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  1. Uninstalling?

    Haha 95! Keep going back
  2. Is this game dead?

    Dude, I haven't got time to hate anyone on the internet.
  3. Is this game dead?

    Yes, after listening to the community and keeping the ones that listen up to date, after deciding to extend the scope of the game as per the majority of the backers want and after releasing a SQ42 demo/vertical slice it's a failure. As for Elite, we all know that every SC backer hates it so I suggest you don't bring it up unless you want a wave of angry people paying attention. I could never accept Elite as a game, there is nothing to do and I'd rather go play No Man's Sky.
  4. Is this game dead?

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 You keep up with the development you know what they are working on
  5. Yes the hat is the little "d pad" on the left
  6. Searching for a low spec offline game.

    Just a thought check out this https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQkd05iAYed2-LOmhjzDG6g
  7. 3.0 released to all backers https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16348-Star-Citizen-Alpha-300 Optimisation is still needed as they have found player count isn't the issue however doing things like exploding a Caterpillar full of cargo over a planetary base upsets the servers. Read more here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/star-citizen-alpha-3-0-performance-tidbits/824021 Squadron 42 demo was posted, personally I recommend watching the whole thing then listening to the directors commentary as they address a lot of issues I had with the gameplay. Personally I thought the acting and scripting was 10/10. Best scam ever. In other news, CIG are now going to quarterly year releases due to becoming to feature focused and not releasing enough in the previous year Org Related After a stressful year and agreeing with Corwin, I have handed ownership of the Discord Channel to him. He was already running 90% of it and it allows me to focus on more of the planning Saturday meet ups and more org stuff. If your not already on the chat join here: https://discord.gg/GxmAHM6 We finally hit the 3000 member mark, not bad for an org that isn't game related that refused to push up numbers by aggressive invitation. Squadrons are being reassessed for roles in game, more on that next year. Battle EXtravaganza 3.0 BEX 3.0 will be making a come back, it will involve fleet and squadron leaders fighting over different locations of the PU. Seperate thread to follow on that. This will also be the application that Code Wars will be creating The Council The Council will be established in 3.0 soon, not all roles will be available at the start as there is no trading nor will we be taxing until orgs 2.0/3.0 kicks in, however we will be testing the waters, once prepped and agreed with the High Council we will open to elections. Can't think of anything else at the moment. See ya in the verse.
  8. Was Derek Smart right?

    I think your under estimating how old some of us are
  9. 3.0 is going live on PTU

    Plenty of people from our Org
  10. Got a new ship, what do I do with it?

    a few big changes, the Raven isn't in SC just yet, I think it'll be in 3.0 but until then you'll have to wait or come chat with us on discord. https://discord.gg/tH7gxvA
  11. Quite new to Star Citizen

    2.6.3 yes you can type a nice command that'll allow single player but AI doesn't work, it's nice to enjoy the game at 60 FPS tho, create another shortcut and add: +map DFM_Crusader The PU is server side locked due to lack of network optimisation try applying adaptive sync on the nvidia control panel, you shouldn't get screen tearing unless you've turned V-sync off arena commander is quiet at the moment because no one is playing, single player is all you can do which is accessed through the menu https://discord.gg/tH7gxvA come join the LTT SC community on discord.
  12. Are you ready for 3.0?

    Pre 1.0a was hanger module 1.*a was dogfighting module and any updates after that 2.*a was first iteration of PTU 3.*a will be planet landing, AI and so forth. Believe Chris wants to call beta what it use to be where it use to be a stable build with all features in, not this beta that most games companies like EA role out. Chris has used No Man's Sky as an example he wants to avoid, hopefully he sticks with that perspective.
  13. CitizenCon 2017 Megathread

    The game is fun now, persistant universe included but the main issue is the same we had in 2015 which was the drought before the next big patch hopefully with the incremental patcher they release with 3.0 will mean we can have updates to gameplay sooner rather than having to wait, it's beginning to strain on the LTT crew that meet up every week.
  14. Question about the space snow

    the cosmic dust is minimal now compared to before and does actually exist IRL anyway (yes probably not to the same degree), CIG play around with the amount per location per patch anyway, I jumped on 2.6 and as I said it varies per location, broken moon has lots of cloud plus dust which TBH while playing I never noticed until you brought it up, the other map has like lava ash and the PU has very minimal amount that is white against the black of space and black when flying towards crusader (as below) but as Corwin said, you need it for flying.