is a fine if you cross the street where it's prohibited BUT if you do this in front of a police car they won't stop you! They do not care! If you speak on phone while driving there is fine for it too, but still you CAN talk on phone while driving and if policeman sees you they won't care! They do not give a shit about us! 2 Weeks ago one 17 year old girl who does not even have driving licence ran into public road near lake and killed 1.5 year old little girl. They gave her JUST 3 year sentence. But this week there was a leak about one politicians pr
  6. Not only looks. In my country people drive very dangerously. About 700-800 people are killed in road accidents and only in 2018 year 9 month period 6757 were injured. Georgias population is only 3.7 milion. This is like a jungle, strongest survives. If someone hits you in this car you have much more chance to die then for example in mercedes C classes. Japanese cars fold like paper in car accidents.
  7. Why do these hybrid/electro cars look like shit! I would not even sit in this car. It's so ugly! They are supposed to be prety so that everyone buys them and earth becomes greener, but it looks like they intentianly make them ugly so that they sell more gasoline cars.
  8. If you want free disk space du won't give you that. du will give you file/folder disk usages. Title is wrong then. OP did not want free disk space, he wanted file/folder sizes.
  9. I am a developer and windows is shit for me. One employee at our company uses windows and he can't do basic tasks in windows which others are doing in seconds in linux. It's just not suited for it. In linux you are the god. You can do literaly ANYTHING.
  10. df -h is actually better command to show disk usage
  11. Do not forget that on mac os it required BLANK password to enter the machine as root user LOL This kind of bugs that need physical interaction with the machine is less harmfull, because if an attacker/hacker already has your machine there well your screwed. Not that mac os bug. That's exceptional LOL Some programmer was VERY lazy checking password.
  12. I do not use browser sync and some people laugh at me. I just backup browser profile with other stuff.
  13. I do not even remember my passwords. I just remember algorithm i used to generate password in my head. This way when i want to log in on some website i regenerate password with that algorithm in my head and type it in.
  14. How can i not tell you that linux users are more advanced when you say things like this. Linux is not reliable, said no one ever! That is why people use it on servers, mission critical devices, supercomputers, smart cars and places like that. Linux is much more reliable then mac os or windows!