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    New England, USA
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    Starting weird ideas that are cool in my head then figuring out quick that my half-assed/janked way of doing things isn't going to produce the best results but going ahead anyway
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    - Terrible at life

    - Bad at things

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    School; Other project

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  1. You are a legend mate! Because I remember your name a bunch from the WAN show :D

    1. leadeater


      Dunno about that, think I only got mentioned once from memory :)

    2. Rosss


      Hmm that is quite possible. I have seen the WAN show from beginning to end a couple times.. 

  2. Okay, sounds good. Hopefully that fixes it. The problem is still fixed however. if you underclock the 980ti right?
  3. oops sorry.. I was going to check that but was lazy lol. Have you reformatted your PC since it started crashing? If you have a spare harddrive could try a fresh install. Could also do a partition but it gets annoying deleting the install after
  4. Could go onboard graphics, just take the gpu out and stress it. Also update your driver for the 980ti
  5. Look who I just happened to pass! No idea if it's really Jon or not haha
  6. At 128m PPD You are doing more than what the entire Hardware Canucks team (rank ~80) does in a month...In a week
  7. Yeah you can't really deny it's been terribly mismanaged. Not only when looking at the roadmaps they promised from the kickstarter, but the absolutely mental amount of funding it received. How could they not come even close to delivering within that amount of funding? It's like quoting someone to do a project, and choosing to deliver a shell or milk the customer out of money. They indeed chose to do both, and it's going to leave a lasting sour taste probably for the remainder of the project.
  8. Are all the prizes that don't have ranks also just for all ranks who meet the threshold?
  9. Is there a way view the stats for this event? If you have to download the data on a csv is there a pre filtered one we can download and input?
  10. Just assume if it's under $40 that it's the equivalent to a $3 key with no support in my opinion.
  11. Buy the one on eBay. It's guaranteed, because eBay will cover it if it's fake anyway. I'll link you one if you want
  12. Weird that the USB wouldn't work either. Try booting to safe mode with networking, and linux on a usb drive. If you have discord you can pm me it and i'll try to help troubleshoot as good as i can
  13. After researching this because it happened to me, I am going to be getting their attention as well. This is definitely class-action worthy if they are refusing to comply. I'm certain it affects more than 50 people. Hopefully they can just roll out a fix, and it's not a hardware defect.