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  1. Hey guys, haven't had time to check up on the org and SC in general for quite a long while, are the Saturday meetups still a thing?
  2. I've been struggling with my computer booting to a black screen for a while now. I have a temporary fix wich is boot windows 8 in safe mode uninstall the GPU driver, reboot and then re-install the drivers (works only with Catalyst 14.12, as Catalyst 15.5 crashes during install and causes a black screen). Once I do this, if I reboot when the driver install prompts me to, generally the computer works until I turn it off, which it fails to do and just hangs on a black screen with the fans still spinning. When I turn it on it boots to a black screen again and I have to repeat the whole
  3. Once more Encyclopedia Dramatica is spot on... https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Faggots(NSFW)
  4. I sadly won't be able to meet up tomorrow Real life calls...
  5. Hey guys is the meetup still on for today? Also, is anyone else having problems with the teamspeak. I keep getting Failed to connect to server.
  6. I won't be able to make it due to the new patch... I've been at a conference for the last three days and I'm coming home today at 8 so I have no chance to download it.
  7. Awesome playin' with you guys! Had lots of fun. Catch you on the 21st.
  8. NAME & MONIKER: LiQuiFY SHIPS: Super Hornet F7C-M & 300i I am also a member and not simply an affiliate
  9. Edit: Replied to wrong topic. Sorry!
  10. Amazing game tonight! Had tons of fun. Really enjoyed flying against you. Awesome knowing I was a challenge, this is like my third time flying against real people. I previously though i sucked bad. Can't wait to see you in the 'verse.
  11. No a workgroup is not the network. It's a windows thing. Here is how you can check/change it in windows. in freeNAS it is located in CIFS setting. It must be set to the same value as the windows machine (the default is WORKGROUP) Also try accessing it by typing \\FREENAS in file explorer. PS. you can revert to SMB2 in the freenas settings. EDIT: Check if network discovery is enabled on your pc
  12. Another thing to check is if both you PC and NAS are on the same workgroup (WORKGROUP by default). You should also try accessing the nas by typing \\<nas ip>\ in bar that has the filepath in file explorer. see if that works.
  13. Ok, in CIFS setting what is the Server maximum protocol: ? If it is set to SMB3 or SMB3_00 change it to SMB2_24 since there are compatibility issues between Windows 8.1 and SMB3 running on Samba 4 (what freenas uses for CIFS), after a few new protocols were introduced. Also irrelevant to the issue bu nonetheless useful to know, are your disks configured as UFS or ZFS. If they are using ZFS with such a low amount of (I assume) non ECC ram there is a possibility of data loss in the longer term. There have been multiple threads on the freenas forums about this.