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  1. SC on a Surface Book 2 15"

    If all goes well, when network culling is put in which is still being worked on, Should be implemented in 3.2 but I suggest trying 3.1.4 as it does seem a lot smoother
  2. For the Linux fans

    Gotta agree, had some games run better in Wine than the Linux ports, if it keeps improving I'll happily play SC on it
  3. For the Linux fans

  4. Half of the image cut off

    No problem sir just check your graphics control panel and see if you can edit the overscan
  5. Good timing since my joystick is flapping around everywhere, struggling to keep it stand up, it wants to flop to the right constantly. Think it's time to get someone to see if they can fix it. Or replace it.
  6. Does RAM Bottlenecking Reduce GPU Usage?

    Is it installed on hdd or ssd? I've run 8gb and 16gb with no noticeable difference.
  7. Half of the image cut off

    Try 720p and see if it still happens, I believe it's something to do with the overscan options, failing that see if your TV supports point to point referencing, usually under aspect ratio Had the same issue on my tv
  8. SC on a Surface Book 2 15"

    It's not you it's the server, it's tracking 50 players plus all there items indiscriminately updating positions of everything whether it needs to or not, quiet servers with 5ish players are nice and smooth at 80fps, plus your running it on ssd right? The games also very cpu intensive anyway, it's constantly streaming things into the memory so I'm told.
  9. sff pc : i5 8600 or r5 2600

    Oh I thought you meant it was missing important features, well thanks for answering.
  10. sff pc : i5 8600 or r5 2600

    Just curious what this https://www.overclockers.co.uk/gigabyte-ab350n-gaming-wifi-amd-b350-socket-am4-ddr4-mini-itx-motherboard-mb-55r-gi.html Or this http://www.morecomputers.com/p/?pid=X370 GAMING-ITX%2FAC>>ASRock&referer=PCPart Is lagging behind on, feature wise?
  11. What happened to mATX?

    Actually I was interested in when you thought crossfire actually died but that doesn't mean it died, many technologies have ups and downs, hopefully if GPUs do get cheaper they will become viable, its not just games that use it after all. Going back to your main point however cheaper mATX never usually supported SLI or Crossfire. In fact my current pc is the first ATX pc I've had since my 486
  12. What happened to mATX?

    When did crossfire die?
  13. What happened to mATX?

    It's still around but they seem to be the least popular board at the moment, most cases are built for ATX or ITX.
  14. Can I Run Star Citizen?

    What ship are you flying and where do you freeze?