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  1. I went to nvidia control panel and it was the default optimal power i selected prefer maximum power. and i checked the power draw was the same 60% i usually get 100%$
  2. Yes latest bios and latest nvidia drivers, i just tried to uninstall my drivers with ddu and install back didn't work. still i aint getting 100% power like before.
  3. What overclock software? i don't overclock. legit all of sudden was playing cod. i was like why i have low fps in crash map never had that. looking at my power draw it's like 58%-60% this is really little power draw for this gpu never happened before. looked at my temps 55c from 68c. it's because power draw.
  4. I noticed my gpu power is stuck at 59% and it's not going above. i have high gpu usage but low gpu power. 2 days ago i was running normally with 98% gpu power. im experiencing low fps. and only 55c gpu temperature vs 68c when it was running normally? what should i do?
  5. I fixed my issue actually. change my psu. the last one was probably failing to delivery 12 v stable to all the rails. and it's disturbing my gpu. from the day 1 i changed no black screens anymore.
  6. I have a evga ftw3 ultra and i9 9900k and im getting idle 42c and 70c gaming. On my ultrawide. Is that even normal? My cpu temp is 50c
  7. I have i9 9900k and 64 gb memory and i have 2 140mm fans in front and 2 120mm at the top and one 120mm at the back. i just installed the evga ftw3 ultra 2080 ti and im getting 66c in games like star wars? is that normal temps my cpu temp is 44c-50c
  8. I am looking for 360mm aio. I wanna overclock. I have maximus code motherboard and i9 9900k and rtx 2080 ti. Whats the best aio i can get now budget 300$
  9. Fps wise as well? Same thing as samsung? No fps difference?
  10. I dont overclock. But im worried that micron has less performance than samsung fps wise or not?
  11. Im planning to buy my 2080ti from evga but i keep hearing how micron is bad? Is there anyway to chose or its basically luck? And is there difference in performance and stability of the card?
  12. I went with the hx1200i was on sale on amazon for 269$. I hope this psu treats me good.