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  1. Well one of my PC's PSU exploded ( be quiet! PP11, there was smoke, terrible smell all over room and some liquid got on the dust filter/floor ) and it still was posting later so I guess it depends. Probs will have to test another charger if it doesn't work then it's mobo. Also here's what I've found in the charger, on the PCB there's some sort of liquid, not sure if its some glue and totally normal or not, and there's few bulging caps.
  2. Hello, so I have ~10yo Laptop ( based on the CPU launch date ) which still packs some power since it has GPU but recently it stopped booting after being in cold for max 2 hours at around -15celsius or 5F ( so probably no chances for condensation or something like that ). Basically what's going on is that the power LED turns on and turns off same second, I can also hear the CPU fan trying to start spinning but stops same sec also and if I hold the power button the LED is blinking and cpu fan is struggling to start like on a quick on/off loop. There's no battery and the charger/power s
  3. Thank you guys! I've managed to setup everything ( mainly using unRAID terminal and basic copy commands after I've found some of the directories in VM setup ), now the last problem is when I select my GTX 980Ti and I boot the OS, my screen simply goes black, I guess it's because I need second GPU. The IOMMU groups was fine out of the box, GPU isolated etc.
  4. Yeah I can run it on VMWare but w/ like 1-5fps, it's FiveM Roleplay ( GTA V ). Well I don't want to make a mess from my main daily "driver" OS. Also I don't get how Linux would help me run the VM better if I'm still going to boot unRAID from USB drive and it's gonna be exact same shit? Unless you mean to get rid of unRAID completely. But yeah.. If I could somehow get that .iso file in there that would solve most of the issues imho.
  5. Well in future I plan to do 1 PC - 2 OS/Gaming Station setup. But for now it's sort of practice, also I need to bypass HWID/UUID Ban and the only way is VM. No second PC/Laptop, maybe Android phone could work? Yeah I know, it's a shame you can't run unRAID using only 1 Drive. Maybe I could try to swap my HDD w/ old HDD and wipe that too so then I would have Drive 1 + Cache drive. But still no idea how I would copy the .iso.
  6. Yes but no cable to connect it to display ( it's GTX 260 ). Well, I'm using Windows on my host. I can't get the unRAID working without setting up the drives and when I setup the drive(s) I still can't copy the windows.iso file in there. I can't even remotely connect to unRAID since it's a single PC ( unRAID isn't installed on any drive, it's basically running on USB Drive, so when I go back to my "host" windows the unRAID isn't running as it doesn't even exist ). Also unRAID doesn't have any file manager which sucks the most. Tried copying the .iso like you've suggested u
  7. Yes it's for games ( u probably get an idea why I would need to play on VM in first place ) Full Specs: Not sure about the groups, I just put the A400 SSD in Drive 1 and Formatted+Started the Array.
  8. Workstation Pro 16. Problem is that GPU Passthrough is a must for me ( 980Ti ) that's why I've tried unRAID.
  9. Can you show the unraid settings in a screenshot? - Could only take a phone photo of my screen, not sure if unraid os can take screenshots ( I'm not connected to unraid via browser on my Win ). Can you copy the files in cmd? - Hmm.. probably. Got an answer on unraid forums that I could use Unassigned Devices plugin which would let me manage NTFS drives. Yeah I know that's not something would want to do, but it's temporary, VMWare sucks in terms of performance so I'm just trying Unraid VM instead.
  10. I can't open the Share. The SSD ( E: in my case ) is gone when viewing from original/primary Windows. And in Unraid there's nothing I can do, just a few settings.
  11. Hello guys, I'm trying to run Win 10 VM using UNRAID but for now everything is confusing.. Here's what I did so far: Added my secondary SSD in the Drive 1 slot ( the only spare drive which I can waste ) parity was unassigned and formated it in the Unraid GUI. Then I've Enabled/Added VM and downloaded the VirtIO Win drivers .iso. Now the problem is how do I put Windows.iso in that formated drive "isos" folder so I can select it when I boot Unraid? P.S. Unraid is on my USB Drive.
  12. They obviously degrade just like anything in this world, but 6years aren't that much and it should not decrease the sell value. Also "Audiophiles" don't really care about the product age, the condition is what matters. Keep in mind that eBay has high fees so you gonna need to raise the price by like $30-50 making it less attractive offer ( many just compensates w/ shipping price e.g. actual shipping is $6 but they ask $20-40 ) or put them for reasonable price and pay the $30-50 eBay fee later. I would try facebook marketplace instead or something similar ( like a local marketplace/tr
  13. Hi there, I was wondering what I could achieve using this system: CPU: R5 2600 GPU #1: 980Ti ( Here's the main question actually, I would like to use this GPU for both OS's simultaneously ). GPU #2: GTX 260 ( for UNRAID Server/OS ) x2 SSD ( A400 SATA & A2000 NVMe ) x1 1080p 144hz Monitor ( a friend would come with his 1080p screen, kb, mouse, in case two monitors is necessary for the setup I have old in my basement which is also perfect since 260 uses oldschool connection DVI and D-Sub ). PSU: TX850M RAM: 2x8GB Games intended to play: Nothing heavy, probably GTA FiveM ( I've be
  14. Hmm. It was like that, greyed out NCP. If I hit Restore in the NCP it lets me switch to Hi Performance, but as soon as I hit Apply it reverts to this same settings.
  15. Yes. I suppose situation like that would be impossible on PC