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  1. Numi intelligent toilet Black: Q4 2019, $9000
  2. "Its got a 8k display which is the norm, standard OLED display with standard color accuracy* - Laptop reviewers XD
  3. In Minecraft, Help & Options -> Reset to Defaults
  4. I am not aware of the case's manufacturer unfortunately, however, that website is beyond what can be considered 'safe' as it claims. It has multiple trackers it tries to start, and look at the amount of damn popups & ads j
  5. To give credit it does have Intel UHD Graphics 620 Integrated Graphics, not great, but certainly feasible to tournament games if you want to.
  6. Steam do have the 'Your Queue' feature. It can help tailor game recommendations depending on what other games you play already. Whilst not the most accurate, I certainly appreciate it.
  7. Hello there, welcome to the forum. It is difficult to understand what you've actually done, from what I've gathered you found a spare USB Header from the Case and found some pins on the motherboard with a similar pin-out to that of the USB Header, and tried to connect two correct? However, when you attempted to put the USB Header onto these pins you found neither was compatible but proceeded to shove the USB Header onto the pins and now your computer obviously isn't working yes? Best course of action: 1) Disassemble the computer. We'll need you to take the motherboard out, and clear out the case so you can return both. (If you're not confident on disassembling your computer, here is a simple pleasant guide: https://www.instructables.com/id/Disassemble-a-Computer/) 2) The main things we want is the motherboard and case to return them (Since you've probably broken both) Once you have both you should return them to were you brought it from for a replacement (If they allow you to do considering you're at fault for the damage and not shipping/the stuff itself). 3) Reassemble the computer. There are literal millions of YouTube videos, magazines and guides in thousands of languages if you get stuck on how to build the computer. Make sure to follow what they say carefully, so you don't repeat the same mistake you just have! 4) Tell us how it goes - any issues, then come back to forums like this or go to the component makers. Hope this helps a bit
  8. Is it that hard to let people just connect external optical drives for there disc libraries?
  9. You could, if wanted get an i7-8086k for that price which is the fastest i7 CPU of all time: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Intel-Core-8086K-4-0GHz-LGA1151-x/dp/B07DGDWJ3P