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  1. Pretty sure your trolling but your wrong. This game got its own sub forum because of this original community, we had a big following of people, second largest at one point and now the 6th but we had one thread that moved so quickly it made sense but when we started to meet in game the forum wasn't adequate enough, so we moved to an early addition of discord and "abandoned" the forum when it started getting toxic. That community has now become its own gaming community where we all meet up and we have a few seasonal games, we usually jump on VC and criticise a lot of the game. W
  2. temp chat room https://tlk.io/uoltt was so hoping for a meetup tonight edit: looks like me and you ixi
  3. No it's not a scam, the active community wanted it extended and this is the result, yes its frustrating having to wait but I played Kingdom Come and TBH the 4yrs wasn't long enough, I'm happy to wait for a game if its well done. $65 for 2 games does seem expensive but they changed this in 2015 iirc, I originally paid £27 for the complete package at the time the dog fighting module came out. Paying bug testers? Not really, that's the evocati, of which some have ended up working for CIG. Cult? Aren't you part of the PCMR? Sunk cost/time falicy?
  4. Small channel but I love actual modding https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh97W8ZHfpgmLuUEnkcRbgA Clever videos about game making https://www.youtube.com/user/McBacon1337
  5. Backpack Kid, 2 Milly are as well. https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/18/fortnite-dances-epic-sued/?guccounter=1 Just waiting for the scrubs "poison" dance. Because that breaks the copyright system.
  6. What are you playing on keyboard or joystick. Best join us on discord: https://discord.gg/tH7gxvA Edit: do you mean strafe up/down or pitch up/down
  7. It's suggested not to as your GPU might not be able to handle the wattage best to throw an email to the maker of the gpu card. In theory you should be able to take the 12v+ and ground from a molex plug and then wire the tacho and pwm wire to the GPU without issues but I haven't tested this out yet so it's a use at your own risk idea or look use the pwm standards and see if it's possible.
  8. Bag over the head was an ncix one iirc before he was on camera
  9. I think on the second page is a list of mistakes for a how to video, clearly they are just trying to make it controversial for hits, surprised no one has picked up on that. Edit: Anyone got a build list for that?
  10. Hi, As a representative of Verge magazine we obviously look at high trending videos, we saw Linus was trending and thought "we wanted a piece of that". Obviously a good video would've been forgotten about but a bad one, well, that would've done the cycle around all the communities and we will be able to put out a second video on how terrible the pc community is, because it's your fault not ours. Look out for our next video where we increase our cpu speed by delliding and water cooling our hard drive.
  11. Yeah totally with you on that total scam, I mean they have released some gameplay of Squadron 42 and weekly and monthly updates, took the extra money and extended the scope, also lately took on extra staff to work on the current game release so that people have more to do. Total scam. And your right, don't give money to companies that need it who want to go against the grainand may have poor performance and only give money to companies that give you cookie cutter shooters every year.
  12. I've always played as a female character, a lot of games use to have females as the more agile characters so I found that fitted my play style better, I think now it's escapism, I rarely will pick a male character in game because the last thing I want to do is play myself. It's what bothers me with the usual comment that "men get to be themselves in games". Plus playing a bad ass female character is better than a male badass character.
  13. It's not the manufacturers lack of unwillingness but we wouldn't have the resources to power the country on electric alone, smaller garages as well as the larger ones need modifications to work on, of which if my work changed to electric only they would have to knock the entire workshop down and rebuild a new one as we lack the space for the changes, that's not even looking into parts storage or delivery. Then you have the people buying the cars most people don't want to pay tax so they buy the cheapest which was small diesel engines in the UK, now its small turbo petrol engines.
  14. I don't think Logan really cares about the numbers and from what Logan said on the matter I believe him and as for them "self destructing", they are all doing what they want and enjoying it, so good for them.
  15. Actually it'll still be adopted unless MPs throw it out and judging by our current PM that wants a nanny state I would say that the outlook seems bleak
  16. If all goes well, when network culling is put in which is still being worked on, Should be implemented in 3.2 but I suggest trying 3.1.4 as it does seem a lot smoother
  17. Gotta agree, had some games run better in Wine than the Linux ports, if it keeps improving I'll happily play SC on it
  18. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Wine-Staging-3.8-Released
  19. No problem sir just check your graphics control panel and see if you can edit the overscan